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Fear And Loathing In New Hampshire


A few weeks ago, I mentioned a casual passing with a white supremacist quite close to my home. At the time, I declined any kind of confrontation, with several good reasons and several more good excuses. Part of me regretted not saying anything at the time.

Now, I have even more regrets.

Earlier this week, as I was leaving for work, I found a card under Mongo's windshield wiper. It proclaimed "I WANT YOU TO QUIT APOLOGIZING FOR BEING WHITE; STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS." and a link to a web site.

The web site in question? The American Nazi Party. (No linkage for those pigfuckers.)

No shit. Real, actual Nazis. Complete with downloadable copies of Mein Kampf, The International Jew, and all sorts of other Nazi propaganda, literature, messages, and the like.

No message boards, of course. I'd have had a field day with that.

Here's where it's a bit odd. I'd still like to confront this asshole, tell him to keep away from me and my vehicle, but I have a bit of fear. Not for myself, though. Oddly enough, I have very little concern for my physical safety.

But I do worry about my vehicle being vandalized. For some reason, the thought of my means of transportation, my means of getting to and from work, my means of exercising my right of free movement, scares me more. And the thought of this Nazi and his butt-buddies getting back at me through Mongo (my old, beat-up SUV) is enough to get me to back down.

So I had a chat with my landlord. I explained that I had some minimal expectations for the safety of myself and my property, and I felt genuinely threatened by this asshole and his message. He said he's going to deal with the matter, and previously he's been good at that.

I still want to see this asshole again. I still want to confront him, to tell him what he can do with his "white power" and "white supremacy" bullshit, and to tell him to stay the hell away from me and mine.

But I suspect I'd wimp out again.

We are all so much braver when we don't have to confront our enemies face to face.


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Comments (28)

You are right. We would all... (Below threshold)

You are right. We would all like to believe that when the time comes we would be heroes, just like the movies or T.V. However, I once took a karate class and the instructor said that the hardest thing for his students to learn was not to hold back. He had to tell them to consciously hit as hard as they could, and then they might actually manage to deliver a blow that was only half as much as they could really do. We normally try to be nice human beings, and when confronted with the necessity of actually being "tough", we tend to wimp out because it is against our nature.

That is why the armed forces have to train soldiers to actually fight.

There is a story of some Yeshiva boys who were drafted by the czar and became the best sharpshooters in the army. They were sent to the front and the troops were ordered to fire at the enemy. The Yeshiva boys did not fire. The sergeant yelled at them to fire.

"But sergeant, there are people out there and they might get hurt."

You can always front 'em of... (Below threshold)

You can always front 'em off and give the card back, saying "Keep your trash, especially when you have to skulk around in the dark to deliver it." Most of these cretins are cowards at heart, especially one-on-one.

I don't know, that I'd blam... (Below threshold)

I don't know, that I'd blame anyone for not telling these guys off. Guys like this do tend to be violent and since most of these people are succesfully marginalized, there is no reason to be a hero.

I think writing about and denouncing this kind of hate is good way of dealing with it.

"We are all so much braver ... (Below threshold)
Don L:

"We are all so much braver when we don't have to confront our enemies face to face."

True - That's why the police have been created.

Obama and/or Eric Holder ma... (Below threshold)

Obama and/or Eric Holder may be able to rent you some Black Panthers to watch over Mongo. ;-) (And Holder doesnt think black intimidation is a crime.)

At your next confrontation ... (Below threshold)

At your next confrontation with these Nazi, just tell them that you vote democrat and they'll leave you alone.

If you were the ONLY one wi... (Below threshold)

If you were the ONLY one with a card, I'd fear for Mongo. If other folks were similarly carded, you still have anonymity. This might be a good time to check the limits on your car insurance. I am sure Repairman Jack could fix this for you, but in the real world, its not so easy.

Good luck.

