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Get Real, Mr. Steele

I'm coming up on a birthday, and let's just say I'm approaching full Geezerhood. Certainly I am well into my 'curmudgeon' years. My point is that as much as I'd like to buy into the belief that the Donk Party is about to implode and give the Congress back to rational adults, I have too much experience with Republicans at the Give-Orders-Don't-Learn level to expect them to suddenly live up to their promises and hype. The GOP, after all, is the party which figured John McCain was our best candidate for President in 2008, which couldn't decide whether President Bush should be supported or deserted during his terms in office, which had the stones to impeach President Clinton for clear felonies committed while in office, but not to actually convict him, that figured Bob Dole was as good as they needed to do in 1996 ... you get the idea. The only reason I can stand the Republican Party at all, is because the Democrats are much worse.

So, I get this letter today from Michael Steele. A form letter, of course, no one high up in politics pays any attention to me, and he wants money of course ... subtle man, he only asked for money ... let me count it up here ... NINE times in the letter. What strikes me as odd, being an accountant, is that the man never actually says why he should get money from me. Oh sure, he has a lot to say about Obama and the Democrats, but that's not telling me why giving the RNC money is a good idea. I look back at the past and what the GOP has done with money which I and other Conservatives have paid in, and well sir, I can't say as I am impressed with the RNC's track record. Accountable, they are not. Trustworthy, not so much. That is, I figure it makes more sense for me to decide on a candidate I like, send him or her my donation, and Mr. Steele can go on TV shows and earn his money instead of playing political evangelist - all hype and no solid answers - to con me into sending him money just because he plays up the fear of Donkeystein.

The letter bugs me, as well. I opened it because it is headlined, in big bold letters that were visible through a clear section of the envelope, 2010 CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT SURVEY. OK, I think to myself, I have ideas and concerns for my district, let's see what they're asking. Turns out the title is dishonest - there's sixteen questions in there, not counting #17 which - again - asks for money as if we can return sanity to D.C. by simply spending enough money. Somehow that scheme is familiar, but it didn't sound like a good game plan the first several times I heard it, either. Anyway, not one of those 16 questions had anything to do with my specific Congressional District, and yes Mr. Steele that makes you a liar. I don't like liars and you can't pretend this letter reflects well on your or the RNC.

What else bugs me, is the content of those sixteen questions. I won't copy them all here, since just reading them hurts my brain cells to think that anyone could think they are serious in asking them, but here's a few to give you an idea of what they asked:

2. Should Republicans fight congressional Democrats' efforts to grant full unconditional amnesty to illegal immigrants?
4. Do you believe that the federal government should maintain a permanent ownership stake in large auto companies?
15. Do you believe that this nation's Founding Fathers intended for the federal government to micro-manage state and local functions such as healthcare, child care, and unemployment assistance?

The whole thing was like that, questions I could not believe that the RNC did not know its position on, or which they seriously intended to tabulate as a feedback source on their issue targeting. The questionnaire was clearly intended to play on emotion rather than reason, and that's something despicable to me. The RNC clearly has no interest in the key issues I care about, and I notice there was no place for me to write down my concerns or thoughts. It was all about them, getting money and pushing buttons, not about them working for the people they claim to represent.

If Mr. Steele and the RNC really want to win this November, they had better stop playing these tired old games and grow up. The TEA parties are not anti-Democrat, they're anti-arrogance. People are not so much fed up with one political party, as they are with being lied to and ignored. A real Congress works for the people, so they'd better stop acting like they own us. We are strong Republicans and Conservatives. We are not, however, fools or morons.


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Steele is just another dumb... (Below threshold)

Steele is just another dumb-assed politician who doesn't grasp that times have changed. Steele is as relevant as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

DJ, I could not agree more,... (Below threshold)

DJ, I could not agree more, particularly with your statement regarding asking questions about topics the RNC should already have a clear position on. On one mailer I wrote 'Read the Constitution and you'll know what to do', placed in the envelope and put it in the mail.

