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National Enquirer Claims Proof Of Obama Affair Exists

OK, it's the National Enquirer, so you can assume that it's all made up, but I'm sure that's what John Edwards and Tiger Woods people said too...

Here's Vera Baker, the supposed mistress...


The Globe is reporting a similar story...


Update: The Enquirer appears to be backing off the claim that a security camera video exists. The story hasn't changed much, but previously it made it seem like a tape existed. Now they've changed it to "searching for a tape."


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I can't say that I would be... (Below threshold)
Mark W:

I can't say that I would be shocked. Obama exhibits all the same characteristics of those that get caught. He believes that he is a superior human being that deserves anything he wants and the complicit media will cover for him. However, now that I think about it, we should all get ready for the media blitz telling us how George W Bush had multiple affairs and how if Obama gets some strange outside the White House it is nobodies business but his own.

I wouldn't doubt a complete... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I wouldn't doubt a complete narcissist like Obama would try such a thing, but I do find it hard to believe his handlers would give him enough slack on his leash to pull it off.

I can't see that cadre of dedicated doctrinaire leftists giving him the chance to mess up their march to cut AmeriKKKa down to size, especially with the limited time their big congressional majorities have left.

The name of the magazine sh... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

The name of the magazine shown is "Globe", not "National Enquirer". What's up with that?

It's save to predict the en... (Below threshold)
Don L:

It's save to predict the end of the NI starting in 3...2...1..

Why? They're messing with an "in your face" Chicago trained messiah and even worse -no one who supports him cares.

Being unfaithful to the people you claim to love, is a badge of honor with the left.

Think back to roaming Bill..."it's just sex!" and after being caught lying under oath by a blue dress,we heard; "yes he's a liar, but Bill is our liar."

NI, however, is showing the kind of courage that if the GOP had shown, we wouldn't be saddled with this man who believes America is little more than a giant Tinkertoy to be dismantled and reassembled at his every desire.

Um... Kevin? The Enquirer d... (Below threshold)

Um... Kevin? The Enquirer does have a history of getting the "big" stories that the mainstream media can't bring itself to touch, and getting them right.

Unfortunately, you posted a pic from the Globe, which... not so much.

Sorry about that, chief...


Well, National Enquirer is ... (Below threshold)
Yes, that's the Globe cover... (Below threshold)

Yes, that's the Globe cover but....

National Enquirer has it too

It's too early to say the ... (Below threshold)

It's too early to say the story is true, but NI has had a lot of success in uncovering big stories. If National Inquirer produces solid proof of BHO's cheating to back up its story, will the Pulitzer committee finally take its reporting seriously? It's work on the Edwards-Hunter affair was spot on when everyone in the state-controlled media was simply ignoring the story about the former VP nominee and would be presidential contender.

Well before the whole Edwar... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Well before the whole Edwards thing, I would probably say it was complete BS, but not so much now.

I just struggle to think Obama would be that stupid.

If it is true, Obama would fall far-the narrative on his story is that he is a super awesome and loving family guy who takes his wife out on dates still.

Much to good to be true. </... (Below threshold)

Much to good to be true.

I heard a reporter once say... (Below threshold)

I heard a reporter once say that if you wanted to see old-school investigative journalism in action to go work for the Enquirer.

In other news:Walm... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

In other news:

Walmart Shopper Impregnated by Space Alien

Obama's screwing the whole ... (Below threshold)

Obama's screwing the whole country...what's an extra piece of meat or two, eh?

We're stuck with this worthless dickwad until January 2013...but I pray not a moment longer

ya know Adrian, you should ... (Below threshold)

ya know Adrian, you should stick to arguing that it doesn't matter...not that it didn't happen. The National Enquirer has gotten WAY more of these stories right than say, the NY Times. The odds they've got this nailed are excellent...but the odds that it'll drive Barry O' out of the White House are nil. We're gonna have trouble getting him to leave when we VOTE him out.

Try googling "Brad Hanson a... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Try googling "Brad Hanson and Sarah Palin."

Adrian doesn't even believe... (Below threshold)

Adrian doesn't even believe his own bullshit. He's just a childish troll with little but one liners. When he does try to argue a case, he completely misses the point. He can't focus. He's incapable.

