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Et Tu, Hillary?

I'm going to do something very disturbing.

It's icky, repulsive, against my nature, and just plain gross.

I am actually going to provide a link to The Huffington Post.

Make no mistake, I will thoroughly shower and de-louse myself after writing this. However, as it has the quotes I need, I have no other choice.

(There is a goofy ad that pops up over the actual video. Just click "Skip this ad" to get rid of it.)

From the Huffington Post:

Carville, the famously outspoken Louisianian who was a chief political aide to Bill and Hillary Clinton, told CNN's Anderson Cooper on Thursday that the administration's response to the spill has been "lackadaisical" and that Obama was "naive" to trust BP to manage the massive clean-up effort.

"I think they actually believe that BP has some kind of a good motivation here," he said. "They're naive! BP is trying to save money, save everything they can... They won't tell us anything, and oddly enough, the government seems to be going along with it! Somebody has got to, like shake them and say, 'These people don't wish you well! They're going to take you down!'"

Carville also accused the White House of going along with what he called the "let BP handle it" strategy.

"I'm as good a Democrat as most people, and I think this administration has done some good things. They are risking everything by this 'go along with BP' strategy they have that seems like, lackadaisical on this, and Doug is right, they seem like they're inconvenienced by this, this is some giant thing getting in their way and somehow or another, if you let BP handle it, it'll all go away. It's not going away. It's growing out there. It is a disaster of the first magnitude, and they've got to go to Plan B."

Pretty damning stuff from a top-tier democratic political operative.

Aside from the fact that Carville is from Louisiana, and he wants nothing but the best outcome for his home state, I think there is a bit more to his criticism then just voicing his opinion.

He is a liberal through and through. His rabid leftist rantings are there for all to see.

However, there is one thing that he is above all else: A Clinton soldier.

A while back as a Guest Poster I floated the idea that, for the 2012 presidential election, Obama would dump Joe Biden and replace Hillary as his Vice Presidential nominee.

Now, with Obama bumbling his way through the Presidency, looking and acting like the inept, incompetent, unqualified neophyte we were warned about, he may not be such a lock for the 2012 Democratic nominee.

Don't think for one second that Hillary doesn't want to be President. The political opportunist that she is, she is not content with just being a cog in Obama's rickety wheel.

For Carville, supposed democratic loyalist he is, to brazenly come out and blast Obama, means a bit more.

This was a huge trial balloon, sent up to see just how strong Obama looks under fire during an actual crisis.

If not for an adoring leftist media, Obama's mistakes and shifty actions would be scrutinized and trumpeted from all corners of the political spectrum.

Carville was sent out to test the waters.

And Hillary smells blood.


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Comments (27)

"This was a huge trial ball... (Below threshold)

"This was a huge trial balloon"

Interesting. The Dems already know they're going to get an ass kicking come November. Especially when Pelosi says 'defeat is victory'. The ruling powers of the DNC now have to weigh that loss with the potential of losing the White House in 2012. Just how entrenched are the Obamabots? So far, Barry's got a free ride because he's BLACK. And you can't be critical of a BLACK, because, you know, that's RACIST! But the economy is not 'bouncing back'. Prognostications now are something like a 1.5% growth in GDP OVER THE NEXT 5 YEARS! That's STAGNATION! That growth would barely cover added jobs for people entering the workforce for the 1st time. We're talking chronic 10% unemployment (counting only those LOOKING for work, not those who've given up - then it's almost 17%).

So the Dems have problems. They'll put on a smiley face and count on the MFM to carry water for them. Unfortunately reality has a way of kicking voters in the balls.

As for "The Skull", he's still a hack. Yeah, BP is screwing around because they know they'll be sued. So it's in their favor to dick around and let the spill get worse.

Maybe Barry is hoping the spill will just go away. BP KNOWS they have to MAKE it go away.

Was it Carville or Bregala ... (Below threshold)

Was it Carville or Bregala who said they chose to work for Democrats because Democrats are stupid?

Obama would dump Joe Bid... (Below threshold)

Obama would dump Joe Biden and replace Hillary as his Vice Presidential nominee.
That's a sure way for Obama to get himself killed.

