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Darryl The American

Since the inception of the Tea Party Movement, the American left has attempted to discredit its validity by any means possible.

They are angry, white, anti-government, ill-informed, have fangs, kick puppies, whatever.

But the template to which radical leftist pundits and main-stream-media outlets alike have subscribed to them most earnestly is that they are, above all, raaaaacists!

Hoping that if you tell a lie enough that eventually it will be thought of as truth, zealots of the far left blogosphere and liberal media outlets believe they have achieved what they set out to accomplish: If nothing else, the Tea Party people are racists.

It has been a notion which they have built to a fevered crescendo, pushed especially by the sick liberals over at MSNBC. They have not just speculated, but incessantly told us that the Tea Party is nothing more than a racist backlash against the first black President, effectively trying to nullify any of the legitimate reasons and goals of which the Tea Party movement is made.

Believing their own lies, NBC sent out resident airhead Kelly O'Donnell to seek out a black man at the DC Tax Day Tea Party Rally. Well, she found one, hoping his answer would validate all of the hard work that NBC has put into branding the Tea Party as racially hostile.

She got an answer:

Obviously confident that her question would validate her motive, she had no qualms about asking this question.

His response is priceless.

How DARE this black man not follow the carefully crafted MSM script.

She, or her producer, should be fired for asking such a race-baiting question. The embarrassment she must have felt at that answer must have been overwhelming. And the confidence she must have felt asking that question must have morphed into the size of a shrinky-dink.

Surprisingly, The Daily Kos, Huff-Po, and DU have not commented.

Darryl 1, NBC 0.


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Comments (5)

Listen for her laugh in the... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

Listen for her laugh in the background as he says, "These are my people."

It has NEVER been about Whi... (Below threshold)

It has NEVER been about White against Black. It has been about right against wrong. Freedom against enslavement. Honestity against dishonesty. Responsbility against no responsbility. Taking care of yourself and family rather than depending on the "government/other people's money". Having self-respect as oppose to self-esteem (an over used word). Being fiscally conservative against spending like money grows on trees (other people's trees).
Defending yourself rather than surrending.

For the liberal, who sees e... (Below threshold)
jim m:

For the liberal, who sees everything in terms of race and grievance, they cannot understand how the Tea Party movement is not in some way about race. Because it speaks out against the leftist creed of big government and government intervention and surveillance of the individual it is considered de facto to be a racist movement.

Liberals cannot understand that someone might actually take Dr Martin Luther King Jr at his word and really try to treat their fellow man according to the content of his character. Libs still want to pigeon hole people and treat them as members of a group. The rest of the world wants to be treated like the individuals they are, unique and essentially unstereotypable.

It's my prediction that the media, being overwhelmingly liberal, will continue to carry this narrative of racial division for the simple reason that they cannot understand anything without examining it through the lens of race.

You can see the problem her... (Below threshold)

You can see the problem here right away...she thought she was talking to mike steele

Shawn: please stop using ox... (Below threshold)

Shawn: please stop using oxymorons. "American left" the two words are mutually exclusive.






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