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Why Europe is in deep doo doo

And why we will soon be in the same toilet:

H/T to Ron Wright via email.

Crossposted at Brutally Honest.


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I would urge anyone in scho... (Below threshold)

I would urge anyone in school to learn to speak Chinese. At least they'd have a leg up, so to speak, when our new masters take over.

Europe is finally waking up to the fact that their 'worker's paradise' is not sustainable. And they don't like it. The NYT's tells them to marketize their health, transportation and energy systems, but says the exact opposite at home.

Two Points:Our cou... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

Two Points:

Our country isn't a money lender.

The world is selling euros and buying dollars.

Both distinctions are important, and they illustrate why we are not in the same position as the european nations cited in the video.

Seriously, Rick - you apparently didn't even watch the video or you'd know we are not in the same doo doo - not even close.

and they illustrate why we ... (Below threshold)

and they illustrate why we are not in the same position as the European nations cited in the video.

Tell that to Kalifornia, LEE WARD, BULLSHIT ARTIST!(TM)

Or is Barry going to give Kalifornia that $20+ BILLION we're short?

Lee you are incredibly stup... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Lee you are incredibly stupid.

You say that we are not a money lender and yet we provided 17% of the 110B Euro bailout of Greece.

So that makes us what exactly? China's money launderers?

You are so incredibly ignorant of world events and even the most basic understanding of economics and politics. You spout left wing talking points and never bother to consider them for even one moment. You apparently cannot even tell that the video is a joke and you take it seriously.

"You spout left wing talkin... (Below threshold)

"You spout left wing talking points and never bother to consider them for even one moment."

Becasue he's Lee Ward, BULLSHIT ARTIST!(TM) and that's what he does. A DNC echo chamber, no thought encouraged or requried.

Besides, Barry wants to put us in the same shitter the Europeans find themselves now. And Lee is all about supporting his Obamassiah.

The European Workers Paradi... (Below threshold)
John S:

The European Workers Paradise wouldn't exist at all if U.S. taxpayers didn't cough up nearly a trillion a year in taxes to pay for Europe's (and the rest of the world's) defense. It's time that ended. The world can foot the bill themselves as it descends into a Mad Max future.

Lee,A candidate ha... (Below threshold)
jim m:


A candidate has the following platform:

No to raising taxes
No to borrowing/issuing bonds to cover government deficit
Yes to charter schools
Yes to capping government spending
Yes to freezing government salaries
Yes to reducing government pension benefits
Yes to reducing the size of government

In short a pretty solid Tea Party platform. Is the candidate another reactionary, racist right winger who should be sent to a reeducation camp?

Actually it's Andrew Cuomo.

When are you going to denounce him as a racist tool of big business? When are you going to denounce the dems for endorsing him?

You know the dems had a more liberal candidate for Senator from NY but they ran him out of the state. But then again Harold Ford was black and they wouldn't want someone like that would they?

The actual fact is that the... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

The actual fact is that the only reason the US isn't in the same exact position as the EU is a matter of degree, not any fundamental difference in the situation. The take-down of the world financial system will be triggered by the EU overload, and Obama will blame them for blowing up first.

The China line in the video is a joke - the Chinese aren't in such great shape themselves. They've been phonying their reported economic stats for a long time now, and the shortage of exports bringing foreign hard currencies in will cause problems for them, too.

The essential difference be... (Below threshold)

The essential difference between the Europeon Neo-Soviet and the United States of America is that it has us to defend it, to provide its innovation and creativity and to be its primary market.

If Buraq Hussayn Mussolini and his evil congressional axis pull off their destruction of the greatest nation the world has ever seen and/or will ever experience all of Judeo-Christian/Western/Human Civilization will be doomed and Man on his way into a new dark age, from which he is unlikely to ever again emerge.

Analogizing Europe to toile... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Analogizing Europe to toilets really is an insult to toilets

The big question is at 2:20... (Below threshold)

The big question is at 2:20: "Why is the US economy so much stronger than the European economy?"
Answer: "Because it's owned by China."

The bad news is that's not a very strong position. If the Chinese start to loose confidence in the US economy, they'll start to pull out. The really bad news is that the Chinese are already starting to do that. Our number one creditor is Japan -- not China. The Chinese have radically reduced purchases of Treasuries and increased purchases of gold.

Regarding Lee Ward's statement that the US isn't a money lender:

The major countries contributing to the IMF emergency fund to deal with the European crisis are ($750B):
EU: $178
US: $100
Japan: $100
China: $50

And the IMF and the EU want more commitments from US.






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