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Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Congratulations to the New York City Police Department for its lightening quick apprehension of the Times Square terrorist.

That they were so adept at putting the puzzle together so quickly, is a testament to their training, dedication, and expertise.

Due to the professionalism of the NYPD, and their around-the-clock, unrelenting investigation to find the perpetrator responsible for this terrorist attempt, the city can breathe a sigh of relief, and feel proud of the work they have done.

The FBI, working in tandem with the NYPD deserves some credit, too.

It is in stark contrast to the many terrorist near misses which have occurred during Obama's tenure as President.

As expected, Attorney General Eric Holder immediately came out to make a statement about the capture, leading us to believe the feds, under the direction of Obama, played a key role in this collar.

That is difficult to believe when a myriad of terrorist attempts have, due to pure luck, not succeeded in coming to fruition under his watch.

Expect the success of the NYPDs exceptional work in this case to be co-opted by the Obama administration, and used as propaganda to convince people he's "on the ball."

Undoubtedly, comparisons will be made to terrorist attempts under George W. Bush. That he didn't capture Osama bin Laden is one accusation, even though there was no incidences like this during his 8 years as President.

Obama will take credit for this by propping up incompetent Eric Holder as the prime mover for the capture of this animal, patting eachother on the back for a job well done.

This is already happening over at The Huffington Com-Post.

Never-the-less, this is a good thing.


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Comments (33)

Hey, thanks for your razor-... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Hey, thanks for your razor-sharp analysis of the police work that led to the arrest.

I know you have years of experience in law enforcement, so we can trust you to assign how much credit is due to this agency, and how much to that one.

Either that, or you own the box set of Season 3 of CSI, and have viewed it repeatedly. By that I mean, over and over.

I do have one quibble, though, beyond your usual twisted syntax and the fact that you haven't learned to spell "Osama" after 9 years: there was at least one "incidences like this" in the 8 years GWB was President. Perhaps you remember it. Happened on a beautiful day in mid-September, and I think it was in his first year in office.

Bruce... dude. Is this real... (Below threshold)

Bruce... dude. Is this really the best you got?

And while you might not care for Shawn's spelling of Bin Laden's name, you probably should remember that Arabic and English don't share a commmon alphabet. There is a conventionally agreed-upon spelling of "Osama," but it's hardly universal. Look at how many ways there are to spell the name of Libya's leader.

Here's a radical suggestion, Bruce: save up your vitriol for when you really think yo ugot something to bitch about, instead of just knee-jerk contrarianism. All you're doing here is diluting what little credibility you have.


Bruce,From what I'... (Below threshold)


From what I've read, the NYPD cracked this case, or at least they were the major factor in solving it.

You've jumped the shark as far as sarcasm goes.

If you are comparing 9/11 to the many recent terror attempts over the past 2 years, you are an idiot.

9/11 was a wake-up call. Planned for years. During the Clinton reign.

These are small events meant to randomly strike fear and death on small, psychological scales.

And cut me some slack on the syntax.

I wrote it at 4:28 this morning.

You don't have to be a prick all the time.

Osama , Obama, whats the di... (Below threshold)

Osama , Obama, whats the difference, they both hate America and our working towards its destruction.

If OsamaObama was trying... (Below threshold)

If OsamaObama was trying to turn the US of A into a third world country, what would he be doing any differently? If wanted to bring us to our knees in front of the World, that's what he will do next.
Announcing our quantity of nuclear weapons should be an impeachable offense.

Bruce Henry thought he was ... (Below threshold)

Bruce Henry thought he was jumping into a sarchasm, but he was just being an icehole.

Thanks also to our governme... (Below threshold)

Thanks also to our government back when they still had a pair and passed the Patriot Act, which allowed us to access disposable cellphone records and such without waiting for a search warrant. 'Cuz outbound international flights don't taxi forever.

THIS JUST IN;At gr... (Below threshold)


At great risks to themselves, Eric Holder and the US Commander in Cheap Barry Obuma personally effected the arrest of the suspected man made disaster perpetrator of a malfunctioning explosive device. Brandishing their twin pearl handled .45 cal revolvers with 6" barrels, the two heros courageously restrained themselves from severely pistol whipping the accused/suspected and Holder read,from Barry's teleprompter, the Miranda Rights. While Eric was calling the ACLU on behalf of the suspect, Barry when, asked about his life threatening experience was quoted as saying "This is who we are, this is how we roll, I know I'm a real hero, but I am modest about it, just doing what I can to get re elected".

Shortly thereafter, their backup team of 6 busloads of SWAT and 3 busloads of Secret Service members was seen accompanying the motorcade back to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, where Barry was overheard telling Eric "Now for those pesky teabaggers."

