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Upping The Auntie

In Boston, a Kenyan woman named Zeituni Onyango had her day in court recently. Ms. Onyango came to the US in 2000 on a student visa. In 2002, she sought political asylum, citing violence in Kenya. In 2004, she got her hearing -- and was denied. She was ordered out of the country.

She didn't bother to leave. Instead, she went on public assistance, moved into public housing, and just hung around, doing as she pleased despite the court order hanging over her head.

In 2008, her case sprung to national attention -- at least partly. Someone noted an "Aunti Zeituni" mentioned in a certain book and went looking for her. That's when it became widely known that Zeituni Onyango had had a half-brother by the name of Barack Obama Sr., whose son had become a United States senator and presidential nominee.

Now, Aunti Zeituni had never made a big deal about her famous relative. At least not publicly, She hasn't had to; others have done it for her. After news of her broke, President Bush issued an order requiring top-level approval for her deportation -- and that of any other illegal aliens in similar straits -- before the election. Whether it was done out of compassion for Candidate Obama or done to prevent a groundswell of sympathy for him, it was a bad move.

Aunti hasn't exactly been a stellar immigrant, either. She lives in public housing nominally reserved for the elderly (she's 57), she spent years living on public assistance while ignoring the deportation order, and even violated US election laws by giving a donation to her nephew's presidential campaign. I'm tempted to give her a pass on that one, but in context of all her other violations of US laws, as well as her living off the work of Americans and taking a spot in public housing that could have gone to a needy elderly American, my compassion goes right out the window.

It occurs to me that if Aunti has such a fondness for public housing, I know a place in a considerably warmer clime that has plenty of room for her, where she could bond with her family here in the US -- especially her young grand-nieces. But her famous nephew already has his mother-in-law living with him, and he has no further use for her beyond a convenient prop in his book.

It must be stated that Aunti has made a tremendous contribution to America. She has brought to light many things that would have remain unseen. For example, the fact that in Boston, the city has rules that forbid even asking if someone is an illegal alien when granting public assistance, public housing, or any other sort of welfare. The fact that in the waning days of the 2008 presidential campaign, President Bush allowed politics to sway him to intervene on our illegal immigration enforcement.

And she's shown starkly just how easy it is for President Obama to toss anyone under the bus when they become inconvenient. Here is his father's half-sister, who played such a prominent role in his biography, in trouble and he won't do anything. He won't offer her any assistance. He won't say that the law must be respected, even in this case. He won't say or do anything, just let the relationship stand for others to note and discuss. He hasn't offered her money for representation, hasn't offered to sponsor her, hasn't said or done anything.

And why should he? She served her purpose when he used her in his book. Now, no matter what he does, she would be a liability, so he ignores her.

It's time to take the lesson of Aunti Zeituni to heart. Massachusetts had considered a law denying public assistance to illegal aliens (welfare, public housing, and the like), on the theory that American tax dollars ought to go to needy Americans first, and that went down in flames. Time to bring it back.

And it's long past time Aunti Zeituni stopped sponging off American taxpayers and returned to her home. She's demonstrated time and again her lack of respect for our laws.

And if President Obama doesn't like that, he's more than free to speak up. If he does, it'll be the first time he's said anything about her situation.


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Comments (20)

Let's all chose the laws we... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Let's all chose the laws we think we should not obey also. Talk about discrimination -only certain folks have to follow the laws of the land. How do you spell reparations? I don't know but it's abreviations are "P C"

Obama has Zeituni. ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Obama has Zeituni.
Bill had Roger.
Carter had Billy.
Jeb had W.

Adrian, did any of those ot... (Below threshold)

Adrian, did any of those other three utterly deny the existence of the relatives when they proved embarrassing?


Only one of them would have... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Only one of them would have been forgiven if he had.

Adrian, you've convinced me... (Below threshold)

Adrian, you've convinced me. I ain't gonna vote for Bush ever again.

With that out of the way, would you NOW care to address the actual topic? Of which Dubya only had a passing involvement?


I thought not.

Adrian, you're slipping. Even for you, this was weak.


Marvin P. Bush says "hi."</... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Marvin P. Bush says "hi."

Well now Arizona has a plac... (Below threshold)

Well now Arizona has a place to send all those illegals. I'm sure the taxpayers of Boston will approve.

Gee, why didn't they deport... (Below threshold)
jim x:

Gee, why didn't they deport an elderly woman with medical problems back to a country with routine mass violence, where her unsought fame would almost certainly make her the plaything of warring gangs?

That would have been the right thing to do. After all, she certainly deserved such a fate after never hurting another human being in her life, AND THEN ON TOP OF IT having the gall to work as a volunteer helping others whilst luxuriating in public housing.

I have a friend who works as a prosecutor for illegal aliens. This is exactly the kind of person they don't prosecute. They are going after violent criminals - not little old freaking ladies. For frak's sake.

Wow. Its one thing to hate Obama's policies. But this level of hate just defies all sense.

jim x, most of those proble... (Below threshold)

jim x, most of those problems didn't emerge until after she overstayed her initial visa. And she didn't seek asylum until after she was caught.

