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We are Marshall

No doubt:

On TV, in their homes, and even on our website, many people have voiced their displeasure with the current administration. But, in one East Texas town, a billboard is stirring the pot of political argument.

On Highway 59 in Marshall you come across a curious billboard, that simply says, "Vote Obama? Embarrassed yet?"

People are stopping their cars to get a closer look.

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Comments (14)

...the presiden... (Below threshold)
...the president is not universally popular.
Ya think!?
Well we know one town that ... (Below threshold)

Well we know one town that won't be getting and "Stimulus" money.

100% of people interviewed ... (Below threshold)

100% of people interviewed (or at least televised) for this TV spot LOVE Obama! There you have it!

Great billboard...assinine "reporting"

So far, I've got four liber... (Below threshold)

So far, I've got four liberal acquaintances who made a big deal about voting for Obama - but who deny casting that vote now.

One guy took time off from work to go vote, and bragged about how he'd voted. Incessantly.

He's since scraped his Obama bumper sticker off of his car (leaving the others, including the Kerry one) and now claims he never voted at all in the 2008 election.

O'Mamba, vandal Presendente... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

O'Mamba, vandal Presendente, will be getting plenty of competition for the nomination in 2012. Cash cows Wall Street, Big Oil, etc., will be casting their bread more evenly, and Donks will abandon the leper.

Apparently people aren't gr... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Apparently people aren't grasping that it's a Dixie Chicks slam. The story is a lot better with the proper allusion.

Fair and balanced reporting... (Below threshold)

Fair and balanced reporting? I think not. The one group whom the President has not yet alienated are black voters, like all three workers interviewed on this TV report. But even they didn't cite any noteworthy accomplishments of BHO, basically saying that he still has almost 3 more years to do something good, and that he deserves respect just because he's POTUS. While redemption might be theoretically possible, I've seen nothing to suggest Barry has made any moves in the right direction - nothing to limit spending and debt, nothing to slow the pace of government expansion, nothing to strengthen the U.S., nothing to stem illegal immigration, nothing to stop Iran nukes, etc. As far as I'm concerned, he;s steering the US straight on the glide path to becoming Greece.

excellent analysis, Bob.</p... (Below threshold)

excellent analysis, Bob.

I only quibble with: "he's steering the US straight on the glide path to becoming Greece."

We're not GLIDING anymore...we're gonna straight in...assume crash positions.

The news story said that lo... (Below threshold)

The news story said that locals have "mixed reactions." But I only heard one reaction by the people they interviewed. How very odd!!

I wonder how many interview... (Below threshold)

I wonder how many interviews they had to do in order to find 3 people who supported obama?

Well, keep in mind that if ... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Well, keep in mind that if somebody voted for Obama that means almost by definition they're either too young, too wealthy, too ignorant, too beholden or too crazy to feel any real sense of embarrassment over that decision. So, for every Mort Zuckerman type out there who's goten mugged by reality there are 10,000 zombies who blindly will vote for Obama again in '12.

It's been nearly 18 months.... (Below threshold)

It's been nearly 18 months...how long are these clowns willing to "wait and see what he's gonna do?" They can't all be direct descendants of Rip Van Winkle.

I'd be too embarrassed to g... (Below threshold)

I'd be too embarrassed to give an interview if I had voted for ole' jugg ears in "08". Oh well, I guess if you were stupid enough to vote for him once, your to dumb to be embarrassed by the king of deficits.

Me too... (Below threshold)

Me too






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