What many people don't know... (Below threshold)

What many people don't know is that the original Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) was formed in 1980 with the various New York based local and Federal law enforcement agencies. In 2000 I had the privilege to donate my time to put together a printed retrospective of their work for the 20th anniversary. Even though many of those have moved on, if anyone was going to get this right, it was New York.

Congratulations to the NYPD... (Below threshold)
Jimmy H.:

Congratulations to the NYPD for catching this lone right-wing fascist wingnut who didn't like Obamacare.

Bruce Henry,Can yo... (Below threshold)

Bruce Henry,

Can you name me one policy GWB changed from the Clinton regime before 9/11? I do believe GWB was negligent in not changing the policies of the Clinton regime, which led to our being unable to disrupt the 9/11 attack. The Clinton regimes policies were so inept at dealing with terrorists, foreign and domestic, we were left very vulnerable. Now we are dealing with the same mindset in the Obama regime which makes it highly likely there will be a successful terrorist attack.

Perhaps Bruce can explain w... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Bruce can explain why DHS did not flag this guy's passport, thus allowing him to get on an airplane and almost get out of the country.

"Bestest administration evah"?

That's TWO terrorist attacks here since your Obamassiah got elected Brucie. He's doing a 'heck of a job'.

(Edited comment)Le... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

(Edited comment)

Lee Ward:

I don't know who ditched your comments in my "Breaking News" piece (I didn't even get a chance to read them), but, whoever it was, I'd like to thank them.

As I told you the last time you commented on one of my posts, you are not welcome here, at least in my comments section.

When you ran "Wizbangblue," your heavy-handed, draconian penchant for deleting all comments of which you disagreed ruined the site.

And yes, you deleted many of my comments.

There are very few people who are not welcome here.

You are one of them.

You are a weed. Your balls should be ripped off so you cannot contaminate the rest of the world.

Go soil someone else's post.


Wow, lw, and all along I th... (Below threshold)

Wow, lw, and all along I thought he was a CIA agent. FBI, who woulda known?

WOW! A phone number! Don't... (Below threshold)

WOW! A phone number! Don't worry about tracing the vehicle or the email account he used. Everything wrapped up with a phone number.

The joke in law enforcement is that when the FBI shows up, they're there to grab the credit. Just like Obama, they're a 'one-way street' when it comes to "sharing" information.

When will Lee admit he was ... (Below threshold)

When will Lee admit he was wrong about the suspect being "white"?

tick tick tick

When seconds count, Law Enf... (Below threshold)

When seconds count, Law Enforcement is only minutes (or for the Feds hours) away...

Lee, I'm so glad you're bac... (Below threshold)

Lee, I'm so glad you're back. I don't even have to read your comments. Just knowing you're there is comfort enough.

Lee was so insistent that t... (Below threshold)

Lee was so insistent that the bombing plot was a right winger. What were his exact words again?

Oh, yeah...

"And that makes me think of those groups who hate Americans in general..."

Or hate the black president so much they want his administration to look bad. That's even more plausible given the uprising of white supremacist groups recently -- and the fact that, uhm -- the guy is white.

It wasn't a suicide bomber - not the Muslim MO, but feel free to completely ignore that.

It's more along the lines of McVeigh - the white "terrorists" don't go in for the whole suicide martyr thing.

What a pathological lying liar...


The NYPD by far has been th... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

The NYPD by far has been the best police force in the entire nation, and for quite some time. Since the early to mid-1990's, which not coincidentally so happens to coincide with Rudy Giuliani's tenure as mayor.

Jay, you forgot RAAA... (Below threshold)

Jay, you forgot

Sounds like LeeWard was lis... (Below threshold)

Sounds like LeeWard was listening to MSNBC's Contessa Brewer who expressed similar sentiments.

Ward and Brewer probably ta... (Below threshold)

Ward and Brewer probably take turns toasting one another with Obama's kool-aid. That's what makes their intellect so superior.

"Sounds like LeeWard was... (Below threshold)

"Sounds like LeeWard was listening to MSNBC's Contessa Brewer who expressed similar sentiments."

Hank, you didn't think he came up with his opinions all by himself, did you?

Re # 11:Try readin... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Re # 11:

Try reading Richard Clarke's book, "Against All Enemies," for a recap of what Clinton-era terrorism policies were changed by the Bush administration. There were several.

A helpful pointer to Mr Howcome: just because you never heard about it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Mr Clarke, who worked in anti-terrorism efforts in the Reagan, Bush the Smarter, Clinton, and Bush the Lesser administrations, was instrumental in foiling the Millenium Plot. You know, the spectacular terrorist attack that DIDN'T happen, because we weren't asleep at the switch.

