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60 Minutes Of Crap

CBS newsman Scott Pelley, correspondent for 60 Minutes, did a segment on part of our Mexican Border called "The All-American Canal." (Or as he described it, a "death trap.")

Located in California, on the Mexican border, the canal provides irrigation for the Imperial Valley, where much of our winter fruit is grown.

Not only does it provide irrigation, but there are also 5 hydroelectric dams attached to it. (That's good, right liberal greenies?)

The only catch: illegal aliens attempt to cross this canal, which is 85 miles long, 225 feet across, and 20 feet deep.

The water is, according to the segment, very cold, and flows 8 feet per second.

So far, 550 people have drowned attempting to cross it. (One tragic death was a border agent, who jumped in trying to save his dog. This was the ONLY death NOT attributed to border crossings, and should not be used as some sort of equal justification for the irresponsible actions of illegal aliens.)

These individuals were not Americans trying illegally to get into Mexico, but, illegal Mexican law-breakers trying to get to the U.S.

Dr. John Hunter, a self proclaimed "right wing guy," who, despite being a "right wing guy," (you know, 'cause right wing people have no feelings) has lobbied for safety features to be placed on the canal, was interviewed, saying this issue has become an "obsession" to him.

"This first picture is a little girl named Alexandra. And she drowned saving her older sister's life," Hunter said, pointing out pictures. "This is border agent Goldstein. He drowned trying to save his dog."

"This is one small subset of the American canal. Each pushpin represents a person who drowned in this particular location," Hunter added, showing Pelley an online map with virtual pushpins.

Asked how many pushpins - each representing a victim - there are, Hunter said, "There's over 550 victims and those are the ones we know of."

At this point, the producers decided to really personalize it. (Que up the sad music.)

60 Minutes based much of the segment on the life of illegal alien, Sergio Martinez, who was married to Stephanie, a legal naturalized citizen from Germany.

Tugging on the heart strings, showing a picture of Sergio and his child, she proceeded to describe themselves as living the "American dream." (Sergio was employed illegally in the construction business.)

"Even though we don't look so all-American, we really had an all-American family. We were having a mortgage, and a nice backyard and a tree house for the kids," Martinez said.

Asked if they were living the American dream, Martinez said, "Yeah. It felt American to us."

And she said her husband felt American.

Martinez built homes; his wife raised the children and taught Hebrew school on the side. In 2007, Martinez was pulled over for a traffic stop and the police discovered he was in the U.S. illegally. Martinez was deported to Mexico. And under U.S. law, there was practically no way for him to obtain legal status once he'd committed an immigration violation.

"He took matters into his own hand and came and took a bus to the border and called me from there that he was about to cross and that there was no one going to hold him from doing that," Martinez remembered.

Asked what happened to her husband, Martinez said, "They caught him two times. And on his third try to cross, he drowned."

So, Sergio crossed the U.S. border illegally at least, as far as we can tell from Stephanie, four times, the last ending in his death.

Are you out of hankies yet?

Mrs. Martinez took her frustrations to the Imperial Irrigation District, the board which operates the canal.

"Couldn't we just put a few lines. Just anything like a buoy or something where people can grab onto. Deport them all, I don't care, but just to put something up so people don't have to die," Martinez pleaded at a hearing of the Irrigation District.

One of the directors listening that day was Stella Mendoza, who's been with the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) for nine years.

"Is the IID supposed to save every individual that jumps into the canal? Is that my role as a director?" Mendoza asked.

Mendoza told "60 Minutes" that she worries that adding safety features like buoys, lines or ladders would give illegal immigrants a false sense of security.

Asked if she feels the canal is safe, Mendoza told Pelley, "The canal is intended to convey water to the Imperial Valley from the Colorado River. It's not intended as a recreation and so...."

"We're not talking about recreation here. We're talking about people desperate to come into the United States and who are losing their lives in your canal," Pelley remarked.

"I understand that. When an individual decides to cross the desert, decides to cross the mountains, decides to jump into the canal to swim across, they are taking their lives in their own hands. They have to be accountable for their actions," Mendoza argued.


In 2007, the board decided to put "safety" ladders every 500 feet.

Sounds like a great idea. Except they were all on the American side.

An expert on drowning claimed "All-American Canal's probably the most dangerous body of water in the United States."

This expert, John Fletermeyer, of Florida International University, decided to install a safety device himself, without permission. The IID removed it, since, you know, it was illegal to do so.

"Why should the United States spend dollars on safety features in this canal when the people who are drowning in the canal, frankly, are criminals?" Pelley asked. "They should not be coming into the country."

