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Obama's Cartoon Diplomacy

(I actually read about five days ago that this was occurring, and started to write about it, but, I have not been feeling too well with my back and a stomach flu. My apologies for not writing it sooner. Still, it's no less disturbing.)

President Obama is holding another "summit."

"Sigh," you say?

Well, this one will not be some meaningless propaganda gathering like so many of his others have been.

Nope. This one is designed to find "ways to make economic and social climates conducive to entrepreneurship, and developing the role of businesswomen."

Whew! He's finally going to explore opportunities for job creation here in the ailing United States.



His "Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship" is not for us spoiled Americans.

This is Obama fulfilling a promise he made to Muslim-majority countries during his World Apology Tour last year held in Cairo, Egypt.

If there were still any doubt that Obama is partial to Islam and that he has a disdain for Israel, this should at least give one pause to ponder.

From USAToday:

"President Obama said tonight that the U.S. will set up exchange programs with business people throughout the Muslim world as part of the overall outreach program he outlined last year.

"The new beginning we seek is not only possible, it has already begun," Obama told the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship in Washington, D.C.

The exchange programs will include business opportunities in Silicon Valley, technology, telecommunications, health care, education and infrastructure, Obama told the summit that included delegates from the U.S. and Muslim countries.

The summit was one of the ideas Obama pitched during his June speech in Cairo outlining "a new beginning between the United States and Muslim communities."

"Over the past year the United States has been reaching out and listening," he said.

That includes winding down the war in Iraq, working with Afghanistan and Pakistan to "isolate violent extremists," and seeking a peaceful two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians, Obama said.

There has also been cultural outreach, Obama said -- including a comic book series in which Superman and Batman work with their Muslim counterparts."

Oh. My. God.

Can there be a much more embarrassing statement than that last sentence?

Who the hell are the Muslim cartoon counterparts to Superman and Batman? "Burka Woman" and "Plastic-Explosive Man?"

Yes. Cartoon members of "The Justice League" will be what stops insane Islamists from teaching their children how to strap on a bomb jacket and fire an AK-47.

The only thing more silly than his comic book diplomacy is his claim to have been seeking a solution to the Israeli/Palestinian problem, which will not be resolved until the Arab/Muslim countries stop using the Palestinians as pawns for terrorist warmongering with the Jewish state.

Demanding Israel cede what little land they have for something as basic as "the right to exist" is not seeking a solution.

I wonder.. If he were to be holding a summit for Christian entrepreneurship (well, he wouldn't dare, but if he did), the head's of liberals and ACLU members around the country would explode.

How about a Jewish summit? Nah. They don't need it. They are actually self-industrious and don't blow each other up for the promise of "72 virgins" in the afterlife.

Obama kicks Israel like an unwanted dog, yet he embraces the notion that it is still up to us to win the "hearts and minds" of Muslims. Holding oil-soaked countries like Saudi Arabia accountable to assist the region, or blatant violators of human rights like Egypt accountable for how they conduct themselves as human beings, well, that's pretty sensitive stuff.

The true problem lies not with a lack of "entrepreneurship" in these countries. The problem is warped cultural indoctrination, which doesn't allow for economic or basic societal progress.

I suppose all of this economic stimulus in one of the most violent parts of the world will not line the pockets of dictators in theo/thugocracies anymore than it does now. Money and businesses which would ultimately wind up being used to battle the West through terror and aggression against Israel just can't be an unwelcome outcome.

This is all just about creating business. The more they have, the better off their religion and governments will allow the people to be.



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Comments (24)

I'm assuming Wonder Woman w... (Below threshold)

I'm assuming Wonder Woman won't be involved. Don't want to cause any earthquakes.

Congratulations, Mr Mallow.... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Congratulations, Mr Mallow.

Of all the clueless, xenophobic, willfully ignorant articles you've written about the Middle East, this one stands out as the cluelessest, xenophobicest, willfully ignorantest one yet.

Do you imagine there is no need for outreach to the Muslim world, in order to counter the widespread Muslim perception of the US as Britain's successor in colonialism and a tool of Israel?

Do you have a problem with helping Muslim women?

