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"They're killing our planet. They're killing our planet."

I'm so...moved... by this:

Props to Morgan who opines:

Too much attention received, too many movies watched involving mopey, dopey kids with trembling lips delivering tearjerker speeches to grown-ups resulting in a wonderful (fictitious) outcome.

"I'm supposed to be full of hope"; that would imply she voted in our most recent elections, and I'll lay a few bucks on where her vote went.

Can there be any freakin' doubt?

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Comments (27)

She makes me embarassed to ... (Below threshold)

She makes me embarassed to be female.

Cringe worthy.... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Cringe worthy.

Why women should not be all... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Why women should not be allowed to vote. Exhibit A.

(Apologies to Linja and other sensible women, but, to be frank, you're unrepresentative. And we just can't afford having nitwits like this vote.)

Seems to me that it would b... (Below threshold)

Seems to me that it would be a more effective and a whole lot cheaper to get this poor thing the medications and counseling she so obviously needs.

10 seconds after the camera switched off, she was off to the mall in her SUV to do some shopping for her prom dress with 30 of her absolute bestest friends.

Leaving us to retch in her wake...

She reminds me of the maker... (Below threshold)

She reminds me of the maker of a video I saw on Youtube a while back, who was freaked out that she could suddenly see a rainbow in the spray from her sprinkler -- rainbows belong in the sky, not on the ground!

Alternative thought: Are we... (Below threshold)

Alternative thought: Are we sure that isn't Chris Crocker?


We're killing the planet wi... (Below threshold)

We're killing the planet with oil? Where the hell does that ditz think oil comes from?

Bomb A Bust » "The... (Below threshold)

Bomb A Bust »

"They're killing our planet. They're killing our planet."=

Helter skelter! Helter skelter

Folks, I see someone differ... (Below threshold)

Folks, I see someone different who looks and sounds like this every day in the clinic. They smoke pot every day for their multitude of ills and then want speed for their concentration problems (ADHD), antidepressants because they have lost motivation and benzos for their anxiety attacks. All curable by stopping the dope. 'Course when I try to tell them this, I hear "but you have long hair, you're supposed to prescribe marijuana. You should cut your hair, that's not honest!"

She's been smoking Green Propaganda the same way with similar effects.

Really? She cares that Tesl... (Below threshold)
Tesla's Coil:

Really? She cares that Tesla was killed? I think I could be in love...at least for a little bit. Hey! I'll be your Einstein, baby!

"They drilled farther and d... (Below threshold)

"They drilled farther and deeper than ever before..."

Well, if your lovely Dhimmi and enviroweenie friends had allowed those evil oil companies to drill on the continental shelf instead of plunging a drill through 1-mile deep of water, maybe this might not have happened. That would've reduced the risk immensely.

"They hit a pocket of oil...a volcano."

No, sweets, that ain't what happened at all. A valve meant to contain natural gas, failed. The gas surrounded the rig, caught a spark and--wham-o---good-bye rig.

BTW, why no tears for the 11 missing workers whose families might like to bury their loved ones properly.

"Maybe a nuke could stop it (the leak)..."

Typical Dem. Make a problem worse. (See Obama's economic policies as an example of this.)

"It's going to affect the whole world...."

So why isn't the whole world chipping in? Too busy making excuses, I imagine.

"They killed anybody who tried to give us an alternative...."

To quote (again) Terrrance Mann from "Field of Dreams", "You're seeing a whole team of psychiatrists, aren't you."

I'll stop here.

If we need a video definition of a moonbat, she's it.

I, for one, was moved to te... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I, for one, was moved to tears. But when I laugh that hard, I sometimes worry about catching my breath.

Nuking the oceans works for me. I was on board for nuking the moon, too . . . . . . . . . . . ( http://tinyurl.com/cjqmvm )

Tesla wasn't "killed" - he died of a heart attack in a locked hotel room, and was in his 80s at the time. What the heck she meant by "free energy," I have no idea. This is why bleach-blonde bimbos should stick to partying and leave the serious stuff to serious people.

You should only mess up your cheap mascara when you cry for happy . . . . . .

bobdog @ #4 ~ this chick's ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

bobdog @ #4 ~ this chick's prom probably featured dancing to "Rhythm of the Night" and "Don't You (Forget About Me)" . . . with a group sing-along of "We Are The World" . . .

The Earth is four billion y... (Below threshold)

The Earth is four billion years old. She is not going anywhere. The Earth will survive. Blonds who listen to Algore are a different matter.

Why am I reminded of Tammy ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Why am I reminded of Tammy Faye Baker when I see her

I pity da foo who lives wit... (Below threshold)

I pity da foo who lives with that hag. If some innocent child has that for a mommy maybe DCFS should get involved. She's a classic candidate for the rubber room.

@Jay -- Using your argument... (Below threshold)

@Jay -- Using your argument, I can also prove men don't deserve to vote. If that was a joke, it was a stupid one. Not funny.

I watched this and was alte... (Below threshold)

I watched this and was alternately amused and appalled.

Apparently emo ranting somehow is supposed to convince people that they need to immediately do something about whatever the emo kid is whining about, no matter how irrational the whining is, because they just feel so damn deeply about whatever it is they're whining about.

But ya know? I just ain't feeling it. Go whine somewhere else, emo girl.

I've tried several times to... (Below threshold)

I've tried several times to compose my thoughts about this forty-something adolescent. I just can't seem to come up with anything that adequately conveys my revulsion and contempt for her childish ignorance. I can't decide whether she should receive the help she so desperately needs, or just leave her to her self-imposed misery.

P.S. I trust her mascara is petroleum-free

And if there's a Freud out ... (Below threshold)

And if there's a Freud out there, can you please come forward?

In her honor, I'll burn a t... (Below threshold)

In her honor, I'll burn a tire when I get home.

Okay honey. Take the car k... (Below threshold)

Okay honey. Take the car keys and throw them in the trash. Uh, that computer, throw it out, oil powers the plants that produce the energy for you to run it. Go in the kitchen, throw out all the food. A nasty FUEL USING truck brought it to market. To say nothing of the FUEL USING vehicles used to produce that food. Oh, and finally, take off your clothes, trucks brought those to you as well.

Have a nice life in that cave by the river.

"If there's an Einstein out... (Below threshold)

"If there's an Einstein out there..."
Uh, lady, didn't his work give us nuclear energy? :)

LOL. She actually had copyr... (Below threshold)

LOL. She actually had copyrights on this?

She needs a little less mas... (Below threshold)

She needs a little less mascara on her left lip and a little less rouge on her brain.

Meth ho... (Below threshold)

Meth ho

And apparently her name is ... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

And apparently her name is Olivia Dayon? Someone by that name made YouTube take it down.






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