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Misreading the tea leaves

The left's march to paint the new Arizona immigration law as the deathknell of the Republican party and as evidence for racism within conservative ranks is well documented.  Take this missive posted a few weeks ago by Robert, a go to favorite of mine when I need to find progressive preposterousness:

Isn't it nice there is a Republican party so we can easily tell who the dumb people are?

Hispanics are among the fastest growing voter blocs in the United States so if you're a political person, it probably makes sense to consider measures that, over the long-term, will appeal to them.  

Far be it from me to suggest anyone in politics would actually pander to gain a large group of voters' acceptance but it seems rather obvious to me that proposing laws that will drive massive tranches of people into your opponents' camp may not be a wise long-term strategy for any party.

This, of course, means nothing to today's Republican party, the Bizarro world of politics, where up is down, no, no, no, is yes and black is oh um, well, black. (Somehow, the whack-jobs never seem to have a problem keeping that straight; nope, no confusion on the ol' black 'n white.)

Anyway, with that in mind and the Tea Party firmly driving the bus, guess what the governor of Arizona did?


Isn't it great this horrible law will take effect a few weeks before the fall elections?


In the coming years, really soon in fact, older white male voters, the folks that loved Reagan so much, will represent a tiny part of the electorate and that the GOP appears intent of positioning itself to appeal exclusively to that group is becoming delightfully apparent. God, guns & gays was the cynical & divisive approach undertaken by Bush's brain, Karl Rove and that shrinking part of the electorate that responds to those triggers remains the GOP's target audience. Perfect.

The world is digging itself out of the whole Republicans dug from 2000 to 2008 and it appears they are going to give us all more time to heal because the long-term prospects for the GOP is DOA.

The GOP will suffer seriously if they deem to ignore the voices that are being raised in support of Arizona's law... and those voices are being heard across the country:

Nearly six in 10 Americans support Arizona's new law aimed at cracking down on illegal immigrants, according to a Pew Research Center poll conducted May 6-9.

Eighty-two percent of Republicans support the law as do 64 percent of independents. By contrast, 45 percent of Democrats approve of it.

Asked about specific elements of the law, 73 percent support requiring people to produce documents verifying their legal status, 67 percent say police should be able to detain anyone unable to verify their legal status and 62 percent say police should be allowed to question anyone they think may be in the country illegally.

Given the imbecility of Robert's words above, we should all now conclude that 60% of Americans, 82% of Republicans, 64% of Independents and 45% of Democrats are all not only dumb but whacked Karl Rove-ian racists. 

And we should also conclude that Robert, and those who think like him, are erudite, cultured and part of a growing movement looking to, as Robert declares in his blog's by-line, leave the place better then they've found it.

What might you readers have to say in response?  And wouldn't it be fun to have that say at Robert's place?

Crossposted at Brutally Honest.


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Comments (13)

When the Republicans strong... (Below threshold)

When the Republicans strong armed Clinton into welfare reform the liberals promised that it would lead to greater poverty. It didn't happen. We need Obamacare because in the form that was passed liberals assured us it would reduce the deficit in the long term. It is now apparent that is a fairy tale. Ignore the fact that Arizona with its illegal immigrant problem is at its core only asking (not so delicately) the US Government to enforce established federal law. Intead, the liberals tell us, the Arizona law will lead to widespread abuse of civil rights. Think the 'widespread' will happen? There will always be isolated abuses of civil rights irrespective of the presence or absence of Arizona's illegal immigration law. However, right now I am sure the media is salivating at the next such episode of over-reaching law enforcement in order to paint it as an example in the breakdown in civil rights this law was guaranteed to cause. Liberalism is a lovely ideology. It allows you to believe whatever your gut tells you no matter the facts. And if the facts prove you wrong? Well, tomorrow is another day to stir emotions on another issue.

The world is di... (Below threshold)
The world is digging itself out of the whole Republicans dug
And what is the First Rule of Wholes?
Perhaps Robert (or is it Ro... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Robert (or is it Roberto) should visit East LA. It's turned into a 3rd world cesspool.

