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What A Mess

A problem of monumental proportions is taking place in the United States today.

Not a natural disaster. Not one which was inconceivable to envision.

This one is man-made.

Something has broken down within the system. It is something which many claim to have occurred due to neglect by the responsible party. An error or flaw within the machine that has unleashed a catastrophe which may get worse before it gets better.

It consists of something which, to companies and individuals alike, has provided a cheap way of operating on a daily basis. Due to the low cost and high demand of this product, it has made some people very wealthy.

Depending on who you ask, this is either a very good thing or a very bad one. People in the extreme who are either for it or against it, lobby politicians with promises of helping to get votes

Today, there seems to be no stopping it. Borders meant to stem the tide of this are proving inadequate. The barriers, in many places, are too thin. In many spots along this part of the country, a barrier does not even exist. Still, in other areas, its just not enough. Waves and waves keep coming, over-topping the wall of protection, causing problems which effect us, even if it is not in our own back yard.

When used properly, it has helped our nation grow and flourish. It has made progress possible, and, as many would say, has helped to make us the most prosperous nation on Earth.

Despite this, it enables the transfer of large amounts of our wealth to countries which do not have our best interests at heart.

This money has been used to inflict crime and harm against citizens of the United States

It is a source of gross political distortion, used as an ideological wedge issue, regardless of the impact it has on our lives.

Certain people want it stopped completely. Others want it to continue no matter what the harmful aspects.

However, others want to see it continue in a positive, safe, and controlled manner. Its place in our lives will exist not in a climate of fear and distortion, but in a sensible, responsible, legitimate way.

This week, the problem has erupted, forcing us into a battle over how to control an unfortunate aspect of it. So far, the main response has been on a state level, with the federal government taking too long to acknowledge just how big a problem it has become, recklessly letting it expand into a state of emergency.

Everything that can be done, everything at our disposal, should be used to stop this from growing into a condition which will result in irrevocable damage to our country.

And, uh.


I forget if I was writing about the oil spill or illegal immigration.


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Ha hahahahahahahahahhahahah... (Below threshold)

Ha hahahahahahahahahhahahahhah!

Ummmmmm, so similar that it... (Below threshold)

Ummmmmm, so similar that it really doesn't matter? Both provide a cheap source of labor that send funds used to purchase it outside of our economy.

Damn.I for... (Below threshold)

I forget if I was writing about the oil spill or illegal immigration.

I was leaning toward the Iceland volcano -- 'cause ya just gotta know that's Bush's fault.






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