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To The Victor Belong The Spoils

There's a new sheriff in town. And he means business.

If you don't like him, tough nuts.

New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie has made it his priority to undo decades of liberal scandals.

Chris Christie has, throughout his campaign, never hidden his disdain for the actions of the perpetually liberal New Jersey Supreme Court. For years, they have done the bidding of the Democratic bosses, ruling and legislating policy from the bench.

When Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli "dropped out" of the 2002 Senate race due to multiple ethics violations, (At the time, it was clear he was losing to Republican Doug Forrester with only 5 weeks to go in the campaign), the liberal New Jersey Supreme Court ruled he could be replaced by fossil Frank Lautenberg, even though the legal deadline for replacement had already expired.

Now, as Governor, it is Christie's right to appoint whom ever he feels will strictly adhere to the state constitution.

Christie has decided not to reappoint Supreme Court Justice John Wallace.

Remarkably, it is the first time in New Jersey history a Justice has not been reappointed.

From nj.com:

"In announcing the decision to jettison Wallace, Christie this morning said the court's philosophy was the key issue, not politics. He said he disagreed with the court's decisions in several instances that "invaded" the functions of the executive and legislative branches -- but that sitting judges should not think toward reappointment when making their decisions."

"I only believe that a justice of the Supreme Court should have an allegiance to the law and to our constitution, and candidly I do not believe that that's what's happened in the main on some of these important issues," Christie said. "Many of these decisions have been results in search of a rationale. And that's not the way to appropriately interpret the laws and interpret the constitution. And there have been any number of examples of that over time. And, again, this is not about anybody looking over their shoulder. This is about acquitting their responsibilities in the way they believe appropriate."


Fellow liberal Justices have spoken out against Christie's decision. If they were professionals, they would not comment out of the dignity of their positions.

As Wallace is a black man, the race card of course has been tossed out as one of the reasons.

Boo hoo.

Christie has made tough, painful choices, most notably slashing the state's obscene fiscal budget. A budget which has bankrupted New Jersey, resulting in debt and deficits which have put this State on a path to financial ruin.

The miracle of his election is starting to bear fruit.

Christie is the right man for the job.


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Comments (22)

"Fellow liberal Justices ha... (Below threshold)

"Fellow liberal Justices have spoken out against Christie's decision."

Tough shit!

Even the wacky citizens of Kalifornia threw Rose Bird off the Supreme Court.

I knew from day one I was g... (Below threshold)

I knew from day one I was gonna like this guy.

Ain't seen or heard nothing to change my mind.

Sean, I find myself suffering from a serious case of Governor Envy...


Gov. Christie has exceeded ... (Below threshold)

Gov. Christie has exceeded all my expectations. I love it when he sticks it to the liberal agenda. It's refreshing to see a politician doing the right thing for the people who put him there.

Gov. Christie has my full s... (Below threshold)

Gov. Christie has my full support. I have lived in the People's Republic of New Jersey for 30 years. He is a breath of fresh air.

Jae Tee,Spell my n... (Below threshold)

Jae Tee,

Spell my name right!


You have a penchant for spelling it wrong.

If you do it as a joke, I'm with you.


-Shawn. Or Sean. Or Shaun.

Well, liberals hate him. S... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Well, liberals hate him. So, obviously, he must be doing a very good job.

Aw, crap.Sorry, Sh... (Below threshold)

Aw, crap.

Sorry, Shawn... I plead fatigue.

Tay Jea

I won, bitches. Get over it... (Below threshold)
Chris Christie:

I won, bitches. Get over it.

Besides, just think what I'm doing for cardboard box sales.

Besides, just think what... (Below threshold)

Besides, just think what I'm doing for cardboard box sales.

So true. When the gov sends the unions and other scumbags and leeches packing, they'll need those boxes to haul their asses off the public teat.

Way to go, gov!


Call me when he starts jogg... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Call me when he starts jogging with a handgun like Rick Perry.

Or better yet, have him call Rick Perry and set him straight on frickin' wind energy. Texans pays more for electricity than folks in any of states touching it.

It's a small gripe, and nobody's perfect. I blame Austin (the goddamned liberal hippie culture, not the legislature).

Baron, how about putting da... (Below threshold)

Baron, how about putting dams on the Rio Grande?

