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New Hampshire Leads The Way

Once again, New Hampshire is showing the rest of the nation how things ought to be done. In a case related to the collapse of a mortgage firm, our state's Supreme Court has ruled that web sites, such as blogs, have many of the same rights as the conventional media.

It's a nice little affirmation of what I've always believed -- that "freedom of the press" is not limited to actual, real "presses," but to the whole concept of disseminating information. There are no actual printing presses involved in radio or television, but no one questions that they are covered by the 1st Amendment. The internet is simply the logical evolution of that process.

Likewise, it's brought about a tremendous democratization of the media. In the old days, "freedom of the press" was limited to those who could own a press. Nowadays, anyone -- even a nobody from nowhere with a nothing job and no life like me -- can "own" a virtual printing press and "publish" for the entire world to see.

The courts are recognizing the new reality, and that's a good thing. They're a little behind the times on that, but that's entirely normal for them.

Yay, us!


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Once again, New Hampshir... (Below threshold)

Once again, New Hampshire is showing the rest of the nation how things ought to be done.

Yeah, I can't wait for Congress to pass a national 'scenery tax' on all of our homes ;)

The question has only come ... (Below threshold)
Don L:

The question has only come about since the internet has allowed the little guy to seize control of communications to their fear. The government (any government)cannot allow truth and contunual criticism to be disseminated freely and still maintain their deceit and control.

It is precisely that which they cannot allow and will continue to harrass, regulate,tax,intimidate, or eradicate if need be, until they again maintain control over the masses.

" even a nobody from nowher... (Below threshold)

" even a nobody from nowhere with a nothing job and no life like me -"

Or Me... Ha hahaha

If New Hampshire wasn't ... (Below threshold)

If New Hampshire wasn't already on The Won's sh*t list, I'll bet it is now.

Jay,You magnificen... (Below threshold)


You magnificent bastard.

I was going to write about this a few days ago, but from the Jersey side.

Seems down here, bloggers, at least to the courts, just don't count as much as the "conventional media."

"If bloggers aren't journalists', press is not 'free'"

(I had a link to a better article at one time, but, I lost it.)

Sorry to scoop ya, Chone...... (Below threshold)

Sorry to scoop ya, Chone...

But that's just how I roll.


Word to your mutha..... (Below threshold)

Word to your mutha..






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