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Hussla-In-Chief Race-Baits Voters. Again.

(Damn. I didn't realize Rick had posted about this yesterday. However, the content is so racially calculated that I feel the need to vent on it myself.)

That was some rousing, uniting, telepromtorial oratory from our first Black president, huh?

I guess white people, at least white men, aren't a part of the American electorate anymore.

According to liberals, we are ALL rich, angry, powerful, and racist.

Though this thinking, if directed toward any other group, would objectively be labeled racial stereotyping, in this age, by these Democrats, it passes for political strategy.

The show of condescension toward minorities and women just advances the reality of the perception the Democratic party, just by saying "Hey, vote for us!," takes their votes for granted.

And, really, who could blame them.

96% of black people voted for Obama in 2008. That's all policy driven, right?

Sounds like an election result suited more for the likes of Kim Jong Ill.

The voting block that had the single biggest impact on Obama's presidential win was "independent" white voters, both young and older. People to whom race didn't matter. People who were just tired of eight years of George W. Bush, and were seduced by the pointless, hollow rhetoric presented as "Hope and Change."

His complete dismissal of them in this call to political arms can be construed as tacit acknowledgment that he has lost them, and that can not be blamed on racial bias, as they helped elect him in the first place.

The rise of the Tea Party movement has so blind-sided the Democratic machine that they now, with no contempt for the blatancy of their actions, again, have resorted to compartmentalizing voters based on their skin color and at least one gender.

Just imagine if Obama were white, and substitute the various groups he spoke of with "white Americans."

He would be branded a racist, subject to impeachment.

Obama, however, gets away with it due to a complicit media which would never pose the question of why he resorts to race-baiting, and that the voters which he singles out are overwhelmingly voting not just blindly Democratic, but for the color of his skin.

Many people, on various other sites, have commented on this speech. In my "guess-timation," the feedback taken from these comments was 99% negative toward Obama, with most recognizing it as a form of racist rhetoric, disenfranchising not just "white" people, but Americans, all of which he is supposed to represent.

Political doom is quickly approaching for Democrats.

This Race-Monger-In Chief just cemented the tone for November.

A few more racially-biased speeches by this "uniter," and we'll be prying away that gavel from Polosi's creaky hand soon enough.


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Comments (38)

I personally take great com... (Below threshold)

I personally take great comfort in the idea that he isn't expecting anything from me. I don't handle pressure well.

Barry certainly doesn't dis... (Below threshold)

Barry certainly doesn't disappoint as a progressive habitual agitator.

Giving women the vote. An e... (Below threshold)

Giving women the vote. An error we're STILL paying for.

So, based on this racist pr... (Below threshold)

So, based on this racist president he is black. Now is that based on the fact his father was black? Or, is he considering himself black because that is the heritage he claims? He is just as much white as he is black, and even more so white since he was raised by his white mother. Or is he black because that's more historic as a president than white? Or is he going off straight up color?

The most outlandish diatrib... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

The most outlandish diatribes I heard about "The Anointed One" before the coronation, now don't sound so outlandish anymore.

Is there no low "too low" for o-bummer to go? I don't think so.

He is the multi-racial pret... (Below threshold)

He is the multi-racial pretender in chief.

"Is there no low "too low" for o-bummer to go? I don't think so."

Good point! If he slimes any lower we will all wake up in a hut in kenya.

Tee hee, Mr Mallow. You're ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Tee hee, Mr Mallow. You're killing me here.

Let me start by disposing of the tired old canard about 96% of the black vote. So freaking what?

Gore got 90% of the black vote, Kerry got 88%. Based on naked statistics, Obama got 6-8% more of the black vote than the previous two Democratic nominees. I repeat, so freaking what?

"His complete dismissal of them can be construed as tacit acknowledgement that he has lost them..." Well, it CAN be, in the paranoid, woe-is-me-I'm-a-victim mind of a hack writer on a middlebrow conservative blog. But it doesn't reflect reality.

Failure to mention "white independent voters" does not constitute a "dismissal of them" to anyone who speaks English and listened to the speech. He is speaking here of groups who voted in large numbers for the first time in the 2008 election. "White independent voters" doesn't fit that description.

