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Hahahahaha!!!!!!!I... (Below threshold)


It's just all that 'vast executive experience' coming to the fore. Barry is finding out that getting where you are by white guilt and affirmative action doesn't necessarily prepare you to actually have to make decisions and live with the results.

Oh for the days when he could just vote PRESENT!

I remember shortly after he... (Below threshold)

I remember shortly after he was inaugurated all the comedians felt he was just so hard to joke about or parody. Stuff about his genuine earnestness, gravitas and similar crap. Well, it's nice to see he is beginning to write his own material.

Obama is the most racist pe... (Below threshold)

Obama is the most racist person in America!! He has proved it every time he opens his mouth. Wished his vocal chords were removed. AHHH the sound of silence!!

To prove his sincerity, Bar... (Below threshold)

To prove his sincerity, Barry is going to return BP's campaign contributions.


The dept of MMS is stocked ... (Below threshold)

The dept of MMS is stocked with Bush career appointed conservatives. They are there for their drill baby drill philosophy, like Lisa Murkowski.who earned their jobs by blocking regulations.

Today DEQ has confirmed shoreline impact at Fourchon Beach, Chandeleur Island, Whiskey Island/Trinity Island, Raccoon Island, and South Pass. DEQ has also confirmed visible sheen emanating from the marsh at the southeastern most part of Pass a Loutre, light sheen coming off of the west tip of Whiskey Island and drifting into Caillou Bay, and oil sheen near the beach at Trinity Island and Raccoon Island.

In other words, Indie, the ... (Below threshold)

In other words, Indie, the coastal impact of the oil spill is, compared to almost all early predictions, minor.

We've been hearing "imminent destruction of the entire Gulf Coast shoreline," and "catastrophic impact," but what we get is "visible sheen," which is pretty much what you get when you have oil a couple of molecules in thickness...

By the way: as of this afternoon, the news organizations were reporting thirteen actual oil-coated birds. THIRTEEN. Which is a bit odd, since we've been hearing "thousands will be killed by oil in the next week" for a week or so now.

revised indie: "In 2001, th... (Below threshold)

revised indie: "In 2001, the depts of government responsible for national security of the US were stocked with clinton career appointed liberals and leftists. They are there for their "see no Islamic evil" philosophy (which was why Clinton didn't take custody of bin laden in either of the two opportunities when bin laden was offered to the US. This attitude was typified by Jamie Gorelick who earned her job by creating barriers to intelligence sharing by relevant agencies (the Gorelick Wall)."

BTW, do you know where Gorelick went after this stellar performance?

That's right. Fannie Mae. The institution that exists to pay dem operatives millions for ensuring that people who can't afford mortgages were given mortgages anyway. Also, she was paid more than 10 million dollars for just a few years work (including some hefty bonuses when everything was melting down.)

Researchers from the Nation... (Below threshold)

Researchers from the National Institute for Undersea Science and Technology say they have detected large oil plumes from just beneath the surface of the sea to more than 4,000 feet deep.

Three or four large plumes have been found, at least one that is 10 miles long and a mile wide, said Samantha Joye, a marine science professor at the University of Georgia.

Researchers are testing the effects of large amounts of subsea oil on oxygen levels in the water. The oil can deplete oxygen in the water, harming plankton and other tiny creatures that serve as the food chain for a wide variety of sea critters.

Oxygen levels in some areas have dropped 30 percent, and should continue to drop, Joye said. "It could take years, possibly decades, for the system to recover from an infusion of this quantity of oil and gas," Joye said.

Cirby you can try to defend big oil by narrowing the impact to only what lands on the coasts which is already happening but its a fallacious argument as you can see from the most recent discovery of the plumes in the sub sea. Of course you need to find a reason to support drill baby drill while ignoring what is truly happening.

How you live in such a state of denial is scary.

Barrys so hard to take seri... (Below threshold)

Barrys so hard to take serious when he lies.






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