Hillary's trump card would ... (Below threshold)

Hillary's trump card would be that 'she was a good soldier for the party'. She GAVE UP at the convention and led the "proclamation" of Obama as their standard bearer in order to maintain party unity. She GAVE UP her seat in the Senate because Barry asked her to be Sec of State. She'll probably claim that any foreign affairs screw-ups and failures were because she was implementing Barry's policies. Just as any other 'good soldier of the party' should. In other words, "IT'S ALL BARRY'S FAULT"

Hillary! wants to sit in the White House. She'd be 69 in 2016. To quote the Democrats about McCain, isn't that TOO OLD? BUT, she'd be only 65 in 2012. Hey! That's "mature".

Oh, forgot to add. For tho... (Below threshold)

Oh, forgot to add. For those who say that 'something like that won't happen'. Look back to Carter vs Kennedy. "Splash" didn't just run against Carter for shits and grins. The DNC knew Carter was tanking in his first term. Kennedy ran with the blessings of the DNC honchos hoping to keep control of the White House. Obama could find himself in the same boat, no matter how loud he yells RACISTS!. Barry would NEVER play that card, would he?

Def a huge trial baloon, wo... (Below threshold)

Def a huge trial baloon, would love to be a fly on the wall at inner-circle meetings when the topic is Hillary.

Postulating out, what about the fact that the Census will be complete and most of the law suits and fighting will be done by 2012. The big gains will be in the South and West, red states controlled by more Republican legislatures, thus providing an electoral advantage to Conservatives.

As Obamalini goes in the annals alongside such paragons as Carter, Nixon, Harding and Filmore, does she see the opportunity to ride in as the white knight to save the day?

If the re-districting isn't worked out until 2016, would you really want to be a Democratic, Socialist/Facist candidate having to win Texas or a combination of Georgia, Alabama and Utah? IF anything she is def. setting up for 2012.

Obama would dump J... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:
Obama would dump Joe Biden and replace Hillary as his Vice Presidential nominee.

That's a sure way for Obama to get himself killed.

It's a well-known fact that only eeeeevil Rethuglikkkans and teabaggers commit assassinations of noble Democrat public servants. Just look at JFK and Bobby Kennedy, murdered by reich-wingers ... or so some "progressives" still believe, more than 40 years later.

Just look at how they murdered Paul Wellstone, man!

If Obama happens to meet with an "unfortunate accident," the MSM will trumpet that conservatives must have had something to do with it, and the far left will know that Rethuglikkkan fascists are to blame. Best of all, he'll be a martyr, cut down in his prime before he had a chance to Save Humanity. But fortunately Saint Hillary will rescue us!

I just don't see it. Unless... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

I just don't see it. Unless Obama chooses not to run, I can't see it.

-- What the hell has Hillary done over the past 18 months? Anything? Bueller?? I mean, not only what great successes has she achieved, what has she done that is even interesting, as in, worth talking about over a Starbucks? What? Hillary has been an utter and absolute non-entity, and 'what have you done lately' is virtually everything in politics and show-biz.

-- I'm not inclined to do the digging, but I cannot say when was the last time a sitting President was challenged by a sitting (or even recently resigned) member of his own cabinet, particularily one of the Big Four (State, Defense, Treasury, Justice). Let's face it, if you hold one of those chairs, your are joined at the hip to your President, period. NO escape from that. If she were to resign, firing broadsides (and that would have to be pretty damn soon), then every one of us gets to ask such questions as "Why did you sign up to start with??" "Post-nomination, YOU told us this guy was aces, what the hell??" "Why should I vote for your party, when this guy you are now attacking is your guy!" "If Obama has now gone off the beam, where were you, or for that matter, your esteemed husband, all during 2009 and 2010? You both went to bat for him, big time, and now all of a sudden you in your wisdom turn 180 degrees (right as the election approaches, ahem) and we are all supposed to have faith in your judgement??" etc etc.

No, I don't see it. If anyone can tell me the last President so challenged by one of his own cabinet members, and how it went, when he resigned, how he campaigned, etc etc, please chime in, but I just don't think it is do-able. Plus, the Clinton's are very 20th century.... there's really no going back, on either side.

All this would by true of a dynamic, high-profile, James Baker / Condi Rice kind of SecState. Hillary should be just that.... but where the hell is she, under a freekin' rock? She's done nothing.... nothing.

I don't see it. At all.

I don't see it. At all.... (Below threshold)

I don't see it. At all.

