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Arizona, The Thoughtful State

There's been a lot of talk about Arizona's threatening to retaliate against Los Angeles' "boycott" of their state by cutting off their power. LA gets about 25% of its electricity from AZ, and if that were to be suddenly terminated, the City Of Angels would be in a world of trouble.

Only thing is, no such threat was made.

In Arizona, one single public official on the state's utility board sent a very politely worded letter of inquiry to the city government inquiring if their boycott would include Arizonan electricity, and kindly offering to assist them should they decide it does. No threats, no attempts at coercion, no imprecations, just an innocuous inquiry.

That, friends, is how a "threat" is best delivered.

The real threats came first from Los Angeles -- "change your laws or we won't buy your goods and services." That, however, wasn't described as a "threat," but a form of protest and social action designed to correct a perceived wrong.

The Arizonan response was classic. The best term to describe it as "calling their bluff."

What's going on in the Southwest is something we've all seen before, being played out on a macro scale.

"If you didn't have that badge on, I'd kick your ass."

"Fine, here goes the badge."


"If you didn't have your friends here to protect you, I'd kick your ass."

"Friends, would you mind standing back and staying out of things?"


"If you didn't have that gun, I'd kick your ass."

"Bob, would you hold this for me for a few minutes?"

This first started playing out when Seattle planned its own boycott of Arizonan goods and services. Some clever person noticed that American Traffic Solutions, the supplier of the city's red light cameras (which put quite a bit of silver in the city's coffers each year), is based in Arizona. The final version of the measure exempted existing contracts -- and it will be interesting to see what happens when that contract is up for renewal.

Further, the city of San Diego decided to impose its own boycott on Arizona. That got some Arizonans irritated -- especially those who like ot take their summer vacations in San Diego. It's estimated that about 2 million Arizonans do that, and several of them informed the city that they would be taking their money and themselves elsewhere this summer, thank you very much.

But back to the Los Angeles case. The city's mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, responded to the Arizonan's gentle inquiry with tremendous indignation, saying that he would not respond to threats. Apparently "change your laws or we'll do no more business with you" is perfectly acceptable, but "could you please clarify precisely what your threat does and does not cover, and may we help you carry it out?" is hate speech and terrorism and makes kittens cry.

Arizona's message seems pretty clear: we're tired of getting screwed over by illegal aliens, and we're fed up with the federal government not only refusing to do its duty, but forbidding anyone else from doing a damned thing. They're going to give this a try, and they will not be bullied or threatened by anyone or anything.

They're not looking for a fight, but they're not going to run from one, either.

Viva Arizona!


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The hypocrisy is nothing ne... (Below threshold)

The hypocrisy is nothing new JT. LA Power owns portions of several generating plants in Arizona. Can't build those NASTY, UNSAFE nuclear plants in the People's Republik, so build them in another state.

Wonder what the PD's are going to do when they run out of taser cartridges. Taser International is also in Arizona. Guess those PD's are going to have to start SHOOTING PEOPLE WITH REAL BULLETS.

Personally, I wonder what t... (Below threshold)

Personally, I wonder what the rest of the WECC members think of the ACC's shot over LA's bow. I am sure more than a few would be happy to buy any power put back onto the western grid...
Makes me wish my company was operating in the regional entity... just to see it play out :)

Ha ha ha, Phoenix suns of a... (Below threshold)

Ha ha ha, Phoenix suns of a ....... lose again! Ha ha ha ha

From the PNM site, the Palo... (Below threshold)

From the PNM site, the Palo Verde nuclear station in Arizona ownership is:

- Arizona Public Service: 29.1 %
- Salt River Project: 17.5 %
- Southern California Edison: 15.8 %
- El Paso Electric: 15.8 %
- PNM: 10.2 %
- Southern California Public Power Authority: 5.9 %
- Los Angeles Department of Water and Power: 5.7 %

United Blood Services is ba... (Below threshold)
jim m:

United Blood Services is based in Scottsdale AZ and operates 6 blood centers in California.

I don't suppose California wants to put their money where their mouth is and start canceling open heart surgeries and letting cancer patients die. I guess all those auto accidents will just have to bleed to death.

Of course they could always go to the Red Cross, but then again they are under consent decree for repeatedly violating federal laws regarding testing and collection of blood products. (And does Mayor Villaraigosa know that you are required to present a picture ID to donate blood? RACISM!!!!!!!)

I wish someone would uphold their stupid boycott for them. Let LA suffer. Maybe then libs will start thinking of the consequences of their choices before they impose them on others.

