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Radical Islam not the cause, bank foreclosure at the root (UPDATED) (AGAIN)

That will be the meme:

In Connecticut, a picture of the man is slowly beginning to emerge.

Court records show he defaulted on a $200,000 mortgage on his Shelton home and the property is in foreclosure, court records show.

The Associated Press has obtained records that show that Chase Home Finance LLC sued Faisal Shahzad in September to foreclose on the home.

On Tuesday morning, authorities were at the two-story grayish-brown Colonial, which looked as if it had been unoccupied for a while, with grass growing in the driveway and bags of garbage lying about.

The foreclosure records show Shahzad took out the mortgage on the property in 2004, and he co-owned the home with a woman named Huma Mian.

The foreclosure case is pending in Milford Superior Court.

All trails will now lead not to radical Islam but to Bush and the Banks.

Wait and see.

Crossposted at Brutally Honest.

UPDATE:  On cue... CNN... of course:

UPDATE II: And now the media will definitely be shilling on his behalf:

It's a wonder the guy wasn't co-anchoring at MSNBC. Maybe he didn't have the right skin color for that gig? They pretty much have a white only policy over there, as I recall.

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP) -- A real estate broker says the Times Square bombing suspect told him years ago he disliked President George W. Bush and the Iraq war.

Igor Djuric (JOOR-itch) represented Faisal Shahzad (FY'-sul shah-ZAHD') when he was buying a home in 2004. Djuric says he could not remember the exact words but said Shahzad made clear he didn't like Bush or his policy in Iraq. He says the comments were not hateful, but he was surprised to hear them because they hardly knew each other.


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Yes, this has to be an isol... (Below threshold)

Yes, this has to be an isolated incident. We are only at war with Al Qaeda so since they did not claim responsibility it can't be "terrrorism". Unless someone can find a picture of him at a Tea Party.

Come on now ... Banks ... i... (Below threshold)

Come on now ... Banks ... in Connecticut ?

It all leads to Chris Dodd

The MSM is so desperate to ... (Below threshold)

The MSM is so desperate to prop up the Obama regime, that they will do everything but report the obvious facts.

Since the Obama regime has removed any mention of 'terrorists', much less 'Islamic Extremists' from its vocabulary; the NYT, WP and his broadcast minions also deem it fit to remove those terms.

Of course, the Won now uses the term 'teabaggers', which the MSM frequently likes to describe those who peacefully protest Obama's policies.

There have now been eight a... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

There have now been eight arrests in the attempted bombing.
That's a lot of foreclosin' goin' on.

Sure, why not? People unde... (Below threshold)

Sure, why not? People under foreclosure always go spend time in Pakistan then come back and try to blow something up in a neighboring state. Don't they?

And this:

"Home-grown, maybe a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn't like the health care bill or something. It could be anything."

Mayor Bloomberg when aske by Katie Couric who he thought the suspect might be.

I've got it!

Lee Ward is really the Mayor of New York! You sly devil. You had us fooled.

They will try to alter the ... (Below threshold)

They will try to alter the narrative but that dog won't hunt. Millions of Americans have had their homes foreclosed on them and their first instinct is not to buy an SUV on Craig's List, pack it with explosives and park it in Times Square.

The only thing that this guy is depressed about is that the bomb didn't go off because he bought the wrong kind of fertilizer...

The dismay on the l... (Below threshold)

The dismay on the left's part that this terrorist (he cannot be defined otherwise) WASN'T a Tea Party advocate is palpable.

We dodged a bullet here, no denying. At some point, one of them WILL succeed,unfortunately. It'll be interesting to see the reaction then--won't be a very proper one, I'm afraid. Nothing yet seen would suggest otherwise.

Sure do miss W.

"All trails will now lead n... (Below threshold)

"All trails will now lead not to radical Islam but to Bush and the Banks."

Maybe an "investigative reporter" will do some digging and find a trail to where this guy WORKED in order to make money to pay all for his airline tickets.

If just one attack is successful, I wonder what the tolerance level of the public will be for the MSM soft-pedaling the 'poor, misunderstood individual'.

What! You haven't proved ... (Below threshold)
Jimmy H:

What! You haven't proved that Faisal isn't a tea party advocate!!!!

We all know the he couldn't be a democrat, because we only want good things to happen, so he can't be one of us. We never do anything that harms others.

And he can't be a muslim because they'r the religion of Peace. Peace! Don't you fascist idiot right-wing nuts understand anything???

The only people heartless and soulless enough to try to do a bombing are the evil rethuglicans and their teabagging cohorts.

Just wait until his voting records are checked, you'll see then, Faisal is a rethuglican!

Obama and fans will never c... (Below threshold)

Obama and fans will never condemn muslim terrorists no matter what they do..even if they drove a car bomb right up their collective backsides.

Isn't great to have a muslim sympathizing president and media this time in our history.

"Millions of Americans h... (Below threshold)

"Millions of Americans have had their homes foreclosed on them and their first instinct is not to buy an SUV on Craig's List, pack it with explosives and park it in Times Square."

