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Sympathy For The Bomber

Now that we've apparently gotten the would-be Times Square Bomber, I think we can get past the initial, entirely normal fear and anger response and think critically, objectively, and rationally about the matter.

The suspect, Faisal Shahzad, is a naturalized American from Pakistan who recently returned after spending several months in his home country. He was arrested at JFK Airport in New York City, where he was waiting to board a plane to Dubai.

But before we rush to judgment in this case, we need to take a cool, reasonable look at what Shahzad did.

  • He didn't actually harm anyone.
  • His would-be "bombing" mainly served as a test of our civil defense systems, That he came so close to succeeding highlighted a number of weaknesses in our systems.
  • At the same time, it also highlighted the role that everyday Americans have to play in defending us against terror.
  • He gave us something to talk about over the weekend besides Obama's potty-mouth at the White House Correspondents Dinner.
  • By using a 17-year-old SUV which will, in all certainty will never be registered and driven daily again, he carried out the spirit of the famous "Cash For Clunkers" program and took a high-polluting, gas-guzzling near-antique off the roads.
  • He is giving our legal system, especially the Obama/Holder Justice Department, a chance to actually try a suspected terrorist.
  • He has, in all likelihood, killed for once and all the ridiculous euphemisms "overseas contingency operations" and "man-caused disasters" for "War on Terror" and "terrorism" from the Obama regime administration. There's always a chance that they'll simply try to make up another phrase but, if we're lucky, they'll just hang it up and use the proper terminology.
  • He has dealt a serious blow to the Obama regime administration's ill-conceived plans in a couple of areas. This incident just might get them to reconsider their notions to hold trials for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other high-ranking Al Qaeda terrorists in New York City, and could derail the already-failing plans to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay.

Who knows? If he keeps his nose clean in the future, he could even become a noted scholar on education reform and help shape a future president of the United States. He wouldn't even have to apologize or regret his deeds.

Unless, of course, it turns out that he once was friends with a person who lived near someone who once attended a Tea Party rally. In that case, we oughta just execute the SOB and anyone who ever met him or even looks like him.


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It appears to me that most ... (Below threshold)

It appears to me that most muslims are indeed loyal to their faith first and foremost. In most cases I would say anyone's loyality to their faith first is a good thing. However, not in a fanatic way that encourages hurting/killing others. A good thing would be keeping God first and the government somewhere around 100th on the list of what is worthy of your admiration.

I worked with a nice hard working Albanian woman who was very non-violent (who by the way had a good life here compared to where she came from) BUT whenever any kind of terrorism took place by a muslim EVEN bin laden, she would say "God will protect them"....she NEVER comdemned them. No matter what they did, it was okay. So botton line, I don't trust anyone who practices this faith. This country means nothing to them, it is all about the prophet.

You're dreaming if you thin... (Below threshold)

You're dreaming if you think Obama is going to rethink anything. Rethinking is what people do when they think they may be wrong... and when has Obama ever given a hint that he doesn't think he's perfect?

Funny Cash for Clunkers ref... (Below threshold)

Funny Cash for Clunkers reference.

One more thing he did was shine some more light on the TPDS (Tea Party Deragement Syndrome) - all the media types who focused on the color of the suspect until they learned he wasn't as pale as they would have liked him to be.

I guess they'll now need to... (Below threshold)

I guess they'll now need to find a new warm-up act for Palin at the next tea party, since this guy is locked up.

I propose the guy be given ... (Below threshold)

I propose the guy be given a trial, then HANGED in Times Square.

Had this Pathfinder been a ... (Below threshold)

Had this Pathfinder been a Toyota Highlander, next day's headlines would've read

Quality problems nag the automaker as women and children would be hardest hit - Rep. John Conyers calls for investigation"

As I read the story, the pl... (Below threshold)

As I read the story, the plane had left the gate and was taxiing before it was called back.

However, I must point out that under the new Homeland Security "This Probably Ain't Really Terrorism Yet" (TPARTY) initiative, it must be pointed out that since no other co-conspirators have been identified, read their Miranda Rights, assigned public defender counsel, interviewed by Larry King, indicted, arraigned, tried or convicted in court, this incident can only be officially defined as an "possible criminal act by a single alleged perpetrator". A mere legal matter.

For his part, Mr. Shahzad faces serious charges, but none of them rise to the level of terrorism. There was no explosion. No fatalities. He has yet to appear in traffic court for illegal parking and evading payment for his stolen New York state license tag, along with an expired New York city sticker and towing fees. Driving without insurance will eventually be added to the charges.

See? No Terrorism.

So do the Cubs play today?

Maybe Contessa Brewer can s... (Below threshold)

Maybe Contessa Brewer can start a Facebook page "Justice for Faisal Shahzad!"

Now it also comes out he wa... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Now it also comes out he was facing mortgage foreclosure. If only the Republicans hadn't blocked even more generous aid to deadbeats under The One's Holy Stimulus Plan, he might not have had this frustration as a trigger.

And we might all be eating Rainbow Stew, too!

Rats, the url didn't come t... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Rats, the url didn't come through:


muslims believe that woman ... (Below threshold)

muslims believe that woman are naturally unclean so he is in a no lose situation.he can have as many lovers as he wants in prison.he will not get the death penalty and after he dies of old age after living 60 more years at taxpayer expense he will go to heaven and have sex with 60 virgin little boys.

Love the Bill Ayers compari... (Below threshold)

Love the Bill Ayers comparison at the end there.






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