Tucson Power once owed part... (Below threshold)

Tucson Power once owed part of Palo Verde and sold their share. Been kicking themselves in the ass ever since.

Remember jim, it's a "selec... (Below threshold)

Remember jim, it's a "selective" boycott. They've got "principles" on the LA city council.

You'd think all those cowbo... (Below threshold)

You'd think all those cowboy movies made in Hollywood might have left an impression. You know, when the good guys kept their word, made their own decisions about right and wrong, and actually acted on that instead of waiting for someone else to do something.

Nah, guess that just isn't nuanced enough...

Kinda off subject, Lee, I t... (Below threshold)

Kinda off subject, Lee, I think your 72 hours has expired for Barry to do something about his mistress in the gulf? Now we can lay it squarely on his wimpy shoulders.

Barrys Katrina? Yeah, sounds good.

I have a feeling if liberal... (Below threshold)

I have a feeling if liberal States take this too far we will see a split and conservative States will be on the winning end. If we divide the country into conservative vs. liberal States there will not be enough liberals to support those who are government dependent in their socialist utopia.

I know this is only a fantasy but please let me enjoy it for a moment.

#10K... (Below threshold)



The Hollyweed community use... (Below threshold)

The Hollyweed community uses Arizona a lot for their Westerns. Wonder where they will film them now? Mexico? Then they would have to use local non-union people do their errands and other grunt jobs. People do these knee jerk reactions without thinking about the unintended consequences and the only ones that they hurt are themselves.

3. Posted by 914 | May 20, ... (Below threshold)

3. Posted by 914 | May 20, 2010 11:41 AM | Score: 2 (6 votes cast)

Ha ha ha, their still bums! Hahahaahahahah

I thought it was a nice rep... (Below threshold)

I thought it was a nice reply to LA, even if nothing comes of it.

I would like to see AZ DPS on the state line turning back vehicles from CA. I would let them allow delivery trucks through though. I'd also like to see AZ businesses start to refuse service to people driving cars from CA, let them buy their gas somewhere else.

In poker, the two worst phr... (Below threshold)

In poker, the two worst phrases a player running a bluff can hear are "call" and, worse, "raise." Both are "vurp" inducing. This, I imagine, is exactly what the LA City Council must have tasted in their collective mouths upon hearing AZ's inquiry.

My advice to the city council members in LA, Seattle (way to embarrass us) and San Diego: You don't have a hand. Fold before you hurt yourselves.

Cool the great city of Bost... (Below threshold)

Cool the great city of Boston is involved in the boycott, as is Austin Texas.

The exchange between CA & A... (Below threshold)

The exchange between CA & AZ has been quite entertaining. I hope AZ doesn't back down.

On the other hand, our Congress cheering for the Mexican President as he denigrates us makes my blood boil.

I say its a girly-man-cott!... (Below threshold)

I say its a girly-man-cott!

re:17AZ tends to hav... (Below threshold)

AZ tends to have a deeper reserve of Class than CA, so expect the kerfuffle to continue in a similar process:

wild-ass statements from the Far-West
calculated bear-trap with a hint of nuance from east of the Colorado River
At the final call, there's little doubt which way the chips will fall.

Even after the recent elections, they still don't get it, do they? November is coming!

I just hope my state, New M... (Below threshold)

I just hope my state, New Mexico, can get its act together instead of being the only blue state in a sea of red, as we were last election - and each election stretching back into memory.

It has begun, though. The new Republican mayor of Albuquerque has rolled back "sanctuary city" status by re-opening the ICE post at the metro jail. Every person arrested will receive a federal immigration check, from grandmothers to Swedes to Bostonians to Mexicans, no exceptions - and therefore no profiling.

Lol you are deliberately tu... (Below threshold)

Lol you are deliberately turning away a huge conservative voting block just because they are brown. I'm not talking about illegals. But all the legal conservative family oriented christian Hispanics. The one Bush idea that was actually smart in regards to enfranchising Hispanics so they would become a new base for future Republican votes.

Republicans never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

"The one Bush idea that was... (Below threshold)

"The one Bush idea that was actually smart in regards to enfranchising Hispanics so they would become a new base for future Republican votes."

IF they are US citizens they already have the right to vote. It just requires one to get off their dead ass.

Which blows the shit out of your.....

"Lol you are deliberately turning away a huge conservative voting block just because they are brown."

Unless you are talking about ILLEGALS. Since they don't have the right to vote. Yet.

Preach it, Jay Tea.... (Below threshold)

Preach it, Jay Tea.






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