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Sestak Says It's Not His Responsibility

Today on Meet the Press, the Democrat candidate for Senate, Joe Sestak, admitted he was offered a job by the White House (via Politico):

Sestak acknowledged in an interview in February that he was offered a position by an unnamed White House official - a potential violation of federal law - but has not offered any specifics on conversation. Republicans are trying to use the issue against Sestak in the November Senate race.

"It's interesting. I was asked a question about something that happened months earlier, and I felt that I should answer it honestly, and that's all I had to say about it." Sestak said Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press." "Anybody else has to decide on what they will say upon their role. That's their responsibility."

Yet Sestak confirmed to NBC's David Gregory that the incident did take place.

"I was offered a job, and I answered that," Sestak said. "Anything that goes beyond that is for others to talk about."

Considering the job offer might have possibly been a violation of federal law, or at the very least, the type of political maneuvering that many voters deplore, Sestak's refusal to provide more information about the offer is troubling. He says, "Anybody else has to decide on what they will say upon their role. That's their responsibility....I was offered a job. Anything that goes beyond that is for others to talk about." Is this the same position he will take as a Senator?

If someone were to offer Senator Sestak a bribe, would he just turn them down and leave it up to them to turn themselves in? Or would he let the proper authorities, and the voters, know what was going on, to serve as a strong deterrent for such behavior? Even if Sestak did not want to raise the issue of the White House job offer, now that it is out in the open doesn't he have some responsibility to provide additional details? It appears he doesn't think so. After all, he said, "That's their responsibility." Well, at least with that statement he is clear with the voters about where he stands on the issue of responsibility.


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I have to admit, I don't un... (Below threshold)

I have to admit, I don't understand Sestak's reasoning. Other than he obviously DOES NOT want to drop Barack Obama's name. Sestak admits he was offered a job. Happens all the time in DC. In this case, I think they call it 'horse trading' because the offer is contingent on the receiver doing something in return for the benefit of the one making the offer. You're right. MOST of the public frowns on such tit-for-tat arrangements. It's merely 'bribery by proxy'. The offer was made if Sestak WOULD NOT RUN FOR SENATOR, so it's pretty well understood 'the offer' had to be something of at least comparable worth. What does Sestak have in his past to recommend him for a job? Oh! Retired Navy Admiral! Hmmmm....how does SecNavy sound? That's got the pizzazz of a "Senator". So who could make such an offer? David Axelrod? Ha! Rahm Immanuel? Ha! And it sure as hell wasn't Joey Biden!

Sestak doesn't want to commit political suicide by saying "Barack Obama offered me a job in exchange for giving up a Senate bid." After all, Barry campaigned on "Hope and Change", not 'politics as usual'. Maybe Barry will step up to the plate and accept "responsibility". Hahahahahahahaha!!!

When Sestak originally admi... (Below threshold)

When Sestak originally admitted he was offered a job by the Obama administration with its implication that it would be a "reward" for withdrawing from the primary contest with Specter I admit I was a bit taken aback. I figured he had divulged more than most other Democrats would have in that situation. I figured he had been a little too honest in the political sense. As I see it now since he refused to collect on the offer he is pretty much off the hook. It would be nice if the Justice Department would do its job at this point because Sestak clearly gave enough information to suggest a federal crime related to bribery had been committed but fat chance on that happening. If Sestak wants to function at all as a senator should he be elected - and particularly since he would have zero seniority in that "most deliberative" of all legislative bodies should that indeed happen - he probably can't piss off the emporer any more than he might have at this point with his lack of discretion.

Like many politicians today... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Like many politicians today Sestak is proud of his corruption and believes that the political class is secure from any repercussions from that corruption despite flaunting it to the public.

I hope the voters of PA are smarter than that, but then again they voted for Specter for how long?

"It would be nice if the Ju... (Below threshold)

"It would be nice if the Justice Department would do its job...."

Hahahaha!!!!!! They didn't even have ENOUGH evidence to prosecute two Black Panthers ON VIDEO TAPE for voter intimidation.

The justice Dept is too bus... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The justice Dept is too busy organizing police escorts for SEIU thugs to intimidate teenagers.

Sestak cannot just say "Tha... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Sestak cannot just say "That's their [the party who made the offer] responsibility" [to talk about details]. Any offer of value to affect a federal election is a felony. Republicans should hold his feet to the fire - especially now that he is "all in" on the accusation and has no way to walk it back to some innocuous conversation over coffee and crullers. Demand answers, and keep demanding them until we get them!

Toomey can take the high road, although he might want to mention it in any debates as long as Sestak continues the cover-up.

GarandFan ~ they not only had enough evidence in the Black Panther case, they had already won the case when the defendants failed to show for trial. It was going to sentencing when Holder pulled the plug.

"Any offer of value to affe... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Any offer of value to affect a federal election is a felony."

A dem candidate covering up the felony crimes of a dem administration. Hardly surprising given that it is reasonably clear the obama was willing to participate in the sale of his Senate seat and only narrowly avoided getting caught in the US atty's snare.

I'm sure Holder will get right on this as soon as he's done sweeping under the rug, er... investigating the misuse of the DC police to enable the SEIU terrorism of local teenagers.

Well, I'm sure Toomey won't... (Below threshold)

Well, I'm sure Toomey won't throw this back in Sestak's face. No, sir. Never gonna happen. Not once.

Toomey shouldn't - although... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Toomey shouldn't - although he could ask about Sestak's evasions during a debate. But others can and should.

Conservative groups run ads all the time, independent of the candidate. And conservative websites can also keep the issue alive, as can constant calls to local talk radio, letters to newspapers, etc.

The guy has made a potentially very serious allegation, presumably against a high-ranking federal official, high enough in the food chain to be able to offer such a position or speak with the authority of those who do. Sestak must tell who made the offer, and what job was offered.

Another "Democrat's" blind ... (Below threshold)

Another "Democrat's" blind eye to the systemic corruption that defines his party?


If the offer did indeed com... (Below threshold)

If the offer did indeed come from the 'White House' it is the responsibility of the Attorney to investigate. BUT that ain't going to happen. Where in the HELL have our VALUES gone? Regardless of Political Parties the law is the law and should be reported and investigated. If this goes without being investigated it is just one more step closer to the undoing of this democracy. GOD help us.

Anthony Weiner (D-NY) was t... (Below threshold)

Anthony Weiner (D-NY) was talking on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" this morning and said both Sestak and the White House 'need to come clean'.

Things are getting pretty bad when you start to lose your Weiner............

Sestak is like a guy who sa... (Below threshold)

Sestak is like a guy who saw a murder. He called 911. When the cops detained a suspect nearby and asked Sestak to identify him, Sestak replied that he'd already performed his civic duty. Now it was time for the murderer 'to step up'.






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