First off, Hillary! has the prime requisite. AMBITION! Second, she GAVE UP her run for the party nomination. She LED the ACCLIMATION of Obama as the party's candidate (psssst! She did it FOR THE GOOD OF THE PARTY!). She returned to her SAFE Senate seat. She GAVE UP her Senate seat because Barry ASKED HER to be HIS Secretary of State. (psssssst! GOOD LOYAL PARTY SOLDIER). The Secretary of State carries out the wishes and programs of the President. Remember all the praise heaped on Colin Powell for stepping away from the EVIL George Bush? The Sec of State doesn't run their own show on foreign affairs.

So now the party see's 2012 coming like a freight train. NO resurgent economy, nothing but FAILURES in foreign relations (See Krauthammer's latest column).


Now throw in that some of Barry's "health care REFORM" is starting to kick in (unless one of those pending lawsuits has already quashed the MANDATORY purchase requirement).

So the DNC sees FAILURE written all over. Remember Billy Bob's "It's the economy, stupid!"?

The question then becomes, "Will Barry step down for the good of the party so that we can run a viable candidate?"

Hahahahahahaha!!! Mr "I". Mr. "ME", Mr. Ego?

So they need someone to run in the primary for their own party in 2012 against their failing incumbent. It happened in 1980. Carter was toast and the Democratic Party knew it. (It's the economy, stupid!") "Splash" Kennedy ran in the primary against Peanuts Carter. Given "Splash's" past, it was a Hail Mary play, but he was the only one who could do it and suffer no consequences. If he succeeded, they kept the White House. If he lost, well he wasn't a TRAITOR!, He was a Kennedy! (Insert Genuflect Here). AND he could keep his SAFE senate seat.

Now WHO does the DNC have that can fill Ol' Splash's shoes? It's Hillary! She's been a GOOD SOLDIER. Her husband (insert genuflect) was IMPEACHED BY THOSE BASTARD REPUBLICAN'S! She was a GOOD SOLDIER when her husband got a knob job in the Oval Office. (No, "I WANT A DIVORCE!). Hillary! is a SAINT! She's given her ALL for the party!

Remember, Barry has no problem throwing people under the bus when they've hit their expiration date. The DNC wants CONTROL. If Barry loses, the DNC loses. The DNC does not like to lose.

We'll find out this Novembe... (Below threshold)

We'll find out this November. If it's the predicted Democratic blood bath, you'll see 'trail balloons' all over the place. Hillary! will piously step forward at the appropriate time (timing is EVERYTHING, ask Barry) - saying "THE PARTY HAS ASKED THAT I........."

Now if there is really a revolt of the masses this November, and the Republicans also sustain major damage to incumbents, Barry will probably be able to weather any assault from INSIDE his own party in 2012.

Then it will be a head-to-head between the candidates and their parties in 2012. But Barry's handicap will still be his "record of accomplishments". Right now that's as thin as those things he "accomplished" prior to being elected.

Trial balloon? Maybe... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Trial balloon? Maybe

What this does absolutely is provide Barry with cover to say, "I tried to be friendly to business and a free market, but the public demanded that I take over the energy industry and advance my agenda of a failed socialist state."

Remember, Hugo Chavez is a hero to obama. Barry wants to take over the energy industry and is looking for an excuse. This is just more of "Don't let a good crisis go to waste". Obama will use this as an excuse to remake our energy industry in the image of the shining success that is Venezuela.

Begun, the clown wars have.... (Below threshold)

Begun, the clown wars have.
(Get your popcorn!)

Well, let's not get carried... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Well, let's not get carried away. First off, nobody actually watches CNN. Their audience is so tiny it's absurd. If Carville wanted to float a trial balloon he'd have done so on 'Meet the Press' or 'This Week' or some other medium with a modicum of viewers or readers. Second, Hillary has been M.I.A. since early-2009. If she really was thinking of mounting a primary challenge you'd be seeing and hearing a helluva lot more of her.

"Hillary has been M.I.A. si... (Below threshold)

"Hillary has been M.I.A. since early-2009. If she really was thinking of mounting a primary challenge you'd be seeing and hearing a helluva lot more of her."

And for one who loves the lime light, I wonder why? There are times when a 'low profile' is best. When was the last time Barry gave a 'press conference'. Talking about loving center stage.

Remember, 'timing is everything'. We'll have to wait until the results of this November's elections. Barry didn't make his move until after the 2006 election results (candidacy announcement made Saturday, February 10, 2007).

