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And Then, All Of A Sudden, A Tea Party Broke Out!

Gateway Pundit has video of a fascinating bit of civic theatre: a group of neo-Nazis held a rally in Los Angeles, and Communist front group International ANSWER organized a counter-protest.

The result: a quandary of political physics that leaves me giddy: what happens when an irresistible group of assholes meets an immovable group of assholes?

Sadly, we don't know the answer, as the police (who must have felt conspicuously like Poland did in 1939) kept the two apart.

One benefit has emerged, though: I have resolved a long-standing personal dilemma.

For years, I had used the Iran-Iraq war as my metaphor for a situation where I wished both sides could lose. That has now been corrected:

When Nazis fight Communists, who wins?



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There is nothing like a bat... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

There is nothing like a battle between left-wing and right-wing socialists.

everyone who wasn't dropped... (Below threshold)

everyone who wasn't dropped on their head as a baby?

Well, the violence by the c... (Below threshold)

Well, the violence by the counter protesters has destroyed the credibility of the Democratic Party forever. Right Adrian?

Too bad the cops had to be ... (Below threshold)

Too bad the cops had to be there.

"There is nothing like a ba... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"There is nothing like a battle between left-wing and right-wing socialists."

Could someone please define for me what makes a NAZI 'right wing'?

Clearly it's not their left wing socialism. Clearly it isn't their need for the government to plan and control the economy. Clearly it isn't their need for government to control family life and education. Clearly it isn't their historic hatred for organized religion. Clearly it isn't because the heads of many American Universities were NAZI sympathizers during WWII.

Oh, wait I know. It's because they're racist!

When are we going to stop falling into the same BS trap that NAZI's are right wing when the only reason for defining them as such is left wing bullshit? This is just another classic example of the left blaming the right for the very thing they have been guilty of.

When Nazis fight Communists... (Below threshold)

When Nazis fight Communists, who wins?


No one looses when stupid p... (Below threshold)

No one looses when stupid people do stupid things to each other.

jim m: Nazis as right-wing ... (Below threshold)

jim m: Nazis as right-wing makes no sense in the US, but it does make sense in Europe, where fascists did preserve old power structures (such as the King the Italy, or retaining the old guard in the military) and thus could be considered right-wing that way, as opposed to the communist forces, that needed all of the existing establishment swept aside, for the entire state to be put under the communist apparatus.

So, if the right-wing aspect is applied to the US, that then means... what, exactly? You could join the Army and not have to be a party member? It just doesn't work.

That leaves only a single aspect that the left is referencing: the Nazis were racists, and we all know racism is a characteristic of the right, just like rape is a characteristic of the left.

I would disagree that the N... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I would disagree that the Nazi's retained old power structures. They systematically dismantled the government and remade it. They did so from the inside out rather than through revolution like the communists. The Nazi's retained the private ownership of industry, but control was pretty much assumed by the government.(vs executing the owners and turning the operation over to government controlled unions as the communists did)

They were just another brand of socialism, defined primarily by their racial hatred which made them appealing to academics and wealthy liberal industrialists like Ford and Rockefeller liked them for the same racism as well as joining of industrial power into the government. The government paved the way to reduced regulation and increased corporate power for these magnates in return for their complicity.

"They systematically disman... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"They systematically dismantled the government and remade it. They did so from the inside out rather than through revolution like the communists. "

Well, the commies sure learned the lesson. They've been changing the U.S. from the inside out for decades now.

I know the Republican party unequivocally denounces the racists.
Does the Democrats likewise denounce ANSWER? Or is it more of a wink wink, nudge nudge denouncement?

I've always said that the N... (Below threshold)

I've always said that the Nazis took the worst elements of both the left and the right to make their own Lovecraftian system of governance. Arguments about which side Nazism is closer to always irritate me.


McBain!"I'll get you... (Below threshold)

"I'll get you, you commie Nazis!"

"When Nazis fight Communist... (Below threshold)

"When Nazis fight Communists, who wins?"

If there are more Communists then NAZI's under the bus than Barry's side has Won.

Hear! hear! jim m and J.</p... (Below threshold)

Hear! hear! jim m and J.

