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Fire in the belly

I'd say this Alabama Congressional candidate's got it:

H/T to W&W.

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I think Democrats will have... (Below threshold)

I think Democrats will have found, for the very first time, a black man whom they can call RACIST!

great ad...of course, Gover... (Below threshold)

great ad...of course, Governor Devil Patrick (D-Mass of shit) would consider it: "SEDITION!!"

ANYONE who dares to criticize "The One" must be guilty!

Yeah, that "Obama is a terr... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

Yeah, that "Obama is a terrorist" worked real well for McCain and Palin.

But then Alabama is about as backwater as states get in the U.S. -- so maybe he'll sew up the Bubba illiterate vote, along with Bubba's cousins too.

"But then Alabama is abo... (Below threshold)

"But then Alabama is about as backwater as states get in the U.S. -- so maybe he'll sew up the Bubba illiterate vote, along with Bubba's cousins too."

Now this comment is about as dumb as it gets.

Now this comment (#3)is abo... (Below threshold)

Now this comment (#3)is about as dumb as it gets.

Consider the source.

What's the matter Lee, afra... (Below threshold)

What's the matter Lee, afraid of that black man? Oh no, Lee really is a RAAAACIST!

#6 Thread Winner!... (Below threshold)

#6 Thread Winner!

Actually, Barry was going t... (Below threshold)

Actually, Barry was going to join the Navy and serve his country in uniform. He changed his mind when they told him he could whine about affirmative action all he wanted, but he was not getting command of an aircraft carrier battle group as his first assignment.

Lee the liar: "Yeah, that "... (Below threshold)

Lee the liar: "Yeah, that "Obama is a terrorist" worked real well for McCain and Palin."

Of course, neither McCain or Palin said "obama is a terrorist". What Palin (famously!) said was "obama pals around with terrorists".

Which was true.

And still is.

*Wow*I am at a rar... (Below threshold)


I am at a rare loss for words after seeing that video

#3"Yeah, that "Oba... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:


"Yeah, that "Obama is a terrorist" worked real well for McCain and Palin."

The ad does NOT call D'OHbama a terrorist. If you watched to ad, you know this.
Therefore, Lee - YOU ARE A LIAR.

I challenge you to retract the lie and apologize.

And since Lee is a confirmed liar and a raaaaacist, he also sees fit to make blanket attacks on rural Americans.

Good work at showing your true character, Lee.

You know, I recently supported the banning of Lee Ward.
However, once I saw through his offensive posting style, I realize he's got nothing to bring to he discussion - as Lee demonstrates in post #3.

Lee-"so maybe he'l... (Below threshold)


"so maybe he'll sew up the Bubba illiterate vote, along with Bubba's cousins too."

All the "Bubbas" across this country are gonna kick your affirmative action hero's enablers the f out of power come november. You smug little ass.

Probably the greatest irony... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Probably the greatest irony with that video is that if a young liberal idiot watched it he would not be able even to grasp the irony.

Rock it, Mr. Phillip! Good ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Rock it, Mr. Phillip! Good spot.

But then Alabama i... (Below threshold)
But then Alabama is about as backwater as states get in the U.S. -- so maybe he'll sew up the Bubba illiterate vote, along with Bubba's cousins too.

But Lee, doesn't the fact that he's black contradict your verdict on the "bubba"s of the world, i.e. that they hate Obama because he's black and they are evil raaacists? And yet you think they will vote for a *different* black man?

Why, that would mean you are full of sh*t and have not only failed to prove your point, but in fact have proven your entire premise *internally inconsistent*.

It might even turn out that a man's race *doesn't matter* to Obama's opponents, but in fact its something he is doing that makes them oppose him? You know, exactly what we have all contended all along.

By george, Lee, I think you are getting it, despite yourself and your idiotic philosophy.

More Belly Fire!An... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

More Belly Fire!

And for every GOP BubbaHero there's a Oregonian Asshat saluting their Tea Party candidate -- like Arthur Robinson, Oregon's GOP candidate for the 4th Congressional District...

Amidst growing national outrage as oil from BP's deep-sea oil well blowout spreads across the Gulf of Mexico and has just reached the delicate Louisiana coastline, what's noteworthy about Arthur B. Robinson, running on the GOP ticket this year for Oregon's 4th Congressional District, is his stated support for disposing of oil and nuclear waste at sea which, according to Robinson, is the safest place in the world to dispose of certain types of industrial waste material.

In 2004, Robinson's "Access To Energy" newsletter contained a column titled, "OCEAN DUMPING? YES!" which declared,

"Wastes dumped into the deep ocean will soon reach the bottom, where they are less hazardous than nearly any other place on Earth. Most materials will remain there: marine organisms are rare in the deep ocean, food chains are long, and few materials will be carried back to mankind. And that is what waste disposal is all about...

