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Everybody draw Muhammad

My artistically challenged contribution...



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Comments (12)

LMAOROTF! I don't care who... (Below threshold)

LMAOROTF! I don't care who you are, that's funny!

LOL - applauds vigorously. ... (Below threshold)

LOL - applauds vigorously. +1 for style!

I think I will go out and ... (Below threshold)

I think I will go out and torch some cars now.

Excellent!!Now bac... (Below threshold)


Now back to the drawing board for me.

Classless but at least, yal... (Below threshold)

Classless but at least, yall gave it yall's best, Otto.

Pretty spot on satire. I am... (Below threshold)

Pretty spot on satire. I am impressed. Job well done. ww

I think I will go out an... (Below threshold)

I think I will go out and torch some cars now.

Why, 914, I didn't know you were Of Unkown Ethnic Origin. And I don't believe you're a Youth, no way, no how.

"I'll keeeeeeel you" from p... (Below threshold)

"I'll keeeeeeel you" from peace lovers everywhere in 3.........2........1....

"Why, 914, I didn't know yo... (Below threshold)

"Why, 914, I didn't know you were Of Unkown Ethnic Origin. And I don't believe you're a Youth, no way, no how."

Im Italian and old. That should say it all

Hur Hur. Let's do somethin... (Below threshold)

Hur Hur. Let's do something extremely offensive to provoke minorities. I bet you can't wait till "burn a cross on a black person's front yard day". How about you offend Jew's and post some holocaust jokes in the name of free speech? Oh yeah, you won't because your a pussy who only insults minorities that are othered in society.

PS if you are gonna say I'm PC or some bull then don't bother. You are just a hypocrit who uses "politically correct" as a cover for racism. If I made a joke such as

"What the difference between Schindler and Abe Foxman? Schindler never made a profit off the holocaust."

You would literally shit your diapers. What is clear to me is that I shouldn't be a comedian. As well as the people who are truly "PC" are really PC bigots who throw bombs but can't take it when a joke attacks their identity and politics.

PS you should change the first sentence from
"My artistically challenged contribution..."
"My autisticly challenged contribution..."

Is there a question in ther... (Below threshold)

Is there a question in there somewheres Genearl?

I wish all those Offended-A... (Below threshold)

I wish all those Offended-Americans would go back to Offendistan where they belong.






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