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"Honest And Refreshing."

Never in my life time would I have though I would be putting up a video of a New Jersey Governor, and be proud of what he says.

Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie destroys a spineless reporter at a press conference.


Honest and refreshing.

Welcome to the new Garden State.

(Note: The original video of this was removed from YouTube by The Star Ledger (a NJ newspaper) for "copyright violations." A new video has been substituted.)


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Honest and refreshing.... (Below threshold)

Honest and refreshing.

That is the truth, but we'll never see that in a newspaper describing a republican.

It's interesting that the R... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

It's interesting that the Republican operatives have edited out the "confrontational" part of his statement, and just given us the reaction, so we can't judge for ourselves how confrontational he was on our own.

Now why would they do that?

Why would they intentionally leave that out so we can't see for ourselves whether he was confrontational or not?

"Honest and refreshing." I think not.

Renaldus Magnus is smiling ... (Below threshold)

Renaldus Magnus is smiling down on New Jersey as he hears this.

Very honest, very refreshin... (Below threshold)

Very honest, very refreshing.. Purge the Rinos.

I know Lee, it's just HORRI... (Below threshold)

I know Lee, it's just HORRIBLE!

Lee-NJ has been ru... (Below threshold)


NJ has been run into the ground by a succession of RINO and Dem administrations that have sold out to the urban political machines and public worker unions.

At this point, there is nothing short of physical violence that is too confrontational.

Confrontational is fine if ... (Below threshold)

Confrontational is fine if he is being honest and I believe he is. I would take that kind of confrontational governor any day of the week.

New Jersey is lucky to have him whether they know it or not.

Lee, then go find the confr... (Below threshold)

Lee, then go find the confrontational evil that is Chris Christie.
Fly my monkey, fly!
Sorry, flying monkey is a union gig, and Lee only supports unions for other people.

Well, this really wasn't a ... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Well, this really wasn't a fair fight.

A hard core federal prosecutor turned governor versus a journalism major turned liberal idiot reporter is akin to a prime Mike Tyson versus your grandmother.

I agree #7! He's attempting... (Below threshold)
Harry Bunns:

I agree #7! He's attempting to fix a very broken state. He could wear a pink hat and diaper fo all I care. Just get it done!!

Translated Lee:Who... (Below threshold)

Translated Lee:

Who cares if he's right or wrong. He's mean!

Hoozah, Gov. Christie!... (Below threshold)

Hoozah, Gov. Christie!

Totally refreshing. ww... (Below threshold)

Totally refreshing. ww

Hey, Leapy Lee.Let m... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

Hey, Leapy Lee.
Let me invoke a New Jersey style reply to your bogus ,talking point concern:
"I got yer 'confrontational' right here, pal"

Yes, Lee.It is a c... (Below threshold)

Yes, Lee.

It is a conspiracy of cosmic proportions that we didn't get to hear a liberal reporter argue with a Republican politician.

"Republican operatives.."


Adjust your tin-foil helmet a bit. The black copters are homing in on your bunker.

If this were Corzine, he'd just say what the reporter wanted to hear and move to the next tax hike.

If you know anything about Jersey politics and how saturated the state has become with liberal policy and corruption, you would understand that a REPUBLICAN Governor in this state blasting a reporter for anything is about as rare as sighting Haley's Comet.

(And Lee, I have made it policy to ban you from my comment sections, due not just for your heavy-handed use of banning people from WizbangBlue, which you single-handedly ruined, but because you just can't have actual debate without being a prick.

The fact that your post here is nothing more than a simple, ignorant observation is the only reason I've stayed my hand.

If you want to have a discussion with people, then continue.

If you are going to start up your usual attacks then go post somewhere else, or tell me now so I can just boot your ass and get it over with.)


Lee, Alan Grayson was also ... (Below threshold)

Lee, Alan Grayson was also offended by Gov. Christie's confrontational manner.

Obama's Sycophants and apol... (Below threshold)

Obama's Sycophants and apologists say he is a "good speaker." You wanna see a good speaker? Watch Chris Christie speak off the cuff. Listen to his vocabulary. Pick up on his phrasing. Watch his timing. THIS GUY is a good natural speaker! And... a Great Conservative!

It's also interesting to watch the body language of his staff. They're not fluttering an protective. They KNOW their boss is NOT in trouble. This speaks highly for his competence and their confidence in him.

Hey Lee, I went over to the... (Below threshold)

Hey Lee, I went over to the Huffington post and viewed the same video, I didn't know the "Republican operatives" had gotten hold of them too.

