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Arlen Spectre is a Ghost

And none too soon forgotten

With 99% of Keystone State precincts reporting, Arlen Spectre (D-PA) has lost his bid for nomination as a Democrat.

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Comments (18)

Good riddance.... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Good riddance.

I hear Burger King is hirin... (Below threshold)

I hear Burger King is hiring. Of course, that would involve actual work that is at least one some level beneficial to society, so he is not qualified.

One less fatcat in the Mill... (Below threshold)

One less fatcat in the Millionaires' Club.

Hope he enjoys that Cadillac Pension Plan and free healthcare he'll receive for the rest of his life. We paid for it.

HA! That's one Specter who... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

HA! That's one Specter who will haunt me no longer!

I hope he's not surprised t... (Below threshold)

I hope he's not surprised the Dem voters tossed him the first chance they had. Everyone saw through his pathetic little game.

Just think about it, here i... (Below threshold)

Just think about it, here is an elderly sick man who still wanted to be in the Senate. He still wanted that power and the all perks. He tried everything to win again....God be with him in his illness, but as far as being back in the Senate I say Good Riddance. It is unbelieveable how much they try to hold on. Like Bennett, there he was 76 years old and he wanted another 6-year term win...that should tell us all something...we need to always change the house...no more career politicans.

Term Limits! We need term... (Below threshold)
Maggie Gara:

Term Limits! We need term limits! When these old foggies won't retire with some grace, then we need to vote them out.

It's a win for the people over the power hungry who are out of touch with the real world.

Congress needs a mandatory ... (Below threshold)

Congress needs a mandatory retirement age of 75.

They also need to get rid of the pension and move to a 401K with matching funds of 50 cents to the dollar for the first 6% saved.

Oh, while their at it, they can get their rosy health care system they created like the rest of us.

I posted a comment to his c... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I posted a comment to his congressional page telling him how happy I was he was going into retirement.

I encourage others to do the same.

Ironic that this man lived ... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Ironic that this man lived (to murder pre-borns) with the legal lie of "stare decisis' or legal precident, that he now has become part of a precedent called
"we stare as uleavus."

I'd like to second Mag's co... (Below threshold)

I'd like to second Mag's comment:

"God be with him in his illness, but as far as being back in the Senate I say Good Riddance."

Turns it it wasn't a matter... (Below threshold)

Turns it it wasn't a matter of which party he belonged to. Imagine that.

Anyway, at 80 years old he should've been driving 20 mph with his turn signal blinking, headed for the Early Bird Special.

Spectre and many others are... (Below threshold)

Spectre and many others are having their "Sally Field" moment.....sort of: "They don't like me, they really don't like me".

Too many of our "leaders" h... (Below threshold)

Too many of our "leaders" have become overlords. Seeking only to benefit themselves Arlen is one of many who have lost touch with the notion that we are governed by our fellow countrymen not by a ruling class. It is way past time the citizens took back the government.
Government service should require sacrifice and commitment and a calling to serve our fellow countrymen not a call to power and perks. Our elected officials should be humble not arrogant, they should be accountable and honest.
I think (hope) for the first time in quite a long time this election cycle will finally, in many cases, give us the clear choices that we've lacked in many previous cycles. Honest and open liberals, honest and open conservatives.

Bye Arlen, maybe Barry will... (Below threshold)

Bye Arlen, maybe Barry will help you move.

I hope Snowe and Collins are watching.

1 small step for eradiactin... (Below threshold)

1 small step for eradiacting DINO's, 1 huge step for eliminating RINO kind.

Barry hasn't said anything ... (Below threshold)

Barry hasn't said anything about last night. Be interesting to see his response to Democrats come November.

Last January he told his fellow Democrats not to worry; this would not be a repeat of 1994. Why? "Because I'm here".

"Arlene Spector is a ghost... (Below threshold)

"Arlene Spector is a ghost"

Yes, he's a mere shadow of the man he never was.






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