I find myself leaning towards a policy that no one can apply for asylum after they have been caught. If they want it, they have to ask for it BEFORE ICE catches them.

I do note, however, that your argument on her behalf denoting her relation to President Obama is compelling. Pity neither she nor he has tried to make it.


When the rest of Barry's re... (Below threshold)

When the rest of Barry's relatives show up asking for "political asylum", send 'em to jim x's house. He won't have a problem providing food, shelter and walking around money.

Oh, and throw all those immigration laws out. They don't MEAN anything.

And the election finance la... (Below threshold)

And the election finance laws, toss them as well, seeing as "auntie" contributed to Barry's presidential campaign.

Guys like jim x need to give us a list of ALL the laws that illegal aliens can violate without repercussions. Would make life a lot easier.

Jay Tea, I want you deporte... (Below threshold)
James H:

Jay Tea, I want you deported for that headline.

Obama has Zeituni.... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:
Obama has Zeituni. Bill had Roger. Carter had Billy. Jeb had W.

And someone has you.

Guys like Garandfan need to... (Below threshold)
jim x:

Guys like Garandfan need to come up with one reason why we should be going after illegal immigrants, rather than just jailing the CEO's who hire them.

'Cause just going after the immigrants and leaving their employers alone, is like jailing the crackheads while lighting the drug pusher's cigars. And is about as effective in solving the actual problem.

Thoughts, Garandfan?

President Obama's aunt woul... (Below threshold)
jim x:

President Obama's aunt would be more welcome at my house than many so-called citizens, who would rather yell about symbols than actually solve problems.

Only a complete liberal idi... (Below threshold)

Only a complete liberal idiot (but i repeat myself) like jim x is in favor of going after employers for hiring illegal aliens while completely ignoring the fact that said illegal aliens are using falsified documents to get the jobs!!!

You are aware of the I-9 requirements?

So here's two reasons for you. The illegal aliens broke the law by being here. And they continued to break the law by using false identities.

And the good little libtard that you are wants to hold the CEOs responsible for the illegal aliens breaking the law.

Garandfan,The only... (Below threshold)


The only times the lefties want to enforce the law is when it is a conservative breaking a law.

Registered democrat and don't pay your taxes? Come work in the Treasury Department.

Have 200 voters registered at your house, and over 120 of them voted in the last election? No problem, you're the head of the state democratic party.

Vote multiple times either in different districts or using different names? No problem as long as they're democrat votes.

Contribute to a democrat candidate? Why thank you Mr Norman Hsu and Johnny Chung. Give michelles and my best regards to the communist chinese for their assistance. And thank you dear auntie, glad you're enjoying welfare in America.

Dress up in paramilitary gear and intimidate voters at a polling place? No problem, Mr black panthers. After we win a judgement against you, we'll drop all the charges and take out a restraining order so that you can't carry a nightstick at a polling place. That order will expire October 2012.

Wanna beat up black people who support the tea parties? No problem, my SEIU brothers, we'll have ordinance violations filed against you, and the unions will pick up the tab. What's that? Injured your hand while beating up that uncle tom? No problem, that qualifies as a work-related injury.

So Garandfan, just register as a Democrat and tithe to the democrat party, and then the laws don't apply to you!

Fixed your post for you.</p... (Below threshold)
jim x:

Fixed your post for you.

"Only a conservative without a single logical leg to stand on (but i repeat myself) like kenny is in favor of pretending most illegal aliens have papers that even look valid. "

I mean, seriously Kenny. Look at your own argument. If illegal aliens have documentation that actually fools CEO's, then the Arizona law won't do any good either will it?

YOu know and I know that corporations are hiring illegal workers so they can ***pay them less***. They aren't being fooled by paperwork.

If you **actually want to get rid of illegal immigrants**, then you logically **have to get rid of what draws them here:


So, to finish fixing your post,

"And the good little conservatard that you are wants to punish the poor who break the law while letting the rich get off scott free."

little jimmy,I'll ... (Below threshold)

little jimmy,

I'll write in small words to match your small mind.

The fake documents that illegal workers use are good enough to fool employers BECAUSE F*CKING JACKASSES LIKE YOU HAVE BLOCKED ALL EFFORTS AT EMPLOYER VERIFICATION.

However, when the very same document is presented to a police officer, and they check the DMV and other databases, it comes back as a fraudulent document.

when the I-9 legislation was passed, Sen Alan Simpson went on CNN to discuss it. He showed up at the CNN offices 4 hours early, walked out the lobby doors, and within 2 blocks had met people who directed him where to get fake documents. On the show, he showed a California drivers license and some other paperwork with his picture and a fake name. Good enough to pass any employers checking the I-9 paperwork. It cost him $40.00

LIttle Kenny,So yo... (Below threshold)
jim x:

LIttle Kenny,

So you honestly think that CEO's are trying to hire legal workers - it's just the ***gosh-darned liberals** who are forcing the helpless corporations to hire illegal workers a pittance.

All the tons of extra money and profit they make, is just a pure coincidence.

That honestly makes sense to you?






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