...The oil companies' reckless greed, we are told, has devastated the oceans with their oil spills.


But Robinson then went even further, claiming that the Earth's oceans are "starved for" crude oil,

"As for oil spills in the open and deep ocean, they amount to far less than natural seeps and river runoff, and any unbiased oceanographer will confirm that they are a boon to marine life, inflicting damage mainly on the oil and shipping companies. For crude oil is a natural, organic, biodegradable product of the earth's ancient plant and animal life, and it is this type of hydrocarbon that marine life in the open and deep ocean is starved for."

Further, explained Robinson in another article in the 2004 newsletter, the free market, and the profit motive, are absolutely the best guarantors of a clean environment

Bubbas in the South and GOP Corporate boot lickers up in Oregon.

Makes me so proud.

The race is going to go to ... (Below threshold)

The race is going to go to him or Mo Brooks, depending on how many brain dead morons vote for Parker Griffin, the ex-Democrat that saw the writing on the wall because he was going to get crushed in the general by *ANY* Republican.

Les is is one of the three people running in the District 5 Republican primary here. This is his best TV ad he has running, only as a matter of fact. The vote is June 1st.

Lee, why don't you just shu... (Below threshold)

Lee, why don't you just shut the fuck up about things you clearly don't have the first clue about or harbor a deep seated preconceived notion that is so far from the truth that its almost embarrassing to read?

Just ... go ... away, soonest.

I'm get amazed when I thin... (Below threshold)

I'm get amazed when I think that people see what is being done to this country by the Obama regime day after day after day, and still some like lee are to stupid to grasp the situation. kinda takes your breath away when you realize just how stupid and foolish some are. I guess it takes all kinds, but man that is just plain STUPID.

Is this Lee character reall... (Below threshold)

Is this Lee character really just someone's parody puppet?

Yeah, that "Obama ... (Below threshold)
Yeah, that "Obama is a terrorist" worked real well for McCain and Palin.
Jesus H. on a pogo stick lee weird... you can't even post a single sentence without playing the Liar Card.
Is this Lee character really just someone's parody puppet?
Evn a puppet has a hand to jerk it around and make it dance.

lee weird, not so much unless you count media matters as the puppet master... wait check that we KNOW that's true.

Oh and BTW lee... #16. "Nice" diversion of the spurious kind.

lee weird - "But then A... (Below threshold)

lee weird - "But then Alabama is about as backwater as states get in the U.S. -- so maybe he'll sew up the Bubba illiterate vote, along with Bubba's cousins too."

Quick question lee, isn't the term "bubba" normally associated with white men and women?

Any way given the following "bubba may not apply to Alabama... Blacks in residence 26% USA as a whole 12%

High school grads 75% in the USA 80% not so much different.

Bachelor's degree or higher, 19.0%, USA 24.4% (That big of a diff I fail to see it)

Median value of owner-occupied housing units a not so bubba-like $85,100. (WHAT no trailer-trash!!!)

And this isn't so much bubba-like 'cause you KNOW all bubbas are racists... Black-owned firms, percent, 9.3% USA 5.2%

So here's the sequence of e... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

So here's the sequence of events:

-Lee posts a lie in #3.
-Lee gets his ass handed to him several times, along with a challenge to retract the lie.
-Lee's response is to post "Look, a squirrel!" in #16.

Sure, Lee "doesn't do requests", but only if the request doesn't fit his raaaaacist, lying agenda.

Unfortunately, Lee won't go away.
Does Lee believe he has a captive audience here at Wizbang, or is Lee just too stupid to know just how ridiculous he looks?

Lee, to repeat - I made a challenge in post #11. Do you accept or deny the challenge?
(You see, ignoring me in this case makes you look like a bigger wimp than you already appear to be.)

About 100 guys like Les Phi... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

About 100 guys like Les Phillips in Congress would be a great start.

I haven't read the reports of Lee's pal Robinson, but I do recall about 30 years ago a group of physicists advocated disposing of nuclear waste in the Marianas Trench, as it was demonstrably the safest place on Earth to stash it. Not sure about the oil, since it tends to rise . . . but it is also organic and is eventually consumed, that's just established science - but again the details of this guy's theory could make it impractical.

But if Lee says it is ridiculous, that definitely makes it worth a serious look.

Sky Captain ~ In y... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Sky Captain ~

In ye yore-filled days of olde,
When ye knights of yore were bolde,
And Kings reigned in their castles
They felt it wise
to advertise
Amusements for their vassals.

Dancers always raised a smile
Magicians wowed a little while,
But Kings who wished to rule in style
Always kept a fool waiting in the aisle.