All Chris Christie has to s... (Below threshold)

All Chris Christie has to say to keep lefties like Lee off his back is say "I won".

We know Lee has no problem with that.

Loved it. Gov. Christie th... (Below threshold)

Loved it. Gov. Christie thinks like a person who was hired by the people to solve problems. In four years, the people (his boss) will decide whether or not to renew his contract.

I hope he inspires other straight-shooters to see public office.

Barry and the rest of the l... (Below threshold)

Barry and the rest of the libs out there are petrified of this kind of straight talk.. Thats why they are so afraid of Sara...Go Cris!!

I would absolutely love for... (Below threshold)
Sandy Bunns:

I would absolutely love for him to run in 2012!!

"Renaldus Magnus is smil... (Below threshold)

"Renaldus Magnus is smiling down on New Jersey as he hears this."

Yes he is!

Rodney: "Hey Lee, I went... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

Rodney: "Hey Lee, I went over to the Huffington post and viewed the same video, I didn't know the "Republican operatives" had gotten hold of them too."

Evidently you didn't read the caption written by the guy who edited the video.

I am so glad I voted for this guy, he may just save NJ yet! Watch him destroy the annoying little Lib reporter Tom Moron from the NJ Star-Ledger. Go Christie go! We need more governors and legislatures like this man in our wonderful country!

It's the guy who edited the video that I'm referring to as having decided you and I don't get to see just how confrontational (or not) Christie was. He's the political hack who selectively hacked the video.

Crustacean said: [Lee thinks] "Who cares if he's right or wrong. He's mean!"

No. I do care if he's right or wrong, that's the whole point of my complaint (and I don't give a crap if hes' mean).

The video doesn't let us see if he's right or wrong - it doesn't show us the "confrontational" (or not) moments.

Read it slower this time Le... (Below threshold)

Read it slower this time Lee:

He is honest and refreshing! Who cares if he is confrontational, as long as he gets the job done.

Great stuff. The conservati... (Below threshold)

Great stuff. The conservative movement needs guys like this from places like Jersey to push the agenda.

After watching that clip it's no wonder this guy ate Corzine's lunch.

lee weird - "Crustacean... (Below threshold)

lee weird - "Crustacean said: [Lee thinks] "Who cares if he's right or wrong. He's mean!""

Well there's your first mistake, you were thinking.

An Oyster is a shell-bearing mollusc, not as you wrongfully assert a crustacean.

But facts and reality has never been your strong suit.

See, even the flying monkey... (Below threshold)

See, even the flying monkey union has standards... even if actual union membership weren't beneath him, no local would have someone like Lee. He can't even fling poo properly

Lee. .the entire point is t... (Below threshold)

Lee. .the entire point is that some things NEED to be confronted. Passiveness in the face of evil is not good.

Lee, are you saying there i... (Below threshold)

Lee, are you saying there is no other video of this event? That no one at Huffington Post could get a copy of it and put it on their website? That they had to use the "Republican Operative" video? Lee you can't be that .....

So, when a Republican gover... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

So, when a Republican governor attempts to do what the voters sent him there to do (cut spending, reduce corruption), that's GOOD.

When a Democratic president attempts to do what voters sent him there to do (reform healthcare, get out of Iraq), that's BAD.

When Christie says, "Like it or not, you guys are stuck with me for 4 years," that's GOOD.

When Obama says, "I won," that's BAD.

Got it.

You said it Bruce not me:</... (Below threshold)

You said it Bruce not me:

Republican equals cut spending and less corruption.

Dems and healthcare equal spend, spend, spend! His original cabinet of fools will be empty soon enough! It speaks for itself.

Got it?... (Below threshold)

Got it?

Bruce, you also have to rem... (Below threshold)

Bruce, you also have to remember that President Obama promised bi-partisanship, the most transparent administration, time to actually read and know what is in the bills before hand. Governor Christie promised to cut spending, did he ever promise to be nice?

When a democrat says "You'r... (Below threshold)

When a democrat says "You're being confrontational" what he is really saying is "you're winning the argument, so I'll change it to something immaterial and hopefully distract you".

The left is so easily distracted - it works on their side...

Lee, Americans need to confront democrats back to 2006 when the unemployment numbers reflected near full employment and the economy was chugging along and growing. Then for some stupid reason, democrats got control of the Congress and we've rolled back the stock market ten years and a minimum of one in ten people are unemployed. Confrontation is called for, and you'd better get used to it or November is going to be a nasty shock.






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