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The Muck Stops Here

The response by the Obama administration to the recent oil disaster has been s-l-o-w.

Many people are defending this, saying that since BP had initially estimated the leak to be 1,000 barrels per day as opposed to the more correct estimate of 5,000 barrels, the administration was led to believe it was not that serious.

To that, I say, what's the difference?

1,000 or 5,000, it should be treated as a worst case scenario.

This administration has plans to use or already has used its power to muscle its way into the business of public and private institutions with impunity.

Now, when a serious accident happens, where the federal government has a responsibility to get involved, act quickly, mobilize its assets, and obtain the best, most comprehensive information it can possibly get, we are lead to believe that this particular administration is willing to take the word of British Petroleum with no follow-up procedures or tools to prove the veracity of this information?

Amazingly hypocritical when one considers just how hostile this administration has been in its demonization of "Big Oil."

This explosion occurred on April 20th. That was 11 days ago (As of this writing.).

Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Director, waited until April 29th to designate this as a "spill of national significance."

A spill of national significance (SONS) is defined as "a spill that, due to its severity, size, location, actual or potential impact on the public health and welfare or the environment, or the necessary response effort, is so complex that it requires extraordinary coordination of federal, state, local, and responsible party resources to contain and clean up the discharge."

Hell, it took Napolitano until April 30th to get the bright idea to utilize the U.S. Navy.

You know, the branch of the military that operates IN THE WATER?


The U.S. Navy said it will send more than 12 additional miles of inflatable oil booms to the Gulf, as well as seven towable skimming systems and 50 contractors with experience operating the equipment, according to military officials at the Pentagon.

The Navy is making two large facilities available to the Coast Guard personnel and BP-employed contractors who are currently taking the lead in fighting the spill. Military officials said the booms and skimmers were being sent to a Naval construction base in Gulfport, Miss. The Navy also opened its air base in Pensacola, Fla., to the effort.

Simply put, Obama and the responsible parties within his administration did not put forth meaningful action toward the disastrous potential of this accident for 9 days, resulting in an inexcusably lethargic response of possible tragic miscalculations.

From the LATimes:

On April 23rd, 3 days after the explosion, Coast Guard Rear Adm. Mary Landry said no oil appeared to be leaking from a well head at the ocean floor, nor was any leaking at the water's surface. But she said crews were closely monitoring the rig for any more crude that might spill out.

The Coast Guard, the virtual "first responders" from our government, had no idea a leak was even occurring.


It was not until April 24th that the Coast Guard recognized the well was actually leaking at least 1,000 barrels per day. Eventually, BP increased that estimate to 5,000 barrels.

From The New York Times:

Adm. Thad W. Allen, the commandant of the Coast Guard, said Friday that he agreed the situation was catastrophic and could continue to unfold for up to three months, but he said he remained satisfied with his team's response, saying that even if it had initially known that the leak was 5,000 barrels a day, the response would have been the same.
That last sentence effectively blows apart any of the accusations levied toward BP by the administration that they were misled to believe this was not a serious problem, and had limited their initial response.

After being silent on the issue for nearly 9 days, Obama finally publically acknowledged he was aware of the problem:

President Barack Obama says his administration will use "every single available resource at our disposal" to respond to the massive oil spill expected to reach the Gulf coastline within a day.

Obama said Thursday the response could include the Defense Department.

He said the oil company BP PLC ultimately will pay the cost of the cleanup. BP operated the offshore rig that was exploded and sank last week.

Knowing that people, especially (surprisingly) in the media, have witnessed this slow response and lack of urgency by the administration, Obama and his many bureaucratic minions who eventually were dispatched to the area are sure to make each sound bite released consist of a reminder that BP is ultimately to blame for this, and that they will be assuming all expenses incurred by this lean up.

Yes, Obama. We get that. Every time it's said.

While this may be correct (it will be quite some time before the cause of this and who is responsible is actually known), it does not excuse the fact that the United States Government, under the direction of Obama, should have the biggest oversight role of protecting the environment and attempting to minimize the impact to the region. It is their responsibility to effect every effort towards success.

Though I have no love lost for BP, frankly, it is not their shores which are in danger of becoming covered in crude. It is not their fishing, shrimping, and oyster industries which may be demolished by this disaster. It is not their wildlife which is threatened with death and destruction.

That said, it would be nice if Obama stopped trying to demonize BP at every turn, and accept control of the situation, and show more concerted concern toward the events at hand.

Heck of a job, Barry!


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Comments (14)

While this may be ... (Below threshold)
While this may be correct (it will be quite some time before the cause of this and who is responsible is actually known), it does not excuse the fact that the United States Government, under the direction of Obama, should have the biggest oversight role of protecting the environment and attempting to minimize the impact to the region. It is their responsibility to effect every effort towards success.

Just like anything else these idiots have done, the want to be in charge but they don't actually want to do the job or be held responsible for the consequences. The will NEVER do anything but screw up and then attempt to deflect the blame.

Of course, it's not Barry's... (Below threshold)

Of course, it's not Barry's fault. He inherited it from BP!

Ah, the petty, pissy, pranc... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Ah, the petty, pissy, prancing, preening peacock of a President and his phalanx of incompetent leftist buffoons, on the job for America - just like for jobs!

