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Seen at the Local Chinese Restaurant

The obvious sign of hyper-inflation. Call it "legacy costs."

hyper inflation obama funny money.jpg

The Treasury is running the printing presses night & day!


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Night and day aint fast eno... (Below threshold)

Night and day aint fast enough for the debt monger in chief. Seriously, if you gave someone a bill with that mug on it, they would laugh and turn you in for fraud/counterfeiting.

That bill is an idea worth ... (Below threshold)

That bill is an idea worth looking into. In a few years, we will need those to go to the grocery store.

For some reason I can't say... (Below threshold)

For some reason I can't say the denomination on that one bill without doing a funny voice and then touching a pinky to my lips.

I suspect that Obama's also... (Below threshold)
Don L:

I suspect that Obama's also on the "won" ton noodles?

I received one of these las... (Below threshold)

I received one of these last night at the poll from a little girl; there are a series of these bills with scripture and a link to www.livingwaters.com.

Although your idea sounds about right.

Yeah. I noticed JN 316 Do U... (Below threshold)

Yeah. I noticed JN 316 Do U Belev (John 3:16) on the million dollar bill.

Don't give Barry any ideas.... (Below threshold)

Don't give Barry any ideas. The arrogant bastard would have no problem having his face put up everywhere, including Mt Rushmore.

He puts his ugly face on Ru... (Below threshold)

He puts his ugly face on Rushmore and Im gonna desecrate a landmark!

For the record, we're going... (Below threshold)

For the record, we're going to see (already are seeing) a deflationary period before we see general inflation. I suspect we'll see talk of more 'stimulus' packages soon.






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