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Objection from a drunken sailor

From letters to the editor of a Wyoming paper.



Funny and painfully accurate at the same time...


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Comments (7)

And the next morning, he wa... (Below threshold)

And the next morning, he was sober.

When is Barry gonna sober u... (Below threshold)

When is Barry gonna sober up? November?

Sadly, the bastards have th... (Below threshold)

Sadly, the bastards have the printing presses running 24/7/365 too.

"Sadly, the bastards hav... (Below threshold)

"Sadly, the bastards have the printing presses running 24/7/365 too"

Wha? There into toilet paper now?

Only problem with Barry's s... (Below threshold)

Only problem with Barry's spending is that WE are the one's that are going to get the 'hangover'.

Bad analogy;drunken sailors... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Bad analogy;drunken sailors spend their own money!

I have met a few drunken sa... (Below threshold)

I have met a few drunken sailors that were experts at spending other people's money to keep themselves drunk. They do eventually run out of money, but it take them longer. It all depends how smart and clever they are. They usually end up in the brig UNLESS they know the right people.






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