"Right. If they were serial murderers, it they were child molesters, I'm a right wing guy, I'd say 'Let 'em, have at it, put the gators in the canal. You know, we'll line it with mines, too, and I'll help you set the fuses on the mines.' But they're not! You saw those pictures. Alejandra was a ten-year-old saving her 12-year-old sister, so they're are not your hardened criminals," Hunter said.

To add shock, SHOCK I SAY, to this segment, John Hunter is the brother of former Congressman Duncan Hunter, who was a key proponent supporting a double border fence in San Diego, which cut down illegal crossings and drug smuggling by 90%.

You really have to watch it to get the in-your- face, bleeding-heart, liberal, Americans-should-feel-guilty propaganda it attempts to convey.

What part of ILLEGAL don't these people, aliens and American chumps alike, understand?

You don't have to be an American to understand the concept of personal responsibility.

And it doesn't take a drowning expert to realize that you can drown in water.

Attempting this crossing, illegal or not, is like jumping into a tank with hungry sharks.


This is a crime! You can not just come here as you please.

These illegals are not risking life and limb due to political persecution, swimming 90 miles from Castro's Cuba, looking for asylum.

They are breaking our laws because they want money and expect free health-care. Greed motivates them and the companies which hire them.

That said, screw the safety devices.

Fill the canal with piranhas.

(Thanks to a friend for e-mailing this tip.)


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Comments (25)

Not only does it p... (Below threshold)
Brett Buck:
Not only does it provide irrigation, but there are also 5 hydroelectric dams attached to it. (That's good, right liberal greenies?)

Oh, Shawn, shame on you. Of course it's not good! ALL industrial activity is very very bad and unnatural. Dams change the flow of precious natural water and undoubtedly affect the habitat of the snail darter, desert tortise, many bacterial strains, and you know full well that animals never went extinct nor did habitats ever undergo change until evil MAN came along. Moreover, dams provide power, and power is the root of industrial activity, which is also intrinsically evil, and they generate power that is SOLD to people to make rich people richer, and we know that rich people are also intrinsically evil. Dams are evil, work is evil, people are evil, and rich people are doubly evil - all enabled by RAPING the land by installing dams. They're killing the planet! [sob] They're killing the planet!

And, in conclusion - Halliburton.

Nah, Water's too cold for p... (Below threshold)

Nah, Water's too cold for piranhas

I'd say put climb-out ladde... (Below threshold)

I'd say put climb-out ladders all along the Mexico side, but line the American side with electrified razor wire guarded by rabid badgers and with big well-lit signs facing Mexico reading, in Spanish, DO NOT CLIMB THE ELECTRIFIED RAZOR WIRE! IT IS GUARDED BY RABID BADGERS!

Then underneath those signs, more signs in Arabic reading, WELCOME TO AMERICA! COME ON IN!

Is the water too cold for s... (Below threshold)
John S:

Is the water too cold for sharks?

"...I'm a right wing guy...... (Below threshold)
Natty Dark:

"...I'm a right wing guy..."

What the heck are they trying to say by adding that line? Is he trying to insinuate that he should be heartless? Is he trying to insinuate that "right-wing guys" are insensitive to the plight of illegal aliens?

The truth of the matter is that many of the illegal immigrants have no desire to integrate. Any device put in place to save that poor ten year old girl will be utilized by gangs, drug dealers, and basically everyone who has a desire to come over illegally. The Mexican government will probably put it on a flyer and hand it out to their citizens.

Even I can see that, and I am NOT a "right-wing guy".

The canal has become a 'pro... (Below threshold)

The canal has become a 'problem' because it's now being lined with cement in order to cut down on water seepage as it crosses desert terrain (green idea).

Maybe Mexico should consider giving swimming lessons to illegal border crossers. Seems a worthy investment...seeing as they send home over $9 BILLION each year.

Oh, and the guy was in "construction"? How'd that fact get through? Don't they all work on farms "doing jobs Americans won't do"? Too bad "60 Minutes of Crap" didn't mention this guy WAS TAKING A JOB FROM AN AMERICAN CITIZEN.

<a href="http://news... (Below threshold)
I think this would be a gre... (Below threshold)
naughty girl:

I think this would be a great new reality show. NBC, CBS any takers??? Or a great idea for a game show. Maybe, the next bill shoved down our throats can include mandatory lifeguard stations? Mr. President stimulate us, please!

A sight hard t imagine<br /... (Below threshold)

A sight hard t imagine
Except Potter Field in every city in the USA.
How do you know they were not criminal since they are undocumented?
Wait in CA he was stopped and the police found he was illegal?
They deported him?
This was before the AZ law so CA is a Nazi State?

The wife loved the Husband why not move to Mexico so he would not have cross? That would have saved him.