I hate Illinois Nazis.... (Below threshold)
Jake Blues:

I hate Illinois Nazis.

jim m,You totally ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

jim m,

You totally missed the point. It is that Nazism and Communism are sisters falling under the umbrella of socialism. The only way in which the "right-wing" label makes sense is within the context of disagreements among socialists trying to discredit one another. When they fight it is more like a family feud. I try to be succinct. You did not pick up on my nuance. Read the book "Liberal Fascism" by Goldberg.

I was wondering how the rig... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

I was wondering how the right wing blogosphere was going to show solidarity with the White Supremists -- after all, the Neo-Nazi's are an important part of the GOP base.

Calling the people who stood against them "Communists" is a pretty good effort.

Jay Tea adds: Lee, I'm still waiting for you to quote just one "lie" that you've accused me of. Just one, using my own words, where you can prove that 1) I said something that was not correct; B) I knew at the time that it was incorrect; and III) I was intending to deceive. You know, the three key elements in the dictionary definition of "lie," not your own special definition of the term.

And no, Lee, I won't ban you for refusing to answer. I won't delete your comments or edit them in any way. But I just might keep putting this at the end of all of your comments until you answer. Editor's privilege, don't you know.

Psycho running amok on aisl... (Below threshold)

Psycho running amok on aisle 17. Bring straight jacket and subdue.

Ah, if Lee had only the bra... (Below threshold)

Ah, if Lee had only the brains to follow the link, or the integrity to read them and see for himself, he'd see that International ANSWER's international Communist ties are exceptionally well-documented.

I don't toss around "commie" casually. It cheapens the term. I recognize that there are degrees of difference between liberal, progressive, socialist, and communist.

ANSWER is quite firmly in the Communist camp. No matter how they try to hide it, no matter how much apologists like Mr. Ward try to ignore it.

Actually, that's not fair. I can't imagine Mr. Ward ever having the integrity to apologize for ANYTHING. So I hereby withdraw calling him an apologist.

I'd have been more accurate to call him a "frothing anti-right sociopath with delusions of adequacy and laughable claims of integrity."


I'll just reiterate somethi... (Below threshold)

I'll just reiterate something I said three months ago:

Assuming there were a difference between fascism and socialism, what difference would it make?

Seems to me the only people who should care about any such alleged difference are socialists and fascists, and then only because their mutual sectarian hatreds prevent them from admitting they both worship at the same altar.

Gee, and it got violent?</p... (Below threshold)

Gee, and it got violent?

What a shocker.

"Ah, if Lee had only the... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

"Ah, if Lee had only the brains to follow the link, or the integrity to read them and see for himself, he'd see that International ANSWER's international Communist ties are exceptionally well-documented."

And if Jay had any integrity he's have shown a link between the fight and the group whose website he linked to.

Jay presented no evidence whatsoever that the persons involved in the smackdown of the Neo-nazis were connected to the leftist group that he linked to.

All Jay did was declare they were responsible and link to their website.

Where the evidence that they "organized the counter-protest" -- or evidence that the fight involved members of their group?

Go look in his post - the evidence isn't there.

Jay doesn't even bother to show a connection that establishes a link between the counter-protest and the "communist" group, he just declares there is a connection and goes forward - eager to show solidarity with the poor Neo-Nazis who had the shit beaten out of them.

The question isn't whether ANSWER is communist or not -- the question is was ANSWER really involved in the fight? If they were, you haven't shown that Jay.

Sadly, your credibility has taken some pretty big hits over the last few days, Jay.

I can understand why you launch these thinly-disguised efforts to spread bullshit - I just can't imagine why your readers let you get away with it.

Show us the connection, Jay -- show us evidence that members of the Marxist group were involved in the altercation - and when you fail at that how about showing where the Marxist Group organized the counter protest to begin with.

What I've read is that word spread on Twitter and Facebook and a lot of people turned out spontaneously. So even if the Marxist group called for a counter protest, that doesn't mean they organized the group that was there or that they were involved in the fisticuffs.

Eager to give a helping hand, Jay Tea declares that the poor Neo-Nazis were beaten up by evil Communists... he just doesn't bother to give us any proof that this is anything more than the bullshit he spread around regarding the New Orleans mugging.

Oh, Lee, I'm still waiting ... (Below threshold)

Oh, Lee, I'm still waiting for you to quote my precise "lies." Just one. In my own words.

But I know you'll continue to ignore that challenge until I try to compel you to answer, and that would let you play the martyr card, so instead I'll just keep repeating it.

But as for your latest alleged points...

International ANSWER LA organized the counter-protest.