Oh, and Mr Constitutional Scholar, here's a trivial point. If, as you say, Obama had been white and had called for white support, he might well be called racist, but he would emphatically NOT be "subject to impeachment" for it. Something about high crimes and misdemeanors or some such nonsense.

Barry Obama HATES white peo... (Below threshold)

Barry Obama HATES white people!

LeeWard asked:"Gee... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

LeeWard asked:

"Gee, I sure hope Shawn can "take it" the same way he "dishes it out"

Well, Lee, I can.

However, I figured I would follow the methods which you employed on our former sister site "WizBangBlue," (You remember, the site you ruined? Bravo!) which was just to erase every comment which was not agreeable with you. (And yes, you did do that to me.)



Wow, that does feel good!


"Even as we speak, there ar... (Below threshold)

"Even as we speak, there are those who are preparing to divide us-the spin masters, the negative ad peddlers who embrace the politics of 'anything goes.' Well, I say to them tonight, there is not a liberal America and a conservative America-there is the United States of America. There is not a black America and a white America and Latino America and Asian America-there's the United States of America."-state senator Barack Obama, Democratic National Convention, July 27, 2004

So now we know Obama's IQ?<... (Below threshold)

So now we know Obama's IQ?

You think this is ra... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

You think this is race and gender baiting?? Merely the tip of the iceberg. Hell, by this time in 2012 Obama will be dressed in drag, wearing Indian garb and playing in a Mariachi band.

Race riots are the ace-up-t... (Below threshold)

Race riots are the ace-up-the-sleeve of the Democrat Party.

I seem to recall that Sadaa... (Below threshold)

I seem to recall that Sadaam Hussein got 100% of the (counted) Iraqi vote in his last election.

At what percentage can the vote of any particular subset be said to be based on something other than the candidate's ability?

lee "wee wee" ward - "N... (Below threshold)

lee "wee wee" ward - "Never mind that his IQ is more your body weight while yours is roughly equivalent to room temperature"

And so? Do you really think a high IQ is the be all and end all?

Really, it didn't take a high IQ to conclude there were 57 U.S. States.

That said his high IQ, said to be in the 166-172 range, can also lead one to become political liberals or an atheist.

Obama's IQ in the 166 to 17... (Below threshold)

Obama's IQ in the 166 to 172 range?

Are you freakin' kidding me?

It is more believable that he rides a unicorn and can part the oceans with his will.

The guy never even made it as a National Merit Semifinalist in HS.

We have Nobel Prize geniuses with IQs in the mid 140s who've produced stunningly original academic work; where is Obama's brilliant output?

At best his IQ is 125, and it's quite possible it's lower.

Let me paste a description ... (Below threshold)

Let me paste a description of a typical person with an IQ in the 156 to 171 range from the High IQ Society:

"The smarter Nobel Prize winners and most historical geniuses (people like Einstein, Hawking, Byron, Milton, Kant, Newton, Russell, Rand) are to be found in this category. Most exceed the average postgraduate in academic competence -- even professors -- while still in primary school, and probably know more than their teachers from 6th grade onwards..."

Sound like Obama to you? MegaLULZ.

See #9 for explanation.... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

See #9 for explanation.


JB - "Are you freakin' ... (Below threshold)

JB - "Are you freakin' kidding me?"

Well, no I'm not, read the friggin' link, but I will say I take no credit for it's accuracy, or lack thereof.

Next time - just for you JB - I'll include that disclaimer.

Meanwhile: Stupid People, High IQs

"I've read reports that put... (Below threshold)

"I've read reports that put Ronald Reagan's IQ at 105.

I'd guess that Sarah Palin's IQ is less than Reagan's."

If you believe anything "you've read" about someone's IQ without actual documentation, YOUR IQ must not be very high.

It is typical of libs to exaggerate other libs' IQ while denigrating that of conservatives.

Given that Reagan graduated college back when not many people went to college, it is likely his IQ was at least in the 120s. As late as the mid-20th century the typical college grad had an IQ of at least 115.

