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If you're white, Obama apparently needs you...

... not:

Obama speaks with unusual demographic frankness about his coalition in his appeal to "young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women who powered our victory in 2008 [to] stand together once again."

So if you belong not to any of those demographics, the President apparently cares little about you or your interests.

The Race-Transcender-In-Chief doing his level best to divide the American people.  It's one of his programs that's actually working.

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Comments (16)

Well, have fun cobbling tog... (Below threshold)

Well, have fun cobbling together your 40%, while the rest of us move on to retake the helm of this country and move it back on course.

Well, he does need w... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Well, he does need white women and white children aged 18-24.

White men? He couldn't care less.

The irony, of course, is that vast numbers of women, Latinos, college and grad students and inner-city blacks won't discern the true irony with that approach.

I refuse to believe that wh... (Below threshold)

I refuse to believe that white males and Asians are the only demographics in this country that realize this clown is a threat to our cherished freedoms.

Our Racist-In-Chief ... (Below threshold)

Our Racist-In-Chief strikes again.

As usual, Obama implies tha... (Below threshold)

As usual, Obama implies that Republicans are controlled by "special interests" as if there are no "special interests" that control the Democrats. But if you look at the Top All Time political donors, its the Democrats who receive the most "Special Interest" money.

AFCSME has given over $40 million of the last 20 years, 98% to the Democrats.

Goldman Sachs has given over $30 million, with 64% going to the Democrats.

Obama doesn't like white pe... (Below threshold)

Obama doesn't like white people.

Prosperity?? What the f is ... (Below threshold)

Prosperity?? What the f is the nimrod in chief talking about? The prospering ones are him and the rest of his tax evading minions. Yeah that must be it.

What a lying ass dumb f k.

Obama wants what every firs... (Below threshold)

Obama wants what every first term president wants -- a second term.

Sorry, ain't happening. I have to believe that after November, he'll be a political eunuch.

Which is fine by me.

I have to belie... (Below threshold)
I have to believe that after November, he'll be a political eunuch.
He forgot the lesbian and g... (Below threshold)

He forgot the lesbian and gays, the felons, the dead people, the Acorn, the Gang felons, the Hate mongers, the hateful of Christians, the hateful of Jews, etc, etc, etc.....Did I leave anyone out?

God help us all !!!

IF we tried...we could not ... (Below threshold)

IF we tried...we could not have gotten a worst person to be president. A liar and divider.

I agree, he does not like white people.

This is a good what if it w... (Below threshold)

This is a good what if it were George Bush situation. Imagine Bush asking all the white males to support him.

It is very natural for a ma... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

It is very natural for a man who is only where he is through "affirmative action" getting him into Harvard Law (he wasn't a cum laude undergrad or a legacy, so that had to be it), Editor of Law Review (again, no particular qualification other than his color), "Constitutional Law Professor" at Chicago (again, unqualified and did not publish a single paper in 14 years, how else did he get and keep the job?), U.S. Senator (by admission of State Senate Majority Leader, who added his name to others' bills to build him a resume he didn't deserve), and President (with no qualifications other than skin color), to be resentful of the people who would have had his various slots by merit if they had not been given to him for racial reasons. Perverse, but often the case.

So Obama's a racist? Why, who could have known that, despite his books, his "mentor" Marxist Frank Marshall Davis, his socialist Mommy and grandparents, his communist Daddy, his radical associations, his choice of church with Jeremiah Wright spouting anti-white and anti-American rhetoric from the pulpit, and etc.?

I mean, if we had only had some clue . . .

White men? He couldn'... (Below threshold)
John S:

White men? He couldn't care less.

Too bad there's 10 million of us white men unemployed. We intend to vote this November.

Post-racial.Right.... (Below threshold)



A uniter, not a divider.


Most open, ethical administration EVER!


Take a good look, folks - you're seeing a con artist who's run out the clock on the con, looking for something - ANYTHING - that'll give him a bit more cover. A few months, a few weeks, a few DAYS even, before the marks realize that we have been conned big-time, taken by a fast-talking grifter who got shoved up the ladder based on his past 'successes'.

His 'stimulus' didn't work. His 'Cash 4 Clunkers' was an epic fail. His party tried HARD to get 'evidence' of racism - and Rep. Lewis even claimed it but there were just too many cameras showing the opposite! Damn you meddling kids - it would have worked if you hadn't been there with your cameras!

The wheels are coming off health care reform. He's floated a VAT tax that's getting severe criticism. Cap and Trade to save the environment? Not happening - and neither is his promised 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' repeal. CNN's running articles on the stimulus failure.

He needs a victory, and fast. He's out of momentum, he's out of ideas, so now he's falling back on the only thing that ever really worked for him - basing arguments on race, and making sure there's hatred of SOME sort that he can use for leverage.

We're looking at one for the history books, folks. The sort of history texts where you read along and go "How COULD they have been so damn stupid!" as you see the outline of the scam, and the results thereof.

The big question will be - what's going to be the tipping point? What's going to get the true believers convinced they're being taken, the rubes past being mildly annoyed to a point where they're really pissed off? (And you haven't seen anything yet.) People will put up with a LOT when they figure there's a good reason. And Obama's been REAL good at coming up with 'reasons' for all the blatant theft he's done.

But his scam depended on him staying ahead of events, in controlling the narrative, keeping the con going. And he's been having more and more trouble with that as he's made mistakes - and people are seeing just how ill-prepared he was for the job he talked his way into.

Well, we'll get through it. But it's going to be damned interesting doing it!

Never gonna get my vote. E... (Below threshold)

Never gonna get my vote. EVER.






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