"...nobody actually watches... (Below threshold)

"...nobody actually watches CNN."

Granted (the top 5 ratings go downwards from the big 3 to Fox to CNN and then all the rest). But what better place to launch a trail balloon? ESPECIALLY a HOT BUTTON topic like this! NO ONE criticizes the Obamassiah!
If the earth starts shaking, The Skull just repeats what you said. "Hell, nobody watches CNN. AND besides, I'm from Louisiana and I'm really upset! We're gonna take the brunt of this!" (couple of tears at this point for emphasis)

Oh CRAP! News Flash!... (Below threshold)

Oh CRAP! News Flash!

British Petroleum has just hired Jamie Gorelick and other attorneys at her firm to help defend them in lawsuits!

Everything this woman has touched turned to shit! Or are they hiring a Democratic operative to make a behind the scenes deal with Barry?

Speaking of election result... (Below threshold)

Speaking of election results!

Congratulations to Congressman-elect Charles Djou(R)!

He just won President Obama's childhood district in the special election in Hawaii after the national Democrats ended up in a civil war with the local Democrats. Obama got 70 percent of the vote there in 2008.

Djou will be the first Republican to represent Hawaii in Congress since Pat Saiki, who served from 1986-1990. He will have to begin campaigning again almost immediately, as the seat will be up for grabs again in the November general election.

No surprises here. <p... (Below threshold)

No surprises here.

It has long been obvious that the world's most dangerous-ever ("female") dullard, the fearsome and loathsome, lying, looting, thieving, mass-murdering, co-serial-raping treasonous recidivist, Missus Billy-Bubbah Blythe, ("Cli'ton") will be the "Democratic" potty's 2012 "presidential" candidate.

And just as obvious that United States of America's President and Armed-Forces Commander-In-Chief-Elect, Sarah Louise Ronald Wilson Reagan Heath Palin, while dragging Missus Blythe about by the track-record, will use her to wipe the floors of about 45 states.


If Mrs. Clinton is serious ... (Below threshold)

If Mrs. Clinton is serious about running for President she had best resign as Secretary of State. Her self proclaimed smart diplomacy, the reset button and what not, has been one disaster after another. Mrs. Clinton has encouraged Russia to restart the cold war, is furthering Iran's nuclear ambitions, may destroy the State of Israel, and making us the laughing stock of the World.

It is not smart diplomacy. It is not leadership and it does serve out country's interests.

In his post #19, DavidL sug... (Below threshold)

In his post #19, DavidL suggests that if Missus Cli'ton is serious about pretending to the "presidency" she had best resign her present sinecure, for her self proclaimed smart diplomacy, the reset button and what not, has been one disaster after another. Mrs. Clinton has incited, encouraged and facilitated a dead, decadent, drunken, depraved and degenerate mini-state with a minuscule GNP (AKA the Russian Federation, AKA the Evil Empire) in its arrogant restarting of the Cold War, is furthering Iran's nuclear ambitions, may destroy the Nation of Israel, and, with a little help from her bumbling boss, has made us the laughing stock of the World.

None of which is any surprise to anyone who has the slightest idea who this talentless harridan is and/or has ever "achieved." Missus Cli'ton is a shifty shirt-tail climber who failed the dumbest of the nation's dumbest-downed bar exams, (Washington DC's) spent years as a Dixie Mafia brown-paper-bag runner, has never litigated a single case and had folks commenting when she "ran" her co-"presidency's" "health-care" reform fiasco that it was never that she had no solutions but was too damned stupid to even notice there was a problem.

"Second, Hillary has been M... (Below threshold)
Ed Swezey:

"Second, Hillary has been M.I.A. since early-2009. If she really was thinking of mounting a primary challenge you'd be seeing and hearing a helluva lot more of her."

This is evidently coming from someone who does not visit the State site or watch the news. Hillary has been doing a lot at State, has traveled extensively, and has been covered amply in the news. It's just that she is out of elective politics now. That goes with a cabinet position.

She did, in fact, implicitly attack the administration in a Senate hearing where she said that US debt and deficit spending was "sapping US strength" worldwide. She challenged Congress to come to grips with the situation.

Having said that, I do admit that I do not see a window of opportunity for her in 2012.

"...they seem like th... (Below threshold)
John S:

"...they seem like they're inconvenienced by this..."