Cheap hydro power AND you'd make it easier for the poor, down-trodden "undocumented" immigrants to get across to receive their well-deserved new lives in gringo land.

Just a thought.....

Jay Tea,Just busti... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,

Just busting your hump.

You've called me "Sean" for about a year.


What is remarkable about Ch... (Below threshold)

What is remarkable about Christie has been the reception he has gotten from your "normal" Jersey liberal.

To the ones I have spoken, though they still won't admit he is right, all give him credit just for being a straight-forward, get things changed politician who isn't playing the usual game of Jersey politics.

One of the strange things about this state is that every municipality, city, and town, no matter the size, has their own "school district."

Where I live, we have "Toms River Regional Schools." Thousands of kids from all across the township are in it. It is one of the best districts in the state, and big enough to warrant its own "bureaucracy."

One foot over our border is a very small town called Island Heights. Anywhere else it would just be called a "section" of Toms River. It has its own K-6 school. The rub is they actually are structured like a school district, with their own superintendent, board of education with 6 members, administrator, secretaries, principle. The list goes on. The superintendent makes about $150,000 per year.

It has 110 students.


Why the hell does a school with 110 kids need a "superintendent?"

It is a drain on the town financial resources, and a waste of taxpayer money.

And there are hundreds of examples of this throughout the state. All protected by the NJEA, the teacher's union.

Bloated teacher pensions are one of the largest fiscal problems which has plagued the state for decades.

They all hate Christie because he wants to restructure the contracts they have with the state, and get them under control.

It is a huge problem here. One which someone finally has the balls to address, since he is not a liberal Democrat in the pocket of the teacher's union.

And all you hear from liberals in NJ is that he is eeeeeeeeeeeeevil, or fat, or he doesn't care about kids.

This is just one issue in a state warped by decades of democrats prostituting themselves for their own greed.

Unless you are here to actually witness what goes on in this state, it's hard to fathom.

Christie just does what needs to be done.


Well, then, SHAWN, shame on... (Below threshold)

Well, then, SHAWN, shame on you for not calling me on it sooner.

But zinging me in public over it, after this time... I won't be making that disrespectful mistake again.


Bare fruit? Maybe that's wh... (Below threshold)

Bare fruit? Maybe that's why it spoils.

Shawn,I recently ... (Below threshold)


I recently they estimate that NJ spends an average of 19K per child and Newark spends 21K per child. That almost triple the cost of private schools.

Call me when he starts j... (Below threshold)

Call me when he starts jogging with a handgun like Rick Perry.

Or better yet, have him call Rick Perry and set him straight on frickin' wind energy. Texans pays more for electricity than folks in any of states touching it.

It's a small gripe, and nobody's perfect. I blame Austin (the goddamned liberal hippie culture, not the legislature).

Please do not give Pecos Perry too much credit. He seems to be one of the darlings here lately nationally, but as you know, if you live in Texas, the guy is one of the biggest political hacks in the country. His first run for governor, he was dwn on the border and he was gonna "shut it down" until of course he was told by his big money contributors that they enjoyed the huge profits provided by the near slave labor.

When he thought he was going to get the VP nomination he ran left trying to align with the king RINO, McCain, instituting crushing business taxes, calling for Sanc cities, and Trans-Texas corridors with open roads to Mexico; along with trying to force families to have their daughters innoculated, this was to satisfy one of his biggest pharm. donors.

When he didn't get the nod, he once again stuck his finger in the air and ran back to the right, so far he made Reagan look like Obama, calling for seccesion, and claiming to be a ldr for the Tea Party.

I'm not a White supporter, but Texas deserves better. Comparing him to the Gov. of NJ, who seems to be a man of principal, one sorely lacking in the Gov. mansion of Texas, is unfair to Christie.

Bear fruit, not bare fruit.... (Below threshold)

Bear fruit, not bare fruit.

Fixed it BlueDog.T... (Below threshold)

Fixed it BlueDog.


Shawn, it could be worse...... (Below threshold)
Chone Figgins:

Shawn, it could be worse...

Yep...ol Christie's gonna m... (Below threshold)

Yep...ol Christie's gonna make these liberal teat suckers feel like a chicken caught in a tractor's nuts....

"Chone"I just got ... (Below threshold)


I just got the reference.








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