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The Bomb Lies Down On Broadway

According to Fox News, there have been some fascinating developments in the Times Square bomb case. Here's how things stand as of this moment:

  • The license plates on the 1993 Nissan Pathfinder were stolen from a repair shop in Connecticut.
  • The Pathfinder itself was sold three weeks ago through Craig's List. The last registered owner says he got $1300 in cash from a young man who looked "Middle Eastern" or "Hispanic."
  • The FBI says they have a "person of interest" in the case -- a naturalized American citizen of Pakistani origin who recently returned from an extended visit to Pakistan.
  • There is also apparently physical evidence within the Nissan that indicates that at least one of its recent passengers had been in contact with someone in Pakistan. (No, I don't quite know what that means, either. My hunch is a cell phone was found and its memory of recent calls examined.)
  • The bomb had some serious flaws in its design. Some have likened it to one constructed using sources as the infamous "Anarchist Cookbook."

This, of course, is all consistent with the theory that the bomb was placed by radical right-wingers. After all, we know that the racist Teabaggers are secretly run by a cabal out of Islamabad...


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Comments (16)

See, I wuz RIGHT, it was th... (Below threshold)

See, I wuz RIGHT, it was the Mafia/CIA!

[now I'll put tin foil hat back on]

PollenSticks to ever... (Below threshold)

Sticks to everything, very geographically Specific.

Now the White House has to figure out how to track Sarah Palin to Pakistan....

It was some right-wing nut ... (Below threshold)

It was some right-wing nut teabagger - you know how they're all concentrated in that Connecticut-Rhode Island-Massachusetts corridor...

It's the angry, white, raci... (Below threshold)

It's the angry, white, racist, middle-aged tea partier named Muhammed.

You have fallen for the dis... (Below threshold)

You have fallen for the disinformation campaign.

Tea Partiers are not run by a cabal out of Islamabad.

The cabal in Islamabad is a front for the Tea Partiers.

Get your facts straight.

and it's a well known fact ... (Below threshold)

and it's a well known fact that Pakistanis like TEA!!

Rumor has it that it wasn't... (Below threshold)

Rumor has it that it wasn't fertilizer, it was TEA!

Careful, Poole. That argume... (Below threshold)

Careful, Poole. That argument could degenerate into a fight the likes of which the world hasn't seen since the Judean People's Front/People's Front Of Judea schism.


From NY Daily News:<... (Below threshold)

From NY Daily News:

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) called for federal funding for a Midtown surveillance program that would use security cameras and license plate scanners to record and track every vehicle moving between 34th and 59th Streets.

Not to be outdone, Joe Biden asked for funding for a program that would purchase all 1993 Pathfinders advertised on Craigslist.

I'd gladly pay for a survei... (Below threshold)

I'd gladly pay for a surveillance system to keep track of Chuckie.

Bah, everybody has seen tha... (Below threshold)

Bah, everybody has seen that when the angry, white, racist, middle-aged tea partier builds something, it works...

Had a roommate for a time w... (Below threshold)

Had a roommate for a time who was Explosive Ordnance Disposal over in Viet Nam - he said one time they used to read the Anarchist's Cookbook for laughs. The manufacturing techniques for explosives would most likely kill you.

Faux news is your source???... (Below threshold)
Jimmy H.:

Faux news is your source????

Come on guys, you know they're just covering up for the racist fascist radical right-wing nutjobs who did this!

Nice Genesis reference!... (Below threshold)

Nice Genesis reference!

Jimmy H., your spoof isn't ... (Below threshold)

Jimmy H., your spoof isn't sufficiently over-the-top to be instantly recognized as satire around here. You'll have to kick it up a few notches if you want those plus votes.

JT - the trucker's eyes rea... (Below threshold)

JT - the trucker's eyes read overload, indeed.






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