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California: Worker's Paradise

Today's national unemployment data unexpectedly rose to 9.9%. Meanwhile, the "green jobs" powerhouse known as of Kaleefornia provides a glimpse into the future with 12.6% unemployment and a uncontrollable budget deficit of $20 billion dollars.

Ah, but unemployment and spending cuts are for the little people, haven't you heard? For the government worker, times have never been better.

Exhibit A: The Los Angeles Worker's Paradise known as the Department of Water and Power.

Besides making more than $100,000 per year, what can employees of the DWP expect in the way of benefits?

Trips to the liquor store on company time - check!


Drinking your booze while driving company vehicles - check!

while driving.PNG

A few lap dances to de-stress - check!


Watch the whole video, you will not be disappointed.

I especially like their denials when confronted by the reporter...and let's give some props to this reporter for doing what so many of his colleagues do not - real investigative reporting.

Oh don't worry about the employees, they haven't been terminated.

Remember, getting fired is for the little people.


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Comments (15)

Beer summit #4... (Below threshold)

Beer summit #4

I hear NYC is closing down ... (Below threshold)

I hear NYC is closing down their rubber rooms for teachers they can't fire because of unions...maybe they can lease the space to CA.

(I mean they can't fire the... (Below threshold)

(I mean they can't fire them because of the unions, not that they're closing them because of the unions, I think they're closing them because they finally realized it was idiotic to keep paying these people)

It's public sector academic... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

It's public sector academics that are the greater evil. They too draw huge benefits on the public dime. But unlike Joe Six Pack from DWP and the like, the public school teachers have turned the better part of an entire generation into stupid and worthless Zombies.

Before the west was one, Ba... (Below threshold)

Before the west was one, Barry was in a buddhist shrine!

What the hell does that have to do with this post? Only a troll would know.

What sets California apart ... (Below threshold)

What sets California apart from Illinois State, Cook County and Chicago public employees is...

Nothing. I see that Philip Pagano, the executive director of Chicago's Metra transportation authority, accidentally died this morning after he accidentally walked in front of one of his own trains. He was days away from indictment for embezzlement.

It's the Chicago way. Except that it usually involves 5 or more years of press conferences, prosecution, press conferences, conviction, press conferences, and appeals, after which the accused typically gets released because of ill health or old age. Then he gets his full pension.

Except that it usu... (Below threshold)
Except that it usually involves 5 or more years of press conferences, prosecution, press conferences, conviction, press conferences, and appeals

You forgot "appears on a Donald Trump reality show".

My guess? "Santiago" and t... (Below threshold)

My guess? "Santiago" and the black guy keep their jobs. White guy is toast. This is America, after all.

The Philip Pagano sounds a ... (Below threshold)

The Philip Pagano sounds a bit like suicide to me, actually.

Overpaid incompetence and simple fraud is prevalent anywhere. While it is a shame these guys are making off on the public dime, it certainly pales in comparison to the billionaires of Wall St. who've gotten bonuses for nearly destroying the entire economy.

Yes, Jim. He ate a train, a... (Below threshold)

Yes, Jim. He ate a train, and probably saved the state more in prosecution costs than he stole.

Well, He stole the election... (Below threshold)

Well, He stole the election so why would he stop there? Or was that GORE who tried to steal Florida in 20000?


This has nothing to do with the post at hand, but Barry has to live with the consequences of his asinine assumptions. And I feel compelled to throw his ass under the black magic negroe bus

A few weeks ago I was havin... (Below threshold)

A few weeks ago I was having at bar that makes a great steak rib eye Salad. I am eating and a Guy starts a rant on Christie about how he trying to hurt the Unions.
He explained that Public Service unions were great because it protects the workers. He said the reason was because non union workers can get fired for no reason.
He said if he did nothing all day, took 3 hour lunches , and went drinking at lunch it would take 3-6 months for him to get disciplined and then maybe 1 year for someone to fire him, even then the union might still be able to get him a new position.

At the same time he explained how union workers were less likely to get hurt on the job as non union workers.

After all that he was complaining that Public Works should be paid as much as Firefighters.

This is the issue with most public service unions no understanding of risk vs reward, no accountability and no responsibility to tax payers.

He made the mistake of profiling he thought that I was lib because of skin color and was shocked when the firefighter in the bar and I took him to task for high taxes and that Christie needed to do something now.

Anyway let see if these guys are still on the job in 1 year.

Take an honest look at gove... (Below threshold)

Take an honest look at government deficits, from the federal level all the way down to the local township, and almost all of our smokestack industries, and you can't escape one obvious conclusion: unions are destroying our economy. Look what they did to the steel industry, the auto industry, our federal deficits, state deficits, county and city deficits, and the most glaring cost is bottomless pension deficits, outrageous healthcare plans, constipating work rules, work stoppages, and gluttonous union management. Ever seen a photo of the last contract the UAW "negotiated"? It makes the healthcare bill look like post-it notes. Ever seen a government worker or a teacher fired without months of hearings, no matter what they've done? Care to explain the "rubber rooms" in the New York public school system? What other economy pays its federal beaureaucrats an average of $100,000 a year? Why is it that so many government jobs are virtually guaranteed for life, completely without regard for competence?

You wonder why we're now a service economy? It's because we're no longer an industrial economy. We killed our own industry, and now we pay others to do it for us. With money we no longer have.

Other than that, have a great fricking weekend.

This video is great! The No... (Below threshold)

This video is great! The No Apology Song: http://mittromneycentral.com/2010/05/07/no-apology-song-the-case-for-american-greatness/

The more people that hear this, the better. It's not too late to wake up Americans so we can bring America back! Let's spread this everywhere we can!

Is DWP hiring? Sounds like ... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Is DWP hiring? Sounds like a great job. Spend the day drinking beer and hanging out at strip clubs. I can do that. Hell, I'm a natural!






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