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Al Gore boosts sales of Xanax, Zoloft and Prozac

He does his level best to encourage wrist slashing at a recent University of Tennessee graduation:

H/T W&W.

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Now if we really had "Truth... (Below threshold)

Now if we really had "Truth in Advertising" he would have been required to take a 'commercial break', saying "My name is Al Gore and I stand to make MILLIONS peddling what are currently worthless pieces of paper."

He's going to sell liberal-... (Below threshold)

He's going to sell liberal-arts degrees?

(DISCLAIMER: I have a liberal-artsy type degree thingie, which I recently even learned how to reed.)

Well, at least those kids h... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Well, at least those kids have the Obamaeconomy to fall back on.

Who ever thought of bringin... (Below threshold)

Who ever thought of bringing him in as keynote speaker should be fired! The clapping in the background sounded awful thin. How many graduates, 30-40?

When's he gonna boost the s... (Below threshold)

When's he gonna boost the sales of his global warming bullshit? Oh yeah, when hell freezes over and he's the only candle full of wind.






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