The country's in the very best of hands. Remain calm and report to a reeducation camp near you.

It's Bush's fault.... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

It's Bush's fault.

Everybody knows that, especially the trolls.
Speaking of trolls, when will they show up to attempt to defend Barry?

My understanding (from some... (Below threshold)

My understanding (from someone whose husband works on these things) is that a concrete plug failed and the BOP bent the line, instead of cutting it as it is designed to do, possibly because the initial explosion damaged the control cables to the BOP. In other words, the redundant safety measures both failed.

"...it would be nice if Oba... (Below threshold)

"...it would be nice if Obama stopped trying to demonize BP at every turn, and accept control of the situation...."

Not going to happen. To accept control would be to accept responsibility for the outcome.

You're doing a heck of a job, Barry!

Just wondering when the MSM... (Below threshold)

Just wondering when the MSM will begin it's "horror stories" of cannibalism and group rape? And who can forget the bodies stacked "cord wood style" near the Superdo....er, where will they be stacked for THIS one, I wonder?

Shawn, now that you have be... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Shawn, now that you have become environmentally friendly, this post is much better than your usual embarassing gushing commentaries in the past, on your personal favorite Sarah Palin and her campaign chant, "it is safe to drill here and now, with the new technology and tiny footprints even on land, we need to do more of it, now. Now, you can chant it to the crowds, drill, baby, drill" etc.

Re: post #8 and Steve Crick... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Re: post #8 and Steve Crickmore

Right on cue with a slap at Shawn and an attempted "Look, a squirrel!" about Sarah Palin.

Uh, Steve, point of order - this thread is about mismanagement by the Zero Administration when accidents happen.
The accidents will happen (see Murphy's Law for details), but that is no reason NOT to drill.

Steve,Being conser... (Below threshold)


Being conservative and environmentally friendly are not mutually exclusive, as you and your liberal broad-brushing whore bomb-throwers would have people believe.

And no where in that article or this one did I ever mention anything about Palin's thoughts on oil drilling.

Your shallow attempts at diverting attention away from what is happening by bringing her into this just shows the lack of substance you and your ilk possess.

Any thoughts on what this article actually addresses, or are you just going to keep chasing after imaginary shiny objects?

Any comment on your golden boy who 2 weeks ago championed more off-shore drilling? Any thoughts on his politically expedient back-pedaling on this issue now?

You seem like a smart guy.

Too bad your principles are as thin as a sheet of used toilet paper.


"8. Posted by Steve Cric... (Below threshold)

"8. Posted by Steve Crickmore | May 2, 2010 11:59 AM | Thanks for voting!Score: -4 (4 votes cast)"

I see shiny things! Yes, very shiny things!

Odd, how these things play ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Odd, how these things play out. There are things in just about every BP contract that are risky for the company doing business with BP. I have strong suspicions that a lot of the material and parts used on that rig were covered by contracts with similar language that may well have shifted liability and pollution responsibility from BP to contractors and suppliers.

Let's also not forget that this was an unusual event. The rig in question had a near-perfect record for safety, the technology used in operation (dynamic positioning) is state-of-the-art, and like all rigs this venture was a cooperative effort of many companies, from the lines, structure, valves, pumps, and so on throughout the facility. In ordinary situations, the facility would be inspected once the people were evacuated and the fire out, but in this case the rig has been heavily damaged and has sunk; it's now several hundred feet under the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, and even the best reconstruction is months away from determining the cause of the initial blast, let alone liability.

But as usual, facts are not a concern to President Unicorn, nor the fact that BP's gulf operations are a matter of maritime law, not White House Press Releases.

Shawn yes, I'm not surprise... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Shawn yes, I'm not surprised you didn't mention Sarah Palin's latest diatribes about Obama's energy plan, March 31 in the National Review for example,

Many Americans fear that President Obama's new energy proposal is once again "all talk and no real action," this time in an effort to shore up fading support for the Democrats' job-killing cap-and-trade (a.k.a. cap-and-tax) proposals. Behind the rhetoric lie new drilling bans and leasing delays; soon to follow are burdensome new environmental regulations. Instead of "drill, baby, drill," the more you look into this the more you realize it's "stall, baby, stall."

or later in April, in New Orleans at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference
when she talked about the need for drilling more in the Gulf of Mexico without the need for further study, "We need action, wherever the drill bit hits.. not stall, baby, stall". Washington just back off."

I wonder if this giant oil spill will slow her down. Probably not. In her speech, she called the EPA, the Economic Punishment Agency. I will agree with you, Obama has been a fool in caving in to this pressure from the Sarah Palins' of the world.

Steve C ..."I will... (Below threshold)

Steve C ...

"I will agree with you, Obama has been a fool in caving in to this pressure from the Sarah Palins' of the world."

Steve, how about we start with the facts about the new Obama drilling policy. Begining in Oct 2008 the entire OCS was available for drilling and oil production. Obama's new policy closed off more available oil than it opened up and what it did open up is only the deep water variety (i.e. like this disaters location). He didn't cave to any pressure from the drill, baby, drill crowd, on the contrary he caved to the don't drill crowd.

We need domestic oil don't we ? Do you know another way to get to it ?






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