Now you know how liberals f... (Below threshold)

Now you know how liberals feel about us Tea Party types. We're completely foreign, strange looking, hostile, presumed to be dangerous, and there are millions of us. Flag waving, evangelical, racist thugs. The old people and the babies are just cover.

We're supposed to be docile and stupid, like cows, and now we're angry, we're speaking out, and we're everywhere. Just spoiling for an election. At least we SAY we're waiting for the elections. Oh, SURE! That's what we all SAY.

Violence must be right around the corner.

Take the passive aggressive... (Below threshold)

Take the passive aggressive approach. Find some liberal websites geared towards minorities, find a post about racism (shouldn't be too hard), retell your story in the comments section (perhaps forgetting the little detail that you are also white), and provide the link there. I'm thinking they would probably get all sorts of unwanted traffic to their website then.

Jay, Is there any ... (Below threshold)
Tina S:


Is there any way you can expose who these people are? For instance, if you could get pictures of them, their names & phone numbers. You could post them on flyers throughout the neighborhood. If this is not possible please think of another way to confront them that won't get you killed.

It proclaimed "... (Below threshold)
Suggested reply: "I don't apologize for being white -- but you should."
Personally, I'd rather ever... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

Personally, I'd rather everyone keep their speech off of my vehicle. Of course, it's even more objectionable when the speech is so repugnant, but even if it's something I agree with, or more commonly, someone hawking their wares - KEEP YOUR FILTHY MITTS OFF MY STUFF. Your right to speech is not a right to mess with my property.

A good way to feed hate and... (Below threshold)

A good way to feed hate and anger is to contribute hate and anger. If you confront them with hate, anger and violence, you will just create more. I'm not saying you shouldn't stand up for what you believe in but sometimes you can do it in non violent ways. Sometimes you can't and violence is necessary. However you should understand the consequences of your actions. Don't be one of those idiots that get into someone's face then whine when you get punch or worst.

As with many groups I don't agree with their message but do believe they have a right to peacefully express themselves. Trying to suppress a group expression long enough will typically result in violence. It is usually better to present good logical counterpoints. Name calling and personal insults pushes people toward violence. Then again as I already said sometimes that is necessary.

McGeheeWhy should an... (Below threshold)

Why should anyone apologize for their skin color?

McGeheeNever mind I ... (Below threshold)

Never mind I get your point. Although I would say they should apologize for being human.

Rally I can't get that work... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Rally I can't get that worked up about this. They are a virtual self parody. These guys are far off on the fringe and gulled into some of the dumbest conspiracy theories etc. You don't find a lot of major contributors to society in these groups.

On the other hand if you look at the black racial victimization merchants, they really are a threat. They get major media coverage. They get major political face time. They get major concessions to pacify them and shut them up. They are a significant corrupting force to our society.

Yet few people really get worked up about them. Racism exists in all races. It only gets negative publicity if it exists in whites. Just calling it as I see it.

Most of the NAZI type are ... (Below threshold)

Most of the NAZI type are really cowards one on one. They have to come at you in groups.

I was into Straight Edge punk growing up and at concerts you would occasionally run get some racist skinheads. Hell they would come to SHARP concerts (Skin Heads Against Racial Prejudices) Confront them (talk to them) and most slink away. They normally need 6 -7 on one to feel tough.

You had very few true believers. Some were rich kids trying to piss of their parents, a lot were runaways who were being taken advantage of by Aryan Nation or other Groups, who would recruit runaways give some clothes, food and send them out.

A few would engage in discussion and on rare occasion you might get a seed of doubt.
On very rare occasions they would fight.

Once when I was stationed in Pensacola FL. I was in the bathroom. This guy comes over to me. He starts off Hey your kind sure is lucky.
I ignore him. He then comes back with Your kind sure is lucky.
So I answerer .
Why is that?
Well you n*ga got it nice don't have do no-thin but have kids and get everything handed to you!
I responded.

