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Deja Vu All Over Again?

Over at Big Journalism, Archy Cary has been following the case against the "Hutaree Militia."

You remember them -- those far-right-wing Christian extremist gun nuts who were busted recently for planning to kill police in Michigan as part of a plot to trigger a violent revolution that would sweep the nation.

Yeah, that was real likely.

Anyway, the feds swept up nine members and started issuing press releases like they were being fired from an automatic weapon.

Well, the Hutaree nutjobs are getting their day in court... and it is NOT going well for the prosecutors.

Thus far, the judge has declared that the charged Hutaree Hooligans are neither flight risks nor dangers to the general public, chewed out the lead FBI agent in charge of the case, and stated that unless the government can come up with something more substantive than "they said bad things about the government and other people," she's going to set bail for them.

Cary's concluding question is an interesting -- and disturbing -- one:

Here's the question the MSM needs to ask, but won't: Was this flamboyant raid primarily driven by political rather than law enforcement motives?

Was the arrest of the Hutaree militia Attorney General Eric Holder's effort to manufacture an imminent right-wing extremist threat for political purposes?

Just asking.

Gee, the government going after some right-wing nut on very slim or questionable grounds? Can't imagine that happening.

Especially a new Democratic administration wanting to show it was "tough on crime" and wanting to show that it would take a hard line against right-wing religious extremists? Absolutely inconceivable.

In America, it's perfectly legal to BE crazy. It's also perfectly legal to TALK crazy.

It's not until you start ACTING crazy that the law has any business getting involved.


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Comments (11)

Fancy it not going well for... (Below threshold)

Fancy it not going well for the Feds. I guess they'll have to get busy and start making evidence.

I beleive it is simply a case of the FBI finding a "militia" group that was composed of members that weren't smarter than an average bear, and setting them up. What could go wrong? Middle Age white guys, taking up arms against the government, wanting to destroy the local police to boot!! I guess Holder should of consulted with Janet Reno to learn how to frame and kill people properly.

With all the judges to choose from, how did the U.S. Attorney get one that might be honest?

Jay, it's even worse than a... (Below threshold)

Jay, it's even worse than all that.

As it looks more and more likely that these loud-mouthed rubes were arrested to create precisely the "far right militias are out of control" meme, the idiot feds will have made these backwater jackasses martyrs.

Which is so ironic.

Since their private conversations and anger was all about ever expanding government power and abuse of its citizens (the degree of which can be debated).

Heckuva job Eric Holder!

I like the comment from one... (Below threshold)

I like the comment from one of the posters at the Detroit News link that notes the Holder Justice Department is hot to prosecute these guys but voter intimidation by the Blank Panthers in Philly is basically OK.

According to the Toledo Bla... (Below threshold)

According to the Toledo Blade, one of the militiamen charged is a registered Democrat and the others are unknown. So calling them right wing might actually be inaccurate.

Barry has surrounded himsel... (Below threshold)

Barry has surrounded himself with such bigoted incompetent buffoons. But that comes as no surprise since he is one as well.

Even acting crazy isn't gro... (Below threshold)

Even acting crazy isn't grounds for the involvement of the law. Otherwise all of DC would be in solitary.

Maybe DHS and the FBI shoul... (Below threshold)

Maybe DHS and the FBI should be looking at the Obama Administration as a "terrorist organization".

You see, the real problem i... (Below threshold)

You see, the real problem is that we read them their Miranda Rights. Since they are citizens, and they were working on terrorists acts, they don't deserve them.

Oh yeah, they were white. Never mind.

Havent you noticed? Its fa... (Below threshold)
Shamus O'Malley:

Havent you noticed? Its fashionable to blame everything on Whitey today. White people only represent 8% of the worlds population - but they are a majority in Europe & America - so its cool to blame them nowadays. 92% of the world can blame whitey - its convenient & easy see.
Especially when those white people have brought every civilized advancement the current world uses. From Science, Mathematics, Agriculture, Astronomy, Travel, Discovery, Invention, Architecture, Engineering, Art, Literature, Liberty, etc..etc..

Those darn white people! While they embrace Diversity - the 92% of other races look to kill them. Its en vogue today. Blame Whitey.

If it were La Raza militia,... (Below threshold)
Shamus O'Malley:

If it were La Raza militia, it would be OK. If it were the Black Panther militia, again OK. It is OK to be Black or Brown & do whatever you want whenever you want - you get a automatic excuse. If anybody corrects you - cry racism!! When black people openly call for the mass murder of white people on C-Span TV like Dr. Kamau Kambon did......its OK.

But a white militia, endorsing the US Constitution? Unacceptable. They must be crazy, or have mental problems. How dare them stand up. You cant defend yourself if you're white!! Are you out of your mind? White people must lay down & hate their own selves. They must approve of every Hispanic & Black program with a smile. EOE, Affirmative Action, Equal Housing, Welfare, Stamps, Section 8, UNCF, BET, NAACP, ADL, SPLC, Black awards, black beauty pageants, Illegal workers, high crime, gangs, drugs, minority scholarships, non-whites are all victims by the big bad white man. Just smile whitey & bow your head. better yet, get on your knees & worship the tribal races. Denounce your white IQ. You must feel guilty for something you never did. Just go extinct already.

Gee, the government going a... (Below threshold)

Gee, the government going after some "right-wing nut" - who it turns out is a registered "Democrat" - on very slim or questionable grounds?

And Tim McVeigh was a "right-wing militia nut," too.






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