And think how really annoyed they'll be by a shooting war in Korea or a nuclear exchange between Iran and Israel.

I wonder how many of the 63 million who voted for Obama wish for a "do-over" with Hillary on the ballot?

The libs voted for an affi... (Below threshold)

The libs voted for an affirmative failure with Barry, unfortunately we all have to pay for it. Hellary has zero chance in 2012.

I'm not saying Hillary! is ... (Below threshold)

I'm not saying Hillary! is the sharpest tool in the shed. If you want to see Hillary!'s ethics, just drop a $5 on the floor as she passes. HINT: Don't expect to get the money back.

Above I pointed out the scenario where the DNC sees the freight train coming in 2012 - just like the one they saw coming at Carter. What to do? Back a loser, or try and salvage something by running someone else in a primary against their own sitting president. Under what circumstances can you get a 'candidate' to do that without committing political suicide? Kennedy wasn't labeled a "TRAITOR!" afterward (the MFM kept their mouths shut). Who else in the Democratic Party; 1)has the balls; 2)can get away with it? I don't see anyone with those credentials but Hillary!
As for her actions as Sec of State. She carries out Barry's policies. Yeah, she's probably behind some of the dumb-ass stunts, but that's not what she's going to say to the public.

Recall, she first has to SELL this to DEMOCRATS.
"Hello, I'm Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. The recent election has shown that the American public is dissatisfied with the current direction of our government. On many occasions, both I and President Clinton have made suggestions to President Obama to return to policies INITIATED by my husband that brought prosperity to our once great economy. (Hey I didn't say she had to tell the truth!)
President Obama has ignored those suggestions and continued on a path that has led to our current economic condition. In the area of foreign affairs, I have REPEATEDLY attempted to present a strong defense of the American people. Unfortunately, I serve at the pleasure of the President and must present HIS views over my own, no matter HOW DISTASTEFUL I've found it and them.
The Democratic National Committee believes in giving THE PEOPLE a choice at election time. THEY HAVE ASKED that I step up TO THE CHALLENGE and run as YOUR CANDIDATE for President of the United States in the forthcoming primary election cycle.
Therefore, it is with GREAT SADNESS, that I must resign as Secretary of State. I do not do this lightly and without giving it much thought. But neither my husband PRESIDENT Clinton, nor I believe that we can continue to support the major policies of the current administration which have been such abject failures. I have ENJOYED working for President Obama, and have been a LOYAL supporter, BUT continuing current fiscal and foreign policies will do nothing to restore our economy. The American people have already indicated this in their votes.

The "Clinton Machine" is still alive and well. Timing is everything. IF there is a Democratic Blood Bath in November (ESPECIALLY if Barry becomes a lame duck) - the only thing Hillary! has to do is pick the date. Like her or hate her, she's got ambition and she's got balls.

Re 4:Garandfan, th... (Below threshold)

Re 4:

Garandfan, that's only 10 in dog-years.

Unfortunately I am afraid ... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately I am afraid you are right.
Ms Hillary will probably make a run in the future for the Presidency. Too bad the public forgets how several folks under Mr Clinton's Presidency "mysteriously" died.
Additionally I know someone that knows one of the pilots that flew Mrs. Clinton around and he quietly quit... word we got is it was the things that occurred on the plane

Ed S. --"Hillary h... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

Ed S. --

"Hillary has been doing a lot at State, has traveled extensively, and has been covered amply in the news."

Huh?? What news? Where??

I'm sort of reminded of the email someone sent me of the list of Barack Obamas "accomplishments", a list loaded with words like "has begun to", "re-thought", "ordered a commission to", "changed our approach to", etc etc. In other words, a bunch of pablum BS words signifying exactly what you would expect to be accomplished over a table at a campus Starbucks: nothing - but bloviation.

Kindly fill us in on just what constitutes "doing a lot" by HRC over at State? I mean, things with meat on them, like building successful coalitions regarding sanctions, or a genuine international economic response to events that she has been integral to, or even a significant new or restored alliance with anyone in the world who actually matters in the real world. What? Where? When?

Hillary has been an utter null-set, cipher, empty void in this role, and has earned the international respect of virtually no one other than NGO's and activist types who are alll hangers-on, not even close to being the rea players. Whether that is by her design (or lack thereof), or Obama's is a larger question, but it is a very basic fact.






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