Nope I from Jamaica and when they took us in as slaves we did not wait for help, we escaped into the mountains and came down at night and killed the slave owners.
You look like someone that knows what the Night of the Long knives is you want me to demonstrate for you?
Guy took off and took his two buddies with him.

So Jay just catty a camera phone with tell him your not interested and take his picture.
You might actually engage the guy in a conversation depending on where he is indoctrination you might be able to plant a seed of doubt.
They dress and talk to provoke a reaction so don't give to them.
I assume your white so they want to bring you in so they will not damage your stuff.

Free Speech is not always easy.

The transportation issue is... (Below threshold)

The transportation issue is why we used to hang horse thieves. I'd like to see the practice re-instated for car thieves, car vandals and people who steal tools from a working man. Off with their heads.

My neighbor sent me an anon... (Below threshold)

My neighbor sent me an anonymous letter declaring his desire to come into my home, kill my kids in front of me, then take me off for rape, sexual mutilation and torment, then death.

The police were suitably impressed but there was no proof the neighbor had made the threat. (I knew. I could tell.) I made sure to come up with a "bad guy" plan with the kids, I have many guns including a Sig Sauer that I can reload and shoot in pitch blackness, and I always keep my doors locked.

That was three years ago, so you know, ho hum. I never confronted Neighbor Hannibal. If he comes after me when my husband isn't home, I'm ready for him. If he doesn't, okay.

Ignore the Nazis. We live with spiders and rats and cockroaches. You are right to ignore confrontation. Their punishment is that they have to wake up to look at their hateful mugs each and every day.

Oh, but do have a Sig Sauer and know how to use it. Just in case.

To quote Bill Jordan, "Ain'... (Below threshold)

To quote Bill Jordan, "Ain't no problem can't be fixed with either a $20 bill or a .45 bullet."

Although I woul... (Below threshold)
Although I would say they should apologize for being human.
I would never expect someone to apologize for something they couldn't quite manage to achieve.
CWP, 9MM. 3-15 round clips.... (Below threshold)

CWP, 9MM. 3-15 round clips. hollowpoints. Let them swing first. Bye Bye Nazi's.

I'm all for confronting abr... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I'm all for confronting abrasive jerks, even if they "know where I live." But a good part of that is enabled by where and how I live - back in the woods, with no quick access from the street, large dogs, a good selection of firearms, and a reputation for aggressively defending my property against intruders, so in my case it actually helps if they "know where I live."

But I would think long and hard about confronting the skinheads/neo-nazis/aryan nation types on the street. These people tend to be violent, ignorant, and seem to live to exhibit aggression. A much higher percentage of these chaps have been in prison than the general populace, and it wasn't for a Code Pink sit-down strike on the courthouse steps.

Now, if you trust your landlord to protect your car, and you're willing to carry around a pump shotgun, engage away. If I was doing the confronting, I'd chamber first, then speak. It has a wonderful way of helping people focus.

I never understood why peop... (Below threshold)

I never understood why people who protest against Nazis and KKKers get angry at them.

Clowns like that are meant to be laughed at and ridiculed, not feared and loathed.

It goes without saying that they are an embarrassment to the human race.

You could ask him if he wan... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

You could ask him if he wants to have a coffee and talk about his feelings of anger.

In comment 25 I was joking:... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

In comment 25 I was joking:)

Weegie, I've advocated that... (Below threshold)

Weegie, I've advocated that response myself a few times. Of course, skinheads will beat people up for laughing at them too. They're not the old-fashioned armband-wearing want-to-be-seen-as-respectable Nazis of the George Lincoln Rockwell era who would just scowl and goose-step on by.

To me it's a property issue... (Below threshold)

To me it's a property issue, no matter how disgusting the message.

A "NO TRESPASSING" sign and NH.'s OPEN carry status should correct the problem with NO confrontation about subject matter.. lol..

Now if you wanna take up "THE" issue with THEM, you gonna need some help.......................
Michael Corleone says hello kinda help.






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