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Beyonce's Dad Gets A Bailout


Does Beyonce's dad, and manager, Matthew Knowles need a federal bailout?

You betcha!

BTW, did you know that Beyonce had a minor waredrobe malfunction at the beach the other day? You can get all the photographic details at Wizbang Pop!

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Remember that little photo ... (Below threshold)

Remember that little photo op in the White House Situation Room, not too long ago? A little push from Obama appeared to get 'Pops' a nice little bailout from the taxpayers.

It's about damn time you pu... (Below threshold)
Dude Nation:

It's about damn time you put up some titty pix, Kev. You've let us down a lot lately, especially with the caption contest. You used to give us way more opportunities to slag on the bitches.

You can get all... (Below threshold)
You can get all the photographic details at Wizbang Pop!
You tease.
Wow! Shes at least half whi... (Below threshold)

Wow! Shes at least half white?

Ja u've really lost ur touc... (Below threshold)

Ja u've really lost ur touch






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