Hey did the wife known that she could petition the government, pay a fine and wait 5 years to get her husband to come back in the USA?
However was he violated the law two more times then we was not allowed in ever.

It also really sucked for 60 minutes when they found the board had minorities on it ruined the Nazi stereotype.

I say Razor wire 40 ft electrical fence on south side this keeps people from drowning by keeping the out of the water and in Mexico a 2fer.

An expert on drowning claim... (Below threshold)

An expert on drowning claimed "All-American Canal's probably the most dangerous body of water in the United States."

Um, I would bet that the most dangerous body of water in the United States is the backyard or neighborhood swimming pool.

A moat. I like that. ... (Below threshold)

A moat. I like that.

Could it be extended all the way to Brownsville?

bobdog, you may have meant ... (Below threshold)

bobdog, you may have meant the comment as sarcasm, but maybe you have come up with the best solution to the southern border.

I lived in Brownsville for about three years and played golf at Ft Brown Golf Course. I can't count the times we had to interrupt play because illegals (dripping wet or carrying a change of clothes) were walking across the fairways, and in early morning hours sleeping in various spots of the rough.

When I was a kid in Arizona, they dredged the Colorado river from Davis dam south. The river went from an easily crossed broad body of water to a swiftly (and dangerous) expanse of water.

While McGehee wins the comm... (Below threshold)

While McGehee wins the comment section, I believe adding sharks with laser beams on their heads might be a nice added touch.

Darn it Epador, you beat me... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Darn it Epador, you beat me to it. Although I was gonna say: "mutant sea bass with frickin laser beams on their heads".

Right on. ;)... (Below threshold)
Mrs. Right:

Right on. ;)

Why do you insist on interj... (Below threshold)

Why do you insist on interjecting FACTS into a good, left wing tearjerker?

You are a pig. What you and... (Below threshold)
Speaker for the Opressed.:

You are a pig. What you and others so filled with your "national pride" do not realize is that HUMANS ARE HUMANS. We should care more about the lives of people and protecting their lives than the protecting our nation against the "Mexican Menace." The argument that personal responsibility is needed in reference to swimming across this body of water is flawed as we have rails to keep people from falling into the Grand Canyon do we not? What about bars and lion dens? We shouldn't have those either because if people are stupid enough to fall or walk to their deaths then they deserve to die too. Right? Yeah, go back to supporting your Arizona law that was written and supported by racists and Nazi-lovers. Pig.

Speaker,Who said a... (Below threshold)


Who said anything about Arizona or the law that was just passed?

And your plea that this is a safety issue is horse-shit.

This isn't about some poor guy taking a stroll along the canal who slipped, fell in and drowned.

They were illegals attempting to break the law.

Now they are dead criminals.

It's their own fault.

You don't get that, do you?

Nah. You'd just rather use the terms "racists" and "Nazi-lovers." Crack open a histroy book someday to find out what those terms really mean.


You spelled "oppressed" wrong in your name.

Friggin' idiot.

Oppressed... you have obvio... (Below threshold)

Oppressed... you have obviously never been to the Grand Canyon... very few railings and people fall in every year... check out the back porch of the gift shop, a 10 inch rock wall next to a 700' drop.


They're killing the EARTH! ... (Below threshold)

They're killing the EARTH! They're killing the EARTH!

#17You've seem to ... (Below threshold)
common sense:


You've seem to overlook that there ARE multiple signs posted in English and Spanish and even a picture of a drowning person for the illiterate.

If a stove has a sign on it that says CAUTION: Hot Stove will you avoid it at all cost or will you touch it like a dumbass?

If you CHOOSE to touch it, it's your own fault!!

Opressed we're pigs? Some n... (Below threshold)

Opressed we're pigs? Some nice liberal tolerance there.

Actually the canal has one ... (Below threshold)

Actually the canal has one thing in common with backyard pools. It's an "attractive nuisance." Kids who drown in a neighbor's backyard pool are criminals in the sense that they are trespassing, but the law still requires the pool owner to provide adequate barriers to protect said trespassers from their own stupidity. I would suggest a very big fence extending across the entire border with guard towers, surveillance cameras, etc. (since, what with rivers, deserts, highways, etc., our whole country is an attractive nuisance to some degree). That way, we would be keeping people out and protecting them at the same time. Win-win?

What? 60 Minutes is still o... (Below threshold)

What? 60 Minutes is still on the air? Who knew? It must be a well kept secret. I quit watching it years ago.

Is this suppost to make us ... (Below threshold)

Is this suppost to make us all feel guilty over this? and especialy ARIZONA? TAKE A HAMMER AND SMASH 60 MINUTES STOP WATCH INTO LITTLE BITS






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