Malformed wretches were mocked with glee,
Dwarfs and midgets thrilled the company,
But the heartiest laughs were for imbecility -
And so as Kings had fools, Jay Tea has Lee.


Blog Deputy Internet Commissar: please note the above counts in the "alternative art forms, including painting, prose, poetry, human excrement sculpture, and performance-based simulated art products" category towards the Wizbang quota in the applicable areas of "Fairness Compliance" as prescribed by law or edict. We thank you for your faithful service for the Public Good, your name be praised by the working class!

Is this Lee character re... (Below threshold)

Is this Lee character really just someone's parody puppet?

I've wondered myself. When he had control of WizbangBlue and nose-dived it, I was surprised that he (she/it/whatever) never seemed to realize it was what HE was doing with the immediate banning of dissent that was destroying any utility of the site.

You WANT people to come and discuss things. That's how you get the page count up, and can charge more for ad space. You don't do that by stating an opinion that's controversial, and then banning everyone who disagrees with your POV.

Lee didn't, or couldn't, or wouldn't see it that way. He basically assumed control of the editorship with all the powers vested in it, and (essentially ) blocked out the opinions of the other contributors (Paul Hooson, and I think there was one other infrequent one.) Any challenges to his policy were met with heavy-duty hissyfits until he got his way. Any challenges to his 'facts' were pretty much immediately deleted and the poster banned.

Lee had control - every leftist's wet dream - and turned what could have been a very interesting site into a smoking crater.

Lee cracks me up.<... (Below threshold)

Lee cracks me up.

"so maybe he'll sew up the Bubba illiterate vote, along with Bubba's cousins too."

So, since bubbas are generally considered illiterate white males who live in rural areas, then only illiterate white males (bubbas) would vote for a black guy. Oh wait, isn't Obama black?

Got it.

It wouldn't have anything to do with him being a guy who actually put his money where his mouth was by serving his country without, you know, being forced into the draft by old white males (read: racists!).

Lee, you are a racist in every essence of the word. Or just an idiot.

No, Oyster, Lee CAN'T be a ... (Below threshold)

No, Oyster, Lee CAN'T be a racist. He's against all those eevil conservatives who MUST be racist because if they WEREN'T racist they'd be liberals like him.

No matter how much you say skin color doesn't matter, the fact that you're even MENTIONING it means you're a racist.

Of course, if you DON'T mention it, you're obviously a racist. And don't forget all the numerous code words that indicate racism, like "Him, her, them, they, he, she" and so on.

Basically, everything is racist, unless it's not, and even then what isn't racist really is.

Unless it isn't.

Does that clear it up?

This guy Les Phillips? Racist. Racist to the CORE because HE mentioned his military service, and everyone knows the military is racist. And segregated. And sexist. And homophobic.

(Shakes head violently.)

Damn that's hard, thinking like that...

Seriously though - I think we're going to be seeing more ex-military going into politics over the next decade or two. We basically had to rebuild the political infrastructure of Iraq, and we did it with our military pushing, prodding, and poking the proper people every step of the way. They learned, in short order, how to construct a functional government.

Ours isn't quite so bad - but it needs an overhaul to strip off the extraneous crap and the 'for life' occupants of some of the offices. Maybe it's time to look at mandatory retirement at age 60 for folks in Congress. (Pelosi's what, 135 or so? And Reid, he's got to be 200 if he's a day...)

But I expect to see more folks getting involved. They KNOW they can change things for the better - and whether the folks in the system want it to change or not.

To Lee, #3, I am a proud A... (Below threshold)

To Lee, #3, I am a proud Alabamian and I want to thank you for your comment expressing the thoughts I hope all communist loving liberals have. You give me hope. Maybe all those who think like you will stay away from Alabama.
Evidently backwater people have insight you do not. We are a RED state and did not help elect Obama.

JLawson #26 Excellent obser... (Below threshold)

JLawson #26 Excellent observation...Lee Ward on Wizbang Blue is a small version of our government today, only much more insidious. Lee Ward is either 1. an insane, unrepentant liberal; 2. a bleary-eyed sociopath who gets off throwing verbal bombs; or 3. a pre-teen adolescent running amok on his single Mom's computer...either way, he can sure put a high sheen on a fecal dollop...

"...he can sure put a high ... (Below threshold)

"...he can sure put a high sheen on a fecal dollop..."



"They won't call me a racis... (Below threshold)

"They won't call me a racist".

No, they'll just call you Uncle Tom. Just ask Thomas Sowell, Justice Thomas, Condi Rice, etc. etc.

Hey Rick, time for an updat... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

Hey Rick, time for an update?

Philips got a meager 16 percent of the vote.

Teabaggers lose again!






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