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NBC's Jay Barbree's career may be over

Via Newsbusters, watch as he crosses a line, that line which states "Thou shalt not speak ill of The One":

Did you catch the MSNBC anchorette quickly step up and speak on behalf of the Obama administration?  So telling... of course, anyone who disbelieves that MSNBC is anything but a megaphone for Obama needs his or her head examined but still, it's eye-opening to hear someone just come right out there in the open with it.

I loved The Anchoress' comments on this:

Because it is MSNBC's job to defend and protect the Obama administration. And, apparently, to speak on their behalf.

I may have complained about the skepticism that the press brought to every word that came out of the Bush administration's mouth, but at least that was in character; the press are supposed to disbelieve the establishment, not shill for them.

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Comments (11)

As Chrissy Matthews once sa... (Below threshold)

As Chrissy Matthews once said, MSNBC "has a vested interest in the success of the Obama administration".

Wow. Jay Barbree is still w... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

Wow. Jay Barbree is still with us?
I remember listening to him cover the Mercury,Gemini and Apollo missions on NBC radio when I was a kid.

Demented Waldo (Olbermann) ... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

Demented Waldo (Olbermann) will probably make him worst person in the world-hee.

good ole state run media. n... (Below threshold)

good ole state run media. now not even ashamed to admit what everyone already knows, that they speak on behalf of the administration.

Was there a time when the P... (Below threshold)

Was there a time when the Press spoke for the People?

Give the red axe to 9000 no... (Below threshold)
913 and a half:

Give the red axe to 9000 non Barry jobs and alledgedly hopefully at some distant point after siezure has occured create a whopping 2500 Barry I dream of unicorn jobs...

Yeah, sounds like Barry's M.O.

"I understand why you're up... (Below threshold)

"I understand why you're upset...here, have a jello cup and go take your nap. You'll have forgotten all about it when you wake up."

Good Lord...the TRUTH accid... (Below threshold)

Good Lord...the TRUTH accidentally gets out on MSNBC. Heads will roll!

Wow, the anchorette literal... (Below threshold)
Molon Labe:

Wow, the anchorette literally said she was speaking "on behalf of the Obama administration".

epador - "Was there a t... (Below threshold)

epador - "Was there a time when the Press spoke for the People?"

My memory is a bit hazy but I think it was when Town Criers were in use.

When the anchor said "Spea... (Below threshold)

When the anchor said "Speaking on behalf of the Obama administration" .... should we take this as an admission by the MSM or just a slip?

Silly me, just a slip.






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