If the administration announced an initiative to help sub-Saharan African women, would you demand they also helped Europeans so as not to appear to favor black people? If we were helping Latin America, would we also be obliged to extend aid to Dutch-speakers around the world?

I can't decide if you are purposely misconstruing this initiative or if you are really as clueless as this article makes you appear. Probably the latter.

I gotta go to work now. I'll be back later. Feel free to call me names and claim that I'm anti-Semitic, in my absence.

We see where Barry bozo ear... (Below threshold)

We see where Barry bozo ears loyalty really lies. what a disgrace the dunderhead in thief is.

Mr Henry, Since you ... (Below threshold)

Mr Henry,
Since you and the president seem to be of very like minds on this subject, could you tell me why the Muslim world needs particular help in understanding or implementing the concept of entrepreneurship? As far as helping Muslim women I think you are an idealist, or perhaps exceptionally naive, in expecting much from a culture that is inherently misogynist at its core. If Obama were a leader of another country his international diplomacy would border on farce and would be great entertainment. Unfortunately being our president we are tied to his misguided adventures in this twisted comedy. A shallow man trying desperately to establish a legacy for himself is a sad thing to watch.

Shawn,This could b... (Below threshold)


This could be a a great thing.

A muslim man is bored of his 14 year old bride and is about to say i divorce you for the third time. throwing her out on the street. Superman sucks him in the mouth and takes her to safe place where she can grow up normal.

Or A Muslim man decided he want to remarry a women he has divorced and Batman says look it would be really good if she did not have to sleep with another man before you take her back. He refuse and Burka women socks him and rescue the women.

You could have have the ARS the Anti Rape Squad. A band of brothers who find listen for Muslim women getting rape and beat up the attacker and take them to jail without the need for 4 Muslim men to witness the attack.

You could have Wonder Women appear in court and dare anyone Judge to say her testimony only counts of 1/2 mans.

Opps what am I saying.
Islam treats women equal to men. (Talking pt 3)

I dunno. I think Batman an... (Below threshold)

I dunno. I think Batman and his pederast subtext with Robin would go over real well in the parts of the Islamic world that observe boy-love Thursdays.

"The exchange programs w... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"The exchange programs will include business opportunities in Silicon Valley, technology..."

I bet there are a bunch of Iranian "business persons" who are lining up to "exchange" information with Northrup Grumman, etc. After all, Clinton didn't give away all our military technology. I'm sure Obama just wants them to catch up with us so we can have world peace again.

Obama's Cartoon (P)residenc... (Below threshold)

Obama's Cartoon (P)residency - TFTFY

BH - Projection should not be used by amateurs such as yourself. The resulting display of not so subtle stupidity should be embarrassing but Democrats such as yourself seem to be lacking the ability.

#2-"Of all the clu... (Below threshold)


"Of all the clueless, xenophobic, willfully ignorant articles you've written about the Middle East, this one stands out as the cluelessest, xenophobicest, willfully ignorantest one yet."

Talk about clueless buffoonery.

"This is all just about creating business. The more they have, the better off their religion and governments will allow the people to be."

The more these women beaters have, the more they will resemble Barrys craven path of destruction. Take, take, take and then blame, blame, blame everyone but the true cause. There shared demented reality.

Do you imagine th... (Below threshold)
Do you imagine there is no need for outreach to the Muslim world, in order to counter the widespread Muslim perception of the US as Britain's successor in colonialism and a tool of Israel?

How many of those countries have OIL?

Why do their people live in poverty not because of the USA but because there governments allow it. The West is a scapegoat. How much money was sent to the Palestinian people? Where did that money go? Ask Arafat's widow.

I don't see anything in thi... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I don't see anything in this article about "giving money" to Muslim countries. The initiative appears to be about exchange programs similar to those we've done all over the world since WW2. The difference seems to be that we are explicitly targeting Muslim countries here.

Leave it to Mr Mallow and the usual suspects in the comment section to focus on one line about cartoon superheroes and make it something to wet the bed about. Snicker.

GWB appointed Karen Hughes, in the previous administration, to do just this kind of thing. There was much applause in Right Wingnuttia that we were going to teach those poor benighted Mooslims a thing or three about capitalism. Of course, Karen Hughes was another incompetent Bushie, so her efforts failed. What a shocker, huh?

