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"We've been frustrated with the disjointed effort to date..."

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal on the federal response to the BP oil spill:

As thick oil flows into the sensitive marshes of the Louisiana coast, Gov. Bobby Jindal called on the White House and BP today to either stop the oil spill or get out of his way.

Jindal is still waiting for the federal government to provide millions of feet in boom and to approve an emergency permit for a state plan to dredge and build new barrier islands to keep the oil from reaching the marshes and wetlands.

Jindal is so desperate for the islands, he's said he'll build them even if it sends him to jail.

"We've been frustrated with the disjointed effort to date that has too often meant too little, too late for the oil hitting our coast," Jindal said.


Jindal warned that the state's entire shoreline could end up polluted with black sludge if he doesn't get more help, immediately.

"It is clear we don't have the resources we need to protect our coast," the Republican said. "We need more boom, more skimmers, more vacuums, more jack-up barges that are still in short supply. Let's be clear: Every day that this oil sits is one more day that more of our marsh dies."


"We are going to stay on this and stay on BP until this gets done and this gets done the right way," Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said.

But the White House is walking a fine -- and sometimes contradictory -- line.

In recent days, even some of President Obama's strongest supporters have expressed concern about whether he has shown a lack of leadership in plugging the leaking hole.

On ABC's "This Week" Sunday, Democratic operative Donna Brazile said, "One of the problems I have with the administration is that they're not tough enough."

Democratic consultant James Carville echoed that sentiment, saying on CNN, "They're risking everything by this 'Go along with BP's strategy' they have that seems, like, lackadaisical on this."

They're incompetent... they're buffoonish... they have no clue what they're doing... and they're led by a man with a history of not showing leadership.

We're reaping what we sowed... and this, so sadly and tragically, is, I'm afraid, only the beginning.

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Comments (26)

I honestly believe that any... (Below threshold)

I honestly believe that any previous president - Democrat or Republican - would realize the growing severity of this problem and would (unless I am being incredibly naive) ask BP how can the United States assist in gathering the resources to get this done. This particular administration seems to feel 'hey, give us a call when you get that sucker capped and we can figure how much you owe us, beyond those campaign contributions that is'.

Leaving the cleanup to BP m... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

Leaving the cleanup to BP may have been a mistake - given the poor progress BP as made in that regard.

But then, if the government had spent millions teabaggers would have been whining and complaining -- now that get to whine and complain about the government NOT stepping in.

About the only consistency is... you can count on teabaggers to whine and complain.


The Democrats want as large... (Below threshold)

The Democrats want as large an eco disaster as possible that they can blame big oil for. It's the only explanation that makes sense.

ANYONE else have expertise ... (Below threshold)

ANYONE else have expertise in deep well drilling, besides BP that is?

"Leaving the cleanup to BP may have been a mistake - given the poor progress BP as made in that regard."

Don't you think it'd be wise for them to concentrate on STOPPING the leak first?

Time for another fly-by Bar... (Below threshold)

Time for another fly-by Barry..

Well if Barry was in charge... (Below threshold)

Well if Barry was in charge - he'd form a commission and study the problem.

It's almost like he and his people want to run things, but then that would be 'taking responsibility'. WHOA! Let's think that over! Let's keep BP on the job, that way we can kick them around.

"About the only consistency... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

"About the only consistency is... you can count on teabaggers to whine and complain."

"I've got nothing else and really can't defend D'OHbama on this one, so I'll go with an offensive, gratuitous ad-hoc attack."

As usual...

Barry wants to run it all r... (Below threshold)

Barry wants to run it all right, just like the economy. Striking the success hes had in both cases. He has a scapegoat for the economy? "We inherited it from Bush". And for His mistress in the gulf? "BP had her first".

This fool blames everyone else for his own daftness. Who's he going to blame for NOV?? Whitey ?

