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How many would support the Arizona law after watching this?

Via RCP:

The polls show 60 to 70% support for Arizona, this despite incessant media reporting of how racist and bigoted the law is alleged to be... what do you think the numbers would be if this sort of reporting were to get wider play? Seriously?

In the mean-time, those who decry the alleged bigotry with genuine bigotry, say they're doing so for the fun of it... Seriously?

It's sickening, seriously sickening stuff... and it's going to lead to a lot of deaths...

All for the fun of it.

Crossposted at Brutally Honest.


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Comments (4)

No! No! They are all gent... (Below threshold)

No! No! They are all gentle farm workers. That's all. Nothing to see here. Just want 'a better life'.

Same stuff shows up in New ... (Below threshold)

Same stuff shows up in New Mexico yet never seems to make national news...hmm.

The reason you will not see... (Below threshold)

The reason you will not see any news like this in NM is because our governor is Mexican. As long as these illegals vote Dem, the politicians are welcoming the illegals with open arms. All the illegals from AZ are going to be heading to NM. We already have a serious problem with home invasion robberies. More are on the horizon.........

We need to take care of the... (Below threshold)

We need to take care of the U.S. and keep this trash out! This is sick!






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