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Bus Bomb Scare In New Hampshire

In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a Greyhound Bus was passing through from Portland, Maine to New York City. One of the passengers announced he had a bomb on him, so the bus is now surrounded by cops who are communicating with the people on the bus via cell phone.

I am immediately reminded of the Massachusetts drunken nutjob who strapped road flares to himself and threatened to "blow up" Hillary Clinton's campaign office.

What IS it about Portsmouth that draws these idiots?

I've gotta get to The Day Job, so I don't know how often I'll be able to update this, but the Union Leader should be a good source of further developments. But I'm going to go out on a limb again and say I believe this will turn out to be a hoax -- and another nutjob will end up a guest of the Granite State.

Update: Apparently it wasn't a passenger who claimed to have a bomb, but a passenger saying another passenger had the bomb. The driver got off the bus with the keys, immobilizing the bus, but there are still 17 passengers on board -- one of whom claimed that another had a bomb.


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Comments (9)

Actually, it was a guy chec... (Below threshold)

Actually, it was a guy checking out another attractive female passenger and he said, "She's the bomb!"

How about the 16 jump 'the ... (Below threshold)

How about the 16 jump 'the one' and beat the crap out of him?

What is it about Portmouth ... (Below threshold)
Don L:

What is it about Portmouth NH that attract nutcases? It really is a suburb of Boston, particularly the high-tech Route 128 folks who are tired of Taxachusetts and moved a few miles more north and now stupidly demand the same government paid goods and services that destroyed the Bay state.

Fact of life #378: Weirdos gravitate to liberal places.

Reading the thread at the l... (Below threshold)

Reading the thread at the linked article (only one left on the bus now) is almost entertaining.

Then again, the article at ... (Below threshold)

Then again, the article at the bottom about the grandma arrested for slapping her 18 yo granddaughter for cursing at her was mildly interesting too.

Maybe Gaylord Focker was on... (Below threshold)

Maybe Gaylord Focker was on the bus.

In any event, Barry has han... (Below threshold)

In any event, Barry has handled this miserably.


All you need to know about ... (Below threshold)
John S:

All you need to know about Portsmouth is that Michael Dukakis carried the city in the 1988 election. I believe he lost the state by 30 points.

Actually, one passenger got... (Below threshold)
Mike Lorrey:

Actually, one passenger got a text message from his family or friends who were watching the TV news coverage of the incident, where the journalists were claiming there was a bomb, so the family members told the passenger that another passenger had a bomb, so then he told the police there was a bomb on board.... when it was all a figment of the news cycle imagination... Talk about manufacturing the news...






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