What idiots like Robert neg... (Below threshold)
jim m:

What idiots like Robert neglect to realze that as hey divide the populace by race, gender and ethnicity and a dozen other BS categories that the one category that they despise is the white male.

Without the white male vote no candidate could hope to win a national election. Obama narrowly lost that segment, but won overwhelmingly with minorities. While Hispanics are a growing force in US politics, they do not have the impact that libs think that they do.

You can appeal to high percentages of a minority but pissing off large percentages of the largest minority group (yes white men are a minority by definition) is never the right move.

If they keep this up (and I see no indication that they intend to stop) the dems will find themselves marginalized for another decade just like they did after Carter.

I left the following at Rob... (Below threshold)

I left the following at Robert's place:

Robert, how does the alleged bigotry being displayed against hispanics by the Arizona law match up against your bigotry against Republicans?

Color me curious.

I expect it to disappear in 3, 2, 1...

Rick, you left out that 27%... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Rick, you left out that 27% of Hispanics support the law according to a WSJ poll. While that does make it very unpopular in that community, I would speculate that those people are more likely to have immigrated legally and are more likely to be naturalized citizens and vote. But then again, if you are here illegally, what is there to stop you from voting illegally? Certainly not the democratic party.

Again I must say 64% Of Ame... (Below threshold)

Again I must say 64% Of Americans approve of the Arizona law and liberalis are baffled.

Go here to read the article and stats.

Inspite of the early full court press the liberal media has has put on against the law people are less and less fooled.

The liberal view is "They a... (Below threshold)

The liberal view is "They are the fastest growing voter block" which means dem's should get them. The conservative view is: "Illegal aliens problems are the first word. Illegal". It is nice to know or at least be reminded that liberals think party politics first but conservatives think rule of law and what is good for country first. I am proud to be a conservative regardless is we lose the illegal vote. Right is right. ww

One thing I've noticed is t... (Below threshold)
Mr. Kemp:

One thing I've noticed is that Robert is operating on a group or bloc basis rather than an individual basis. The fallacy with that basis is that people, no matter what group they are categorized in, do not operate that way. The animals that I have heard of that do that are hive-mind creatures like ants and bees. People aren't like that. They vary so much that two people who look the same, who come from the same town, can have wildly different views. Hell, they could even hate each other.

Another fallacy that Robert makes is the assumption that the real world and the political world are in sync and that anyone who thinks differently is a dunce. In politics, image matters more than results. In the real world, the reverse is true. Anyone who confuses the two is obviously spending too much time in the political world.

This also says something about Robert's cynicism. It's pretty sad that someone can think that hard work and good results don't matter, and that people are so sheeplike that they can be categorized the way that liberals (not just democrats; RINOs do this crap too) categorize them.

I consider myself a "politi... (Below threshold)

I consider myself a "political person" but I think it makes sense to consider measures that put the best interest of the country first over the long run. That should appeal to all American voters.

Robert and his liberal pals... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Robert and his liberal pals ALWAYS leave places better off . . . maybe not better than they found them originally, but so much better than when they were there "helping" . . . it's a time of mixed emotions for the mere citizens when the Leftists ride off into the sunset on their Segways and Priuses: on the one hand they are filled with joy and relief the Leftists are going, but at the same time full of dread that they may one day return.

Leftists HAVE to use the gr... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Leftists HAVE to use the group-think mode, it's too hard for them to think things through on their own. They might have to guess why it's all Bush's fault.

The Arizona law is one which ought NEVER be necessary, but yet it is necessary because the federal government has failed in its essential function to control the border. States bore the burdens of increased illegal traffic for decades, but now the level of violence, and the apparent inability of the Mexican government to enforce law and order on its own territory, have precipitated a crisis situation.

Arizona has been hardest hit, and it not only isn't wrong of them to take lawful and necessary steps to deal with the problem, it would be downright criminal if they did not act to ensure the lives and property of their citizens.

Robert and his ... (Below threshold)
Robert and his liberal pals ALWAYS leave places better off
As the old bar sign says, "Everyone improves this place -- most when they arrive, others when they leave."






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