There was violence at the rally -- all aimed at the Nazis. Five were arrested -- all of them counter-protesters.


But just for the sake of argument, Lee, let's say that the violent ones weren't from ANSWER. (Which would be a refreshing change for those thugs.) They called the gathering, so therefore they're responsible for every nut who shows up.

Isn't that the logic you use against the Tea Parties? That they're responsible for the fringers who are trying to latch on to their movement? The racists, the birthers, the Ron Paul nuts, and the like?

Back to my challenge, Lee. Come on. Just once. Quote me one time, in my own words, where I said something that 1) was false; B) I knew was false when I said it; and III) I had the intention of deceiving when I said it.

That's how the dictionary defines "lie," Lee. I know you have your own definition of "lie" -- "a statement made by someone Lee Ward doesn't like says something that later turns out to be inaccurate, or is not documented 100% at the time, or simply makes Lee Ward look like the frothing ass he is."

Come on, Lee. Someone who is as big and frequent a liar as you say I am has to have left TONS of examples lying (pardon the expression) around. Just pick up one. A single one. Prove your point.

Or, as you've done consistently so far, prove yourself a candy-assed punk who can't back up his big words when called upon to do so. Run away from this thread, and slink back in a day or two for more hit-and-run smearing.

In other words, play to your strength.


I was wondering ho... (Below threshold)
jim m:
I was wondering how the right wing blogosphere was going to show solidarity with the White Supremists
What here shows any solidarity? People are deriding the idea of two despicable groups going at each other. Either that or complaining that Nazi's, being socialists, are not really members of the right but have been labeled as such due to the ignorance and prejudice of the left, which projects their own deep seated historical racism on other groups and blames their racism on them.
after all, the Neo-Nazi's are an important part of the GOP base."

Really? Why don't you just go and try to prove that. Please demonstrate that 1) they are large enough to be an important part of the electorate first of all, 2) That they support the GOP, and 3) that the GOP consciously seeks to cater to their political demands.

Here again Lee you have lied. You have slandered conservatives with nothing to support your belief other than ignorance and hatred, which in some sense are the definition of a leftist.

jim m, don't ever ask Lee W... (Below threshold)

jim m, don't ever ask Lee Ward to prove any of his blather. It's a waste of time. The punkass little dipshit operates under the principle that only he has any integrity, that he has a monopoly on "truth," and everyone else is a lying liar if they don't acknowledge his absolute command of reality.

The only thing worse is when he does offer "proof." It's usually some deranged rant from Democratic Underground or Kos that agrees with him -- but adds not a single fact to the discussion.

I really ought to just ignore the guy, but smacking him around is just so darned much fun...


When Nazis fight Communi... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

When Nazis fight Communists, who wins?

I think World War II kinda gives you a hint, doesn't it?

lee offers to joke of the d... (Below threshold)

lee offers to joke of the day (if not the month/year) - "Sadly, your credibility has taken some pretty big hits over the last few days, Jay."

Lee, your credibility gap is so great you wouldn't know one if it crawled up your ass and died.

Silly Marc."Credib... (Below threshold)

Silly Marc.

"Credibility gap" is the nickname Lee's ass has among... certain circles.

I'd rather not say how I know that.


Notice how our resident app... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Notice how our resident apparatchik transmogrifies "communist" into "Marxist." It's the political equivalent of changing "fart" into "flatulence," or "welfare" into "AFDC."

For my part, if every communist/ Marxist/ progressive/ whatever were to fight to the death with every national socialist, I'd be hugely pleased. Lee, square off with a Nazi. I'll root for whomever seems to be losing at any given moment.

Commie prick.

Lee vs Bryan D? I'd pay a ... (Below threshold)

Lee vs Bryan D? I'd pay a fin to see than

Lee vs Bryan D? </... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:
Lee vs Bryan D?

Handbags at 5 paces. Chris Crocker can officiate. Put it on PPV and I'm in, if the handbags have bricks in themm.

I have no sympathy for Nazi... (Below threshold)
Ken Hahn:

I have no sympathy for Nazis, neo or otherwise, but isn't it interesting that all of the actual violence was committed by the leftists?

So far as I'm concerned they can lock everyone on both sides in a large building until everyone on one side or the other is dead. And then burn the building down.

"everyone else is a lying l... (Below threshold)

"everyone else is a lying liar"

Well there ain't no truth tellers like Lee.






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