If this same initiative had been announced in the previous administration, conservatives would be falling all over themselves extolling its wisdom. You guys are so predictable.

Oh, and DaveD? I assume, from your comment, that you are in favor of cutting our losses in Iraq and Afghanistan, and just getting the hell out as fast as we can, right? Because, after all, we can't expect much from those countries, steeped as they are in a culture misogynist at its core, right? And so it follows, we can't expect much from our investment of trillions of dollars and thousands of lives, right?

Re # 8:I don't thi... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Re # 8:

I don't think "projection" means what you seem to think it means.

You got "amateur" right, though.

I don't see what the big de... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

I don't see what the big deal is. The U.S. government has a long history of outreach programs. Outreach programs serve 2 purposes. They help to improve relations betweens countries and they help the U.S. compete for international talent. Thats how we compete for and fill most positions in the technologies sector.

Bruce, who said anything ab... (Below threshold)

Bruce, who said anything about giving money as part of this program?

I can see someone possibly ... (Below threshold)
David Spence:

I can see someone possibly finding some merit in some "regular outreach" program, however for the life of me I don't know any such person or ever want to meet any such person.
Since you think this is such a noble endeavor, I assume you have personally "outreached" and taken in a houseful of these enlightened individuals.
I'm just curious, how did you learn to sleep with both eyes open? You don't have eyes anymore? Oh, my bad.
How's does that wife of yours like wearing that burka? Is your sex life rewarding or do you just jam your "business" into that itchy karakul fabric? Do you sometimes need a Sherpa to locate the old ball and chain's vajayjay? How's your pretty daughter gonna look in her prom hijab? Do you still control the remote? I hear they like soccer-make sure you show for them your tape the of the 1999 Women's World Cup, especially the portion after the fifth penalty kick when Brandi Chastain tore off her jersey and ran around in her sport's bra? How's that heavily stocked wine cellar going over? Can I have all your bacon, pork chops and BBQ? Is it hard to grill hummus?-I'm sure that if you do, your two remaining neighbors come sprinting over once that "stink,(I mean that "smoky aroma), wafts over. Nothing says summer more than grillin' up a nice mess of hummus.
"Cartoon Outreach? I can hear the mullahs horse-laughing from here.

Shawn,Your article... (Below threshold)
Tina S:


Your article and many of the comments fit the definition of religous persecution.

The tendency of societies or groups within society to alienate or repress different subcultures is a recurrent theme in human history. Moreover, because a person's religion often determines to a significant extent his or her morality and personal identity, religious differences can be significant cultural factors.

Religious persecution may be triggered by religious bigotry (i.e. the denigration of practitioners religions other than those of the oppressors) or by the State when it views a particular religious group as a threat to its interests or security. At a societal level, this dehumanization of a particular religious group may readily turn into violence or other forms of persecution.


Bruce,I wouldn't c... (Below threshold)


I wouldn't call you anti-semetic for what you've posted, at least not here.

An idiot maybe, but not anti-semetic.

Obama is the one who actually said the bit about cartoons and cultural outreach. That he actually thought this to be of actual import bothers you not in the least? Wow.

Don't shoot the messenger, handsome.

Concerning your question to me about helping women: I'd be all for it, however, no matter what we decide should be done to help them, at least in this part of the world, even given opportunities for "Entrepreneurship," it wouldn't help.

They aren't oppressed by us.

Hence my statement: "The true problem lies not with a lack of "entrepreneurship" in these countries. The problem is warped cultural indoctrination, which doesn't allow for economic or basic societal progress."

Funny how you tend to selectively gloss over parts like that when you bash the writings here.

If you really want to make a point of women and helping them over there, at least acknowledge that Bush had more to do with effecting changes in that respect then anyone else.

Notice that Obama took care NOT to include the word "Islamic" or "Muslim" in the name of this program? How very odd!

If the administration announced an initiative to help sub-Saharan African women, would you demand they also helped Europeans so as not to appear to favor black people? If we were helping Latin America, would we also be obliged to extend aid to Dutch-speakers around the world?

Bruce, you are inverting things. Women in those parts of the world are not oppressed by some medieval misogynist religious fanaticism where men control every aspect of women's lives.