Dang. Beat me to it...

no money for house payments... (Below threshold)

no money for house payments, but cash for clunkers, bomb equipment and a ticket to

Maybe both radical Islam an... (Below threshold)
James H:

Maybe both radical Islam and his foreclosure? He wouldn't be the first guy to lose his marbles over a bank foreclosure.

Poor guy. Didn't have mone... (Below threshold)

Poor guy. Didn't have money to make his house payment, but had money to make trips overseas, buy a car, propane tanks, what he thought was 'explosive fertilizer', and a 200 lb. gun locker. Yeah, guy was really "poor".

Why bother paying those inf... (Below threshold)

Why bother paying those infidel bankers when you intend on fleeing the country anyway?

JLawson:Also, most... (Below threshold)


Also, most people who have been foreclosed on don't get radicalized and travel to Pakistan for five months of terrorist training...

And then you have MSNBC's Contessa Brewer saying she was "frustrated" that this guy apparently has Islamic terrorist links. What conclusions can you draw from this statement? Well, if she was frustrated that he belonged to a particular group I think one can automatically assume that she would not be "frustrated" if the suspect had belonged to a different group. Care to place a wager on which group would have frustrated her the least? MSNBC would have run hour long specials on this guy if that had been the case.

This just shows the urgency... (Below threshold)

This just shows the urgency of the need for "financial reform". (/snark)

from the linked article:<br... (Below threshold)

from the linked article:

Other law enforcement officials familiar with the inquiry say investigators plan to go through his citizenship application line by line to see if he lied about anything.

Uhm... perhaps that should have been scrutinized - I dunno - when he applied for citizenship ?

Or perhaps Mayor Bloomberg will be exonerated when it's discovered that he checked "Caucasian" on his citizenship application.

Kinda hard to look after ho... (Below threshold)

Kinda hard to look after house payments when you're outta the country:

Times Square bombing suspect Faisal Shahzad told interrogators that he received training in bomb making during a recent five-month trip to Pakistan, according to a senior U.S. official familiar with the matter.

I will be shocked and amaze... (Below threshold)

I will be shocked and amazed if shazad hussein or whatever, doesn't get linked by the media whore leftards to a far rightwing muslim extremist faction of a tea party splinter cell.

Liars! Just because he was ... (Below threshold)

Liars! Just because he was born in Pakistan and went back there for months, doesn't prove he had any ties to any non-domestic terror outfits!

/Lee Ward

Evil capitalists are bringi... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Evil capitalists are bringing down this country? I thought it was global warming, or Bush, or the pro-life crowd?

I tend to think that buying... (Below threshold)

I tend to think that buying the house was part of his cover, and once he had established that he no longer needed to make payments.

He clearly had access to quite a bit of cash.

I know his wife is in Pakistan. It has not been clear to me whether she ever came to the U.S. with him.

It was Goldman Sachs sellin... (Below threshold)

It was Goldman Sachs selling instruments to short the market financed by Bush & Cheney underwritten by Halliburton. It could never be Islam the Religion of Subjection!
It could not be a person who actively pursued his training in terrorism.
Nope it is Bush!!!!!!!
He was ok but then he saw Gitmo
He was a law abiding citizen until he saw pictures of Abu Ghraib.
The was working hard and hearing the call to prayer when he heard about The Arizona law, well he felt he must strike a blow for people of color but he did not have enough money to drive to the nAZi state, because of the EVIL BP profiteering of the poor.

opps I forgot to work in AI... (Below threshold)

opps I forgot to work in AIG.
All those people people that Liberals express more animosity towards than any radical Islamist who would kill women , children and cut off people heads.

Patrick -You're ri... (Below threshold)

Patrick -

You're right - I do think Ms. Brewer is sorely disappointed in who did it. The narrative is, after all, that it's the evil white guys who cause all the world's problems.

The radicals aren't sticking to the script! How the hell is the MSM supposed to cover for them!?

HEY!!If Big Media ... (Below threshold)


If Big Media could fins out all this stuff so soon, why haven't we seen OHbamas records?...

Because, Serfer62, we are n... (Below threshold)

Because, Serfer62, we are not worthy of gazing upon such unparalled awesomeness. Viewing them would melt us down into little puddles of concentrated inferiority, making it much harder for us to go to work so we may pay taxes to support his Awesomeness in the life he so magnificently deserves.

Djuric says he cou... (Below threshold)
Djuric says he could not remember the exact words but said Shahzad made clear he didn't like Bush or his policy in Iraq

Has anyone considered the possibility that he was incited to violence by then Sen. Obama's assertion that the U.S. military was air raiding villages and killing civilians.

Or perhaps it was Sen. Kerry's claim that the U.S. military was going into Iraqi's houses in the dead of night terrorizing women and children that motivated him to attempt to kill U.S. citizens.

Or maybe he was incited by Sen. Durbin's comments that compared the U.S. to Pol Pot's Cambodia and Stalin's Russia ?

Certainly these and many other similar statements had some effect on Faisal Shahzad view of the U.S. and would have influenced him to some degree - which ultimate resulted in him committed an act of violence.

Ah hell, don't you guys kno... (Below threshold)

Ah hell, don't you guys know his bank is a CIA front?

On the day his wife went ou... (Below threshold)

On the day his wife went out and bought a bikini - Oh lawdy, the earth it started a shakin'...






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