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Mr. Sensitivity

This seems to fit the man's character to a 'T':

A massive volcanic plume covering most of Europe forced President Obama to cancel a Sunday trip to Poland to attend the funeral of the nation's president. But the last-minute change left an opening in his schedule, so the president headed to the links for a round of golf instead.

On a cool but sun-drenched Sunday, the president and three golfing companions went to Andrews Air Force Base to play 18 holes. It is the 32nd time Mr. Obama has played golf since taking office Jan. 20, 2009, according to CBS Radio's Mark Knoller.

After canceling the Poland trip on Saturday, the White House announced that Mr. Obama had no public schedule for Sunday. He was to have arrived in Krakow in the morning, attend the 2 p.m. funeral and leave for home by 5 p.m., arriving back at the White House after midnight.

Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife, Maria, along with dozens of top Polish government officials were killed April 10 when their airplane went down in heavy fog after clipping a tree on approach to Smolensk, Russia.

Mr. Obama has not gone to the Polish Embassy in Washington since the accident, but Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. both have. There, they signed a condolence book.

Par for the course with this guy.

Speaking of pars, this little nugget of info in the piece I thought was also telling:

Mr. Obama has played golf far more often than former President George W. Bush. In his eight years in office, Mr. Bush played just 24 times. His last time as president was Oct. 13, 2003.

We await the clamor of the press on how Obama is spending far too much time on the links. 

Any minute now.

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Comments (16)

Give the Big O a break: Thi... (Below threshold)

Give the Big O a break: This guy should play golf all day every day, until he gets down to a zero handicap. That would be a real service to his country. It's what he does when he's not golfing that worries me.

That's a good point Bob mak... (Below threshold)

That's a good point Bob makes - the less time Obama's actually 'doing something' the less damage he does that'll need to be taken care of later. Far as I'm concerned, if he wants to spend the next couple of years touring the world, playing golf everywhere and working out in the gym for 8 hours a day, I'm fine with that. It'll cost us a lot less in the long run.

Funny how Bush decided to forego a lot of golf during his Presidency over concerns he wouldn't be seen as 'serious' about the job - yet Obama's got no problems at all getting in 18 holes whenever he can. Being the Prez is hard, ya know? Way harder than he thought...

A bunch of friends and I were discussing Obama this weekend - the theory was tossed out that Obama may be the first President to have a nervous breakdown in office. That was good for a bit of a laugh - until we remembered who's next in line.

Then there was a collective shudder...

Then there was a c... (Below threshold)
Then there was a collective shudder

Honestly, I'll take Biden anytime over Obama. It's much better to have just an idiot, than to have an idiot with a God complex.

I was searching the Polish ... (Below threshold)

I was searching the Polish online news but couldn't find any English version newspapers. Does anyone have any news on what the Polish press or leaders are saying about this?

Brother Bob, No matt... (Below threshold)

Brother Bob,
No matter how they might feel privately, I don't know whether any of our "allies" - including the Poles - would criticize Obama publically. When an ally criticizes him he holds a grudge and you never know how he will act on it. If an adversary criticizes him Obama rolls on his back and pees on himself like a submissive dog(sorry Rover).

Any time Obama does any thi... (Below threshold)

Any time Obama does any thing we should always apply the "what if it was George Bush" rule. I think it's an Alinski rule make them live with their own stanards.

George Bush was criticized ... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

George Bush was criticized for going to bed early and not doing the appropriate entertaining at the White House with dinners for diplomats and other VIP's.

But the MSM is NOT covering all the entertaining going on at the White House ... because there's a recession.

The MSM will NOT be covering his drinking, partying, or his golf playing because it leaves Obama open to criticism.

And if asked why they aren't covering it, the pat answer will be: "Because the country faces serious challenges which are much more important in the lives of the American people....yatta, yatta, yatta."

It's all Bush's fault! Volc... (Below threshold)

It's all Bush's fault! Volcano, plane crashes, golfing...Bush, Bush, and more Bush!

I agree with #3 comments.<b... (Below threshold)

I agree with #3 comments.
Aside from his so-called "coolness" this man has no class.

Aside from his so-called "c... (Below threshold)
just bob:

Aside from his so-called "coolness" this man has no class.

Until I see the records I do not think he went to class. Before long MSM will be out of business, ufortunatly the country will soon follow.

Hate to appear to defend Ob... (Below threshold)

Hate to appear to defend Obama, but 32 rounds in 15 months is not excessive. My only problem with it is comes into play if he is not careful about when and where he plays because of the disruption it causes for the public at the course (see #2)

Now that I got that out of the way; I do have a couple of shots to take.

1. Clearly, playing golf this particular Sunday, and not making a public acknowledgment of the funeral, was low class.
2. Since I assume the course was closed for His Highness, playing at Andrews Air Force Base on a Sunday was particularly thoughtless.
3. Not bothering to drop by and sign the condolence book is certainly an affront to the Poles.

When has Barry Obama shown ... (Below threshold)

When has Barry Obama shown any class?

Funny, considering the rang... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Funny, considering the range of Air Force One they could not plot an alternate route to Poland. Bet if it had be a funeral for a promenant Muslim or Communist Obama would have found a way to get there.

Well, it's tough work destr... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Well, it's tough work destroying the private sector workforce, destroying the country's fiscal future, wrecking several decades of foreign policy and projecting anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism at home and abroad. So, if you were Obama, you'd want to get in some golf in your spare time too.

Obama still smokes, drinks ... (Below threshold)

Obama still smokes, drinks and probably has the occasional toot of cocaine. What kind of example is he setting for his children? A poor one. I would prefer however, that he stay on the golf course. As long he is there, our country is safer. ww

I personally feel that anyt... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I personally feel that anytime the President can get away from the pressure cooker of DC to get in some relaxation I dont have much of a problem with it.

That being said Bush got hounded for the few times he played golf so I always believe turn about is fair play.






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