Before you can give the gov... (Below threshold)

Before you can give the government back to rational adults there have to be some to give it to. Almost all the rational adults I know are 70+ and having contributed mightly to our previous economic prosperity are tired and just want to sit down and rest.

The last time the RNC calle... (Below threshold)

The last time the RNC called and BEGGED me to give them money I came unglued and proceeded to tell the nice girl just why I wasn't giving them any more of my money or time for over a half hour until they got rid of the RINO's in the party and adopted a more conservative stance. I explained that Democrat Lite wasn't going to cut it any more.

They still send me those asinine questionnaires that ask questions that shouldn't have to be asked if they adhered to the conservative beliefs the party was founded on.

But idiots like Steele are so blind to reality that if you placed both of his hands on his ass he still wouldn't know what it was. I will no longer give to any major party but prefer to donate directly to the candidate of MY choice, not theirs.

The day's of control of the party by morons like him are drawing to a close. Sites like this, Redstate and others promote the individual conservative over the RINO and air their positions thoroughly.

I can see November and its going to be glorious for conservatives. Liberals and RINO's, eh, not so much.

I wouldn't give the RNC the... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't give the RNC the sweat from my brow. They have failed and have no intentions of limiting government. The GOP has been highjacked by statists, do not allow them to infiltrate your local tea parties.

I gave up giving to RNC-RCC... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I gave up giving to RNC-RCCC-RSCC long ago. Why give money to support the likes of Arlen Specter? Better to give to the individual candidates - that way I use my own judgment as to where my dollar is best spent.

Those "surveys" are a trick - they are just hot-button conservative issues designed to remind the prospective donor why he hates the Democrats. By the time you're finished the questions, you're supposed to be ready to write a check to beat those dirty bastards. They don't even look at the answers, just for the check or credit card #.


Two quibbles, though: it isn't as if McCain was the choice of Republican voters, I think he averaged under 35% in the primaries before he had clinched, it was a sad factor of conservatives splitting up and McCain racking up delegates with pluralities. And it probably would have taken a nearly perfect campaign for any Republican to win in 2008.

I don't agree the GOP is to blame for not convicting Clinton in the Senate, either. Sure, several GOP Senators voted to acquit, but this was after it was clear no Democrats would defect and conviction was impossible. We didn't hold 67 seats, and Clinton's aggressive PR campaign from Day One kept his side in line.

...And how do you feel abou... (Below threshold)
Don L:

...And how do you feel about someone beating your mother half to death?

Thank you for participating in our survwy.

Please send donations to prevent the above from happening...

They're all prostitutes who'll make you feel good for a buck!

I received that letter 4 di... (Below threshold)

I received that letter 4 different times - the one that looks like a census form. I answered it the first time, laughed the 2nd and 3rd times, and the 4th time I wrote a letter addressed to Steele and put it in their envelope to mail it back.

Sadly, I have not heard a response. I was nice - all I asked was why was the RNC wasting money on these mailers and supporting RINOs when instead it should be dealing with immigration, Obamacare, and getting some actual fiscal conservatives elected.

It's a good thing (for some people) I was not holding my breath...

What irked me more than any... (Below threshold)

What irked me more than anything, anything, was Steele's delving into racial politics. Not once but twice in the last few weeks. He, like so many others, has confused criticism about actions and policies for racism.

I'm not playing that game. Not anymore. There's absolutely no sense in even responding to it anymore.

I've never contributed to a political group. I have, however contributed to a politician of my choice. Steele can cram it.

Whenever I get one of those... (Below threshold)

Whenever I get one of those I answer the questions, write down how I feel about RINO's and that until they are purged from the party not one penny will be forthcoming from me.

Then I mail the form back in the envelope provided.

The return envelope costs them money so if you are as fed up (pun intended) as I am please do the same.