See, that's when you need what Mr Mallow calls a "wake up call" -- when you're asleep at the switch.

Funny thing about Richard C... (Below threshold)

Funny thing about Richard Clarke's book -- apparently he said things in the book that contradict things Clarke himself said when he was working for Clinton.

The inability of this site'... (Below threshold)

The inability of this site's writers to write ANY post that doesn't have a "Obama is the Devil" bent is just sad.

I remember a few years back, this site had a rigorous debate, quality writing, and a much more broad view. Since Obama got elected it's been nothing but post about things that give y'all a platform to scream "Obama sucks!"

Seriously Wizbang team, I challenge you to find a way to write one story a week that doesn't include an "Obama sucks" narrative. Just one. You're smart folks, I believe you can do it.

Mr Clarke, who wor... (Below threshold)
Mr Clarke, who worked in anti-terrorism efforts in the Reagan, Bush the Smarter, Clinton, and Bush the Lesser administrations, was instrumental in foiling the Millenium Plot. You know, the spectacular terrorist attack that DIDN'T happen, because we weren't asleep at the switch.

How did he stop the Millennium Plot (Clarke)? Here I thought that it was a sharp eyed customs worker doing her duty. Geez I was so wrong. But then, the worthless feds always take credit for something that they could not do without someone dropping a dime.

Besides, it was neither the NYC nor the FBI that stopped the terrorist attack, it was just an average Joe, with a keen sense of observation to spot the incident. If they could have, they would have arrested him too.

Bruce Henry,Richar... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Bruce Henry,

Richard Clarke was instrumental in foiling the Millennium Plot?
Then why isn't his name on this webpage about the Millennium Plot -


Please enlighten us.

Hey, I'm not too stubborn t... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Hey, I'm not too stubborn to admit I could be wrong about Clarke being "instrumental" in foiling the Millennium Plot. The point is, that plot was foiled; 9/11 wasn't. 9/11 was one of the "incidences" that happened on Bush's watch. "Never-the-less," (snicker), Mr Mallow can't seem to remember it.

While we're at it, let's take a longer view of what Presidents did to counter the ever-growing threat of Arab and Islamic terrorism, shall we?

When Black September attacked and murdered our ally's athletes in Munich in 1972, Nixon responded by doing....nothin' much.

When Hizbollah blew up our Embassy in Lebanon, then attacked our Marines and killed 241 of them, President Ronald "John Wayne" Reagan wisely and bravely invaded ....Grenada.

When Qadaffi's agents brought down a jetliner over Lockerbie, George HW Bush promptly arrested the dictator....of Panama.

Now I know it's conventional wisdom among what are laughably called "conservatives" these days that Bill Clinton didn't react forcefully enough to the several terrorist attacks during the 90s. Perhaps there's some truth to that. But at least he didn't go off half-cocked and invade some unrelated country just to be seen to be doing SOMETHING.

Which brings us to Shrub, who responded to a terrorist attack by 19 Saudis by invading Iraq.

No, Mr Tea, snarking about grammar and spelling isn't "all I got." When I see a conservative assert that no terrorist attacks were attempted in the 8 years Bush Junior was President, I'm gonna call him on it. And if he's ignernt enough to write as badly as Mr Mallow wrote this piece, I'll call him on that, too. Kind of a bonus.

Funny how you conveniently ... (Below threshold)

Funny how you conveniently forget Carter being brought to his knees and kicked out of office for bowing to the Iranians Bruce.

Barry bows and garners your admiration. My how times have changed.

Congratulations to the N... (Below threshold)

Congratulations to the New York City Police Department for its lightening quick apprehension of the Times Square terrorist.... The FBI, working in tandem with the NYPD deserves some credit, too.

Who was it who said the war on terror is primarily an intelligence and law enforcement operation?

Give credit where credit is due? I doubt you're capable.

914:I didn't forge... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:


I didn't forget.

Like Clinton, and unlike the others I mentioned, Carter felt no need to prove he had a bigger penis than the previous president. Therefore, he refrained from military action that would have proven hugely expensive and of dubious benefit.

Perhaps you forgot the weakened state the US military was in, after Vietnam, in the late 1970s. Carter's response was unsatisfying and unsatisfactory, and he paid the price at the polls. But he did what he saw as the right thing, the prudent course, unlike the more macho presidents I listed.

Invading fucking Grenada? Invading Panama? Only a fool didn't see those moves for what they were -- political tricks, with no lasting benefit, to appease the wannabe tough guys in the electorate. They worked, too!






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