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It seemed like a good idea at the time

If there's anyone who ain't going to be wagging their finger at somebody over an attempt at humor gone awry it's your humble Baron. I'll go there - too soon - and in the most offensive way possible. It's what endears me to my friends. I reckon I'd actually be more inclined to cut some slack to the man who takes things a little too far.

That being said, Professor Brainiac really screwed the pooch on this one.

Jefferson County geometry teacher uses wrong example to teach angles --- assassination of President Barack Obama
By Marie Leech -- The Birmingham News
and Carol Robinson --- The Birmingham News
May 18, 2010, 6:30AM

A Jefferson County teacher picked the wrong example when he used as­sassinating President Bar­ack Obama as a way to teach angles to his geome­try students.

Someone alerted autho­rities and the Corner High School math teacher was questioned by the Secret Service, but was not taken into custody or charged with any crime.


"He was talking about angles and said, 'If you're in this building, you would need to take this angle to shoot the president,' " said Joseph Brown, a senior in the geometry class.

There's no question the teacher in question acted stupidly, should know better, and deserves the suspension he's currently received. No argument from me there. And just as surely this molehill will be transformed into Olympus Mons by Olbermann and his ilk. Not that we don't have shrill voices on the right equally ready to redline the outrage meter.

Politicization of the classroom aside, it's a goof. Hey, if nothing else those kids learned a valuable lesson about the Law's appreciation of things like yelling "Hi, Jack!" to your old college roomie on an El Al flight.

I wasn't outraged by the assassination fantasies that sprang up during Bush's time in office. I laughed it off for what it was. Who was the dizzy bimbo on Air America that played the gunshot drop after saying "George Bush?" Is it really the sort of thing the Secret Service needs to investigate? The threat probably does need to be evaluated, but dispatching the Secret Service anytime someone expresses some situation where the president is assassinated smacks more of intimidation. I'm sure the fact it was deep red Alabama set off an extra round of pants-shitting.

As far as Barack Obama is concerned, Vice President Joe Biden first in the order of succession is a far more wonderful defense mechanism than acid for blood. Knowing that, I'd take a bullet for Obama.


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Comments (12)

Perhaps we could all, liber... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Perhaps we could all, liberals and Americans alike, agree that assassination scenarios/ fantasies/ whatevers are beyond the pale, regardless of which President we're talking about.

"As far as Barack Obama is ... (Below threshold)

"As far as Barack Obama is concerned, Vice President Joe Biden first in the order of succession is a far more wonderful defense mechanism than acid for blood. Knowing that, I'd take a bullet for Obama."

That's why Biden was chosen as VP. I hope you didn't really buy that "picked for his foreign affairs experience". NO ONE in their right mind wants Uncle Joey anywhere near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

He should have made a film ... (Below threshold)

He should have made a film about it instead.

"He should have made a film... (Below threshold)

"He should have made a film about it instead."

Thread winner!

"I'd take a bullet.."... (Below threshold)

"I'd take a bullet.."

Quality snark right there. I don't care who you are...

I bet those kids will remem... (Below threshold)

I bet those kids will remember how to figure out angles though.

Wonder if Arlen Specter wou... (Below threshold)

Wonder if Arlen Specter would 'take a bullet for Barry' right about now? Oh wait, he did.

Dumb, but no, taxpayers sho... (Below threshold)

Dumb, but no, taxpayers should not have dispatched SS to investigate, when a phone call or two to gather the facts is all that was need to evaluate this for what it was.

The Secret Service takes ev... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

The Secret Service takes every threat seriously, they have no sense of humor, and they do not f**k around.

This is as it must be - most attempts have been by cranks or nuts, so nothing can be safely disregarded, especially after Reagan was shot to impress Jody Foster.

"As far as Barack Obama is ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"As far as Barack Obama is concerned, Vice President Joe Biden first in the order of succession is a far more wonderful defense mechanism than acid for blood"

You forget Nancy Pelosi is second in line.

You forget Nanc... (Below threshold)
You forget Nancy Pelosi is second in line.
For a few more months.
I had a physics teacher in ... (Below threshold)

I had a physics teacher in High School that used what would today be quite inflammatory test questions. I can't remember verbatim but one of the questions went like this:
A truck passes Jerome as he is sitting on his porch going 4 m/s. 2.25 seconds after the truck passes Jerome notices the truck is full of watermelons. If Jerome can accelerate at 2.4 m/s how fast would Jerome have to run to steal a watermelon before the truck had traveled 2000 meters.






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