You're stretching it, buddy.


What an inane and useless c... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

What an inane and useless comment, Mr Spence.

Lazy, too. I'm sure if you had just tried a little harder you could have shoehorned two or three more stereotypes in there somehow!

I don't know what "anti-sem... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I don't know what "anti-semetic" is, Mr Mallow. Is it anything like "anti-semitic?" Or is it something to keep you from vomiting? No, that would be "anti-emetic," I guess.

I suppose I did gloss over some of your article, but I'm pretty sure I got the gist of it. Obama loves him some Muslims and hates him some Jews, right?

As proof, you cite an outreach program to promote entrepeneurism in the Muslim world. Because there's no sense doing outreach when we can just bomb the bejesus outa them barbarians, right? Might as well do nothing, because these Muslims live in societies that don't allow for economic or basic societal progress.

You might have glossed over MY point, which is that this is exactly the type of thing the Bush administration kept saying it was gonna do,(to loud applause from conservatives such as yourself), but never did. That's kinda the point of the whole bringing-democracy-to-the-Middle-East thingie we did in Iraq, right? To "transform" the region into one that lives in the modern world?

Wow, Bruce.You up ... (Below threshold)

Wow, Bruce.

You up to you're old debating tricks, huh?

Picking out misspellings and all?

How can I compete?

BTW, you spelled "entrepeneurism" wrong.


So did you.At leas... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

So did you.

At least I didn't misspell it twice in the same paragraph.

And what about those outreach programs in Muslim countries during the previous administration, Mr Mallow? Did they mean that Bush was a secret Islamonazi like Obama?

Do you support the notion of helping to modernize the Middle East, or don't you? If you do, how would you do it? At the point of a gun? We've tried that. Hasn't worked out that great so far.

Bruce HenryI do ag... (Below threshold)

Bruce Henry

I do agree with you Muslim women need an outreach program.

JEDDAH - A 23-year-old unmarried woman was awarded one-year prison term and 100 lashes for committing adultery and trying to abort the resultant fetus. The District Court in Jeddah pronounced the verdict on Saturday after the girl confessed that she had a forced sexual intercourse with a man who had offered her a ride. The man, the girl confessed, took her to a rest house, east of Jeddah, where he and four of friends assaulted her all night long.
Sixteen-year-old Isma Mahmood was deported to Pakistan last month after serving six months in shackles and handcuffs in a prison in Saudi Arabia. Her crime: being raped by a Saudi man.


Samira Bellil...is the granddaughter of Algerian immigrants and she's written a book about surviving the hell of the Paris ghettos. "I was gang raped by three people I knew, and I couldn't say anything, because in my culture, your family is dishonored if you lose your virginity...So I kept quiet, and the rapes continued. The next time, I was pulled off a commuter train and no one lifted a finger to help me. Everybody turned their head away. They were all looking out the window." When Bellil's family discovered that she had been raped, they weren't sympathetic. They threw her out onto the streets. But she's since discovered that what happened to her was not the only case.

"There was a trial in Lille where a 13-year-old girl was gang raped by 80 men. Sometimes, it's 80, or 50 or 10. It's absolutely terrible," says Bellil. "In the case of Argenteuil, it was horrible. A young woman was raped in a school. Of course, everybody knew, but they're so afraid of these young men that they prefer to close their eyes. That's the price of peace in the ghettos." When the verdicts came down in this case, the courthouse turned into a madhouse. Eighteen teenagers were convicted of raping a 15-year-old girl over a two-month period. But what really shocked France was how the mothers of those boys reacted. "You call this justice, seven years in prison for some oral sex," says one mother. "It's the girl who should be behind bars."

Those examples are horrific... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Those examples are horrific, Mr Hcddbz.

And they are relevant to this thread how, exactly?

If your point is that all Muslims are barbarians beyond the pale of civilized behavior, other commenters already made it, and I have addressed it.

All that cutting and pasting gone to waste.

If anyone is interested, he... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

If anyone is interested, here are some links on the Muslim comic book that is part of the outreach program.

This page contains an 8 minute video documentary of the Muslim comic book "The 99".

This is the comic books official website.






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