First up, I take back my ea... (Below threshold)

First up, I take back my earlier comment. The Enquirer is on the story.

Now I hate to say it, but Adrian has a good point. The Enquirer got it right on Edwards, but wrong on Palin. So their record isn't perfect.

So, what's the solution? Why, more investigation, of course. More digging. More questions.

Isn't that what you want, Adrian? The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?


Remember this headline:... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Remember this headline:

Governor, father of four, disappears on Father's Day.


No, AB just wants to curl u... (Below threshold)

No, AB just wants to curl up in a fetal ball and whispers to himself that the mean conservatives and their lies about 'The Won' will all go away if he just closes his eyes.

The Enquirer has been the paper of record that gets it right more often than not with investigations like this.

Paging the Rrrrrevvvvrun Ja... (Below threshold)

Paging the Rrrrrevvvvrun Jackson for white house council STAT!

This obviously can't be tru... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

This obviously can't be true as it's a woman.

This story sure as hell isn... (Below threshold)

This story sure as hell isn't helping Michelle's kids...

Welcome to the Big Time, o.... (Below threshold)

Welcome to the Big Time, o. Them that lives by the media, dies by the media.

He isnt doing anything to h... (Below threshold)

He isnt doing anything to her, that he isnt doing to the rest of us.

She's just getting the bonus package.

This is pretty cool. Taking... (Below threshold)

This is pretty cool. Taking a page out of the Saul Alinsky playbook, the Inquirer makes an accusation requiring Barry to prove a negative. Kinda like Barrys people making all those racist charges.

"You're a racist." "No I'm not." "OK Prove it"

"You're a philanderer". No I'm not". "OK Prove it".

Karma's a bitch.

Also, I smell Bill and Hill... (Below threshold)

Also, I smell Bill and Hill in here somewhere.

I can see it happening. He... (Below threshold)

I can see it happening. He gives a speech at the DNC lauded by liberals far and wide. His ego begins to grow exponentially. People begin to take notice. Women who are attracted to power would flock to him. He'd have his pick. He hasn't yet begun to think about the Presidency, so what's a little fling by a Senator? He probably though, "Hell, if Barney Frank's political career can survive, why wouldn't mine?"

I'm just sayin'.

One good thing about the st... (Below threshold)

One good thing about the story is The editor at the LA Times won't have to write a whole new E-mail banning his staff from reporting it. He can just open the old one, change a few names and hit that ol' send button.

Keep Rockin'

For those who adore The One... (Below threshold)
jim m:

For those who adore The One this will not change their minds one iota. it isn't pertinent to his ability to be President.

For those who loathe him it only confirms their opinion of him as an arrogant jerk who believes that the rules apply to everyone but him.

So what if it's true. It can't make my opinion of him as a President any worse. It can only slightly degrade my opinion of him as a man. Really, it just confirms my opinion of him for the most part.

If found to be true, it'll ... (Below threshold)

If found to be true, it'll be interesting to compare the behavior of Michelle with Hillary's behavior post Monicagate.

Even if true, it's "only ab... (Below threshold)

Even if true, it's "only about sex!"

Which, unless Obama perjures himself under oath, or encourages someone else to do so, I'm not sure I care about it.

The question is whether it leads Michelle to make Joe Biden President.

So Adriane, are you saying ... (Below threshold)

So Adriane, are you saying John Edwards is an alien that has a thing for Walmart women?

I'm skeptical until I see a... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

I'm skeptical until I see a flat denial in the NY Times. That'll confirm it's true.

well, this means he did do ... (Below threshold)
steve al husein:

well, this means he did do something to deserve the nobel peace prize. i can just hear jesse jackson and al sharpton talking about king david adn bathsheba on all the news shows now

It would be far more shocki... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

It would be far more shocking if Obama were not having an affair. That would serve to give him some modicum of integrity.

It will make no difference ... (Below threshold)

It will make no difference if this story is true. Liberals do not value morals except when they benefit from an indiscretion committed by one of their opponents.
They willingly accept liars, cheaters, and criminals when they help to advance their agenda.

What will Worf do?!... (Below threshold)

What will Worf do?!






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