I got the same letter and e... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I got the same letter and even though I was highly skeptical, I opened it and had pretty much the same reaction you did, D.J.

However, I will say in Mr. Steele's defense that recent elections have pretty much proven that most American voters are that stupid, so I don't blame him for trying. I would be surprised if the mailing worked pretty well for him.

D'oh-- I meant to say: "I ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

D'oh-- I meant to say: "I wouldn't be surprised if the mailing worked pretty well for him.

Until they work an honest d... (Below threshold)

Until they work an honest day and see the shit we see , I m not parting with a single penny for these amateur organizers.

The last PLEASE DONATE lett... (Below threshold)

The last PLEASE DONATE letter I got from the RNC was returned with a note..."I suggest you get my donation from the "republican" presidential candidate who ENDORSED his friggin' opponent!!!" Haven't heard from them again, but I'm sure I will.

I would like to see a list ... (Below threshold)

I would like to see a list of the TEA Party supported candidates (congressional/senate) broken down by individual states.

IF the Tea Party supported candidates actually won, how many of these demo/rino incumbents would be out on their ass?

Steele seems to have confus... (Below threshold)

Steele seems to have confused republicans with conservatives which obviously with the sitting congress is not the same thing. Why would we want to send ANY of these professional hypocrites back into office to continue to perpetrate the system?
The majority of the bloggers I have read on different sites espouse conservatism. I would think that sending political PARTY contributions at this time would be pointless.
The most important contributions at this time is selection of a candidate and a vote. Word of mouth and exchanges on blog sites should prove more effective than campaign dollars in representative selection. Steele/RNC will continue to support seated candidates of the republican party, pissing contributions down at rat hole we are already discontent with. Let's get our candidates selected THEN see if the RNC still wants contributions.

I'm ashamed to admit that I... (Below threshold)

I'm ashamed to admit that I actually donated to Steele's Senate campaign. Now, I wouldn't cross the street to piss on him if he were on fire.

Best of luck trying to get off all these mailing lists. Good luck trying to donate to a candidate without finding yourself on even more of these mailing lists. (Do you hear me Senator Corker?) Now I just stuff as much worthless crap as I can fit in the return envelope and send it back to them to bleed them via postage. (Hmmm... I wonder if I could tape that envelope to a cement block? No that block has value. I'll keep it.)

"I opened it because it is ... (Below threshold)

"I opened it because it is headlined, in big bold letters that were visible through a clear section of the envelope, 2010 CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT SURVEY."--djd

I haven't received that one yet. Maybe today.
Last month's RNC "Census" will be hard to top, though. I feel an RNC/AOL free trial synergy upcoming. That would be a topper.

"Then I mail the form back in the envelope provided."---CZ

All sales people (RNC) appreciate any "bite", even if the fish isn't reeled in. They work on the deck-of-cards analogy. A "bum" letter is seen as clearing away a bad card which makes a good card (a contribution) necessarily closer to being drawn. It's a psychological motivational crutch for them because it ain't strictly true without real cards, but it gives them encouragement unlike less mail coming in, i.e. no progress due to insufficient *impact* of mailing.

It's why artists push the envelope. It's why salesmen are obsequious and obnoxious at the same time. 10 "No"s means 1 fat "Yes" is around the corner, by the gamblers' credo.
With no response at all---even negative---they get the blue funk and the DTs and people might get fired. They live and die by "showing their work" (ANY response), because work "must" lead to success.

"It's why artists push t... (Below threshold)

"It's why artists push the envelope. It's why salesmen are obsequious and obnoxious at the same time. 10 "No"s means 1 fat "Yes" is around the corner, by the gamblers' credo.
With no response at all---even negative---they get the blue funk and the DTs and people might get fired. They live and die by "showing their work" (ANY response), because work "must" lead to success"

That explains Barry and the rest of his creed?Political power hungry car salesmen with no apetite for real work. We have not yet and will never see the success part though, that is tucked snugly away under michellys majestic sinews.






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