In other words, you believe what you want to believe, and call it knowledge.

Smart people scare weak-... (Below threshold)

Smart people scare weak-minded folks. They don't trust the smarties. They prefer someone whose intelligence level is closer to their own.

So, THAT'S why liberals go insane whenever Palin's name is mentioned.......and even at the very thought of her. It makes sense though.

Barry has a high IQ? Since... (Below threshold)

Barry has a high IQ? Since when? Sure didn't factor his knowledge of history into the equation.

Marc,About 90% of ... (Below threshold)


About 90% of anything you read on the Internet about someone's IQ is complete and utter horseshit.

Questions to ask:

1) Have they taken an actual IQ test and is there documentation for it?

2) If not, have they taken any standardized tests (such as the SAT or LSAT) and what score did they receive?

Everything else is BS.

jb - "If you believe an... (Below threshold)

jb - "If you believe anything "you've read" about someone's IQ without actual documentation, YOUR IQ must not be very high. "

"Nice" repartee you have, learn it from obama/alinski did ya? Or did you came by it naturally?

more from jb - "Given that Reagan graduated college back when not many people went to college, it is likely his IQ was at least in the 120s. As late as the mid-20th century the typical college grad had an IQ of at least 115."

Know what? I think I'll follow your advice and not to put too fine a point on it, quote you while doing it:

"About 90% of anything you read on the Internet about someone's IQ is complete and utter horseshit."

Congrats, you've entered the "Bullshit Zone." (by your own definition)

Questions to ask:... (Below threshold)
Questions to ask:

1) Have they taken an actual IQ test and is there documentation for it?

2) If not, have they taken any standardized tests (such as the SAT or LSAT) and what score did they receive?

3. How do they pronounce the word "corpsman"?
Bruce,I actually h... (Below threshold)


I actually had you in mind when I wrote the title of this post, remembering our conversation concerning your "Little Miss Thang" and "l'il Lolita" comments in reference to this piece. (I actually really did.)

You know, 'cause, according to you, those are "race-neutral" in the south.

Your comment regarding the "canard" of black voting percentages is a bit less meaningful when you factor in 1.8 million more blacks voted in 2008 then in 2004.

"His complete dismissal of them can be construed as tacit acknowledgement that he has lost them..." Well, it CAN be, in the paranoid, woe-is-me-I'm-a-victim mind of a hack writer on a middlebrow conservative blog. But it doesn't reflect reality.

It can also be waved away by a hack middlebrow liberal troll like yourself.

If you are so disgusted here, it is your privilege to go anywhere else you wish.

And you really zinged me on that impeachment point.

Whew. Perhaps I should have said he would be forced to resign.

Good thing you are here.

A bit hostile today, no?


LOL bD's Internet Quotient ... (Below threshold)

LOL bD's Internet Quotient is showing.

So Obama's IQ is "said to b... (Below threshold)

So Obama's IQ is "said to be" in the 156 to 171 range?

The 170-ish score was attained when he was in kindergarten, according to Marc's link. I'm four months younger than Barack Obama and my score from that period, I was told years later, was 175. When I was in high school I took another test devised to "estimate" how I would do if I took a complete IQ test, and I scored 171.

When in my late 20s, I took three official Mensa-recognized tests to qualify for that organization. As I recall, the lowest score of the three was 149.

A few years later I had become so fed up with the stupidity of many Mensa members -- the kind of monumental stupidity of which only genius is capable -- that I let my Mensa membership lapse.

So, I can actually believe Barack Obama's IQ is way up there. No other president has failed so spectacularly in such a short time.

Hello, Mr Mallow.I... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Hello, Mr Mallow.

I apologise for using the word "hack." I stand by every other word I wrote, but I should confine myself to criticism of the article, and not resort to insults. I promised myself I wouldn't do that, but here I did. Sorry.

Secondly, I had no problem with your title. I get what you were going for there. Unlike my use of "Little Miss Thang," however ( Have you ever HEARD a white guy with a Southern accent? Ever spent ANY time down South?), it could hardly be considered "race-neutral." But, again, your defensiveness aside, I doubt anybody would be offended by your title, unless, like you, they were looking for something to be offended about.

It does trouble me a little that you remember specific arguments you and I had FIFTEEN MONTHS AGO. That kind of grudge-holding can give you an ulcer, dude. Let it go, man.

And I'm not disgusted here at all. I like it here. I think most of the writers here can take criticism, mine or anyone else's, just fine. I mean, that's what comment sections are for, right? You post articles, and then commenters discuss them, right? Don't take it personally.

"Where's Lee? 28. Posted... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

"Where's Lee? 28. Posted by bryanD "

Lee is being deleted in the same way he chose to delete any and all comments not conforming to his way of interpretation just like he did at Wizbangblue.

Very few people are not welcome here.

He is one of them.


Bruce,Apologizing ... (Below threshold)


Apologizing is not necessary.

I'm a big boy, and we go at it all the time. It's fun.

If I choose to react to your comments, you wouldn't be bothered by that, would you?

And don't give yourself a hard-on because I remembered a prior comment from you.

Conceited much?



Lee Ward may assume he's sa... (Below threshold)

Lee Ward may assume he's safe in posting because of some tolerance. Like many others, he's disrespectful of the rules of others' house.
Getting on the last nerve means he is on VERY
thin ice.

Eeeewww, Mr Mallow.<p... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Eeeewww, Mr Mallow.

Glad there's no hard feelings.

Maggie, you're a waste of o... (Below threshold)
Stephen Jay Gould:

Maggie, you're a waste of opposable thumbs.

How do they factor "affirma... (Below threshold)

How do they factor "affirmative action" points into an IQ score? Judging from the whispers coming out of dear old Harvard, Barry wasn't much of an instructor, either from the point of view of fellow instructors or the students.

This whole "Obama has a hig... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

This whole "Obama has a high IQ" joke has gone too far. He's been given everything he ever had, never earning a thing by merit in his life. Period.

At Columbia, he was "mentored" by his grandfather's friend, Marxist Frank Marshall Davis, radical activist and "poet" who was known for "mentoring" young men and had many friends on the Columbia faculty, radical chic having already become the governing rule of academic society by then.

Obama wouldn't release his transcripts, and no student is on the record as remembering him from a class during his years at Columbia. Bush, Gore, and Kerry all released their undergrad transcripts, all C students, and McCain was well known to have slid by academically, so why wouldn't Genius Barry release his grades and embarrass them all?

Still, we know he didn't graduate cum laude, because those so honored are listed and he wasn't. This means he didn't get into Harvard Law on his grades, and he had nothing else to offer. So it must have been Affirmative Action, unless I missed something.

Editor of Law Review, too - what an honor! Again, though, nothing in his career before or since tells us how he was chosen for the position, he has not distinguished himself in any way which could explain it - unless they decided to pick the cool likable black guy for the sake of diversity.

During his tenure as Editor, a prime spotlight to show off his legal mind to prospective employers and judges, he authored exactly ONE article, on abortion law, which basically regurgitated the boilerplate liberal talking points and was in no way exceptional. Hmmm, I thought to myself.

And yet, this guy gets TWO book contracts with advances (!) to write his autobiography before age 40? Because he . . . sorry, I'm drawing a blank here.

"Constitutional law professor" at Chicago law for 14 years, yet never published a single paper in scholarly journals in all that time. Is there any other non-tenured professor in America in the last 30 years who could keep a job without publishing ANYTHING in 14 years?

Again, I thought, hmmm.

As State Senator, Obama votes "Present" over 140 times and accomplishes nothing of significance, but Senate President Emil Jones puts his name first on dozens of bills Obama had nothing to do with. When challenged by one of those who did the actual work on a bill, he answered, "I'm making a U.S. Senator!" Hmmm.

Maybe he has a higher IQ than the gullible dolts who support him . . .

I can't wait for November t... (Below threshold)

I can't wait for November to vote those LEECHES out of office, and by the way MR president I am LATINO and register DEMOCRAT .

"Stupid People, High IQs"</... (Below threshold)

"Stupid People, High IQs"

Barry never met a dunce he could not underthink!






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