But...but....but....Barry h... (Below threshold)

But...but....but....Barry has all that 'vast executive experience' and the 'ability to coordinate' and he's just been just itching for a chance to put all those abilities on display for all the nation and the world to gaze upon in astonishment and wonder.

But this ain't it. So we'll all have to wait.

"But then, if the governmen... (Below threshold)

"But then, if the government had spent millions teabaggers would have been whining and complaining -- now that get to whine and complain about the government NOT stepping in."

Lee, I think this type of project is completely different from the bottomless sinkholes known as entitlements without end.

GarandFan,On posti... (Below threshold)


On posting #6, did you think you were joking?

Check the link

President Obama will name a "blue ribbon" commission.

See, real life is funnier than satire.

SER - No, I think that's on... (Below threshold)

SER - No, I think that's one of those political 'kick the can down the road for a couple of months' type of WHAT WENT WRONG things - hoping in the mean time the problem will go away, and you won't have to make any decisions yourself. Guess Barry is unaware the CG is conducting the required investigation of what led up to the explosion and fire.

I was suggesting Barry would put together a commission to decide what to do. Might take them six or eight months, but I'm sure their first recommendation will be:


Then they'll hold a couple of months of hearings on how to accomplish that.

It's Barry's way of voting PRESENT! on the national stage.

"President Obama will na... (Below threshold)

"President Obama will name a "blue ribbon" commission."

That makes sense, by the time the commission convenes for kool aid and caviar Hurricane season will be upon us and as I asked a month ago, whats gonna happen Barry when a cat 3 storm comes into the gulf and drives and churns all that stuff up and drags it onshore? Blame bush? Blame BP? BARRY YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CANT HIDE!!

Obongo is paralyzed because... (Below threshold)

Obongo is paralyzed because of his ego. He doesn't know what to do and his greastest fear is being wrong...so he won't take ownership of the situation and offloads it on BP. But once this leak is stopped, watch how fast he claims credit!

914 -This might so... (Below threshold)

914 -

This might sound bizarre, and I'll admit it does to me too - but a hurricane might be what's needed. It'd break up the oil, and make it a lot easier for the bacteria in the Gulf that already gobble the stuff leaking from the sea floor. (I've seen quotes, and I'm trying to source, of up to 1000 gallons a day normally just oozing out of the ground. Hard to find using Google - too many articles on the BP spill clouding the water, so to speak.)

At this point, though, I think Jindal should just do what he thinks is right for his state, and to hell with waiting for a permit which will need an environmental study which will need criteria for analysis which will need a committee to determine which will need another committee to appoint (making sure all due diligence is paid to diversity) - which if they really hurry might be done in 18 months or so.

Well the MOST IMPORTANT thi... (Below threshold)

Well the MOST IMPORTANT thing to do is immediately "put a boot on the neck of BP", along with convening congressional hearings. (sarc off)

One of the first things needed in such an incident is establishing a response leader and empowering him/her to get the job done. I was unfortunate to be asked to lead an effort to address a massive failure in a process that resulted in millions of $ lost DAILY with little clue about what happened and WAS happening. I searched and retained the very best talent available that knew the process/industry. Some where members of our corporation, some where from like industries, some where academics, and some were consultants.

I spoke with the CEO daily and the Chairman every three or four days. Their overarching theme was; whatever you need, you got it. At NO TIME did they look for fault, ask me to look for fault, or pressure me (or my team) to do anything but fix the problem. They were, as well as my team, the purist of professionals. It was a real b*stard but we fixed it.

Now, what was this administration's initial response? Let's wait eight days to respond and then send a bushel basket of cabinet members and a platoon of lawyers down to have a look. They never executed the emergency protocols because the supplies (burn booms and other equip) wasn't available. Just on paper I suppose.

And now we have bozos like Carville yelling that the admin was too close to BP and should take this effort over. Hey James, how's your experience working with high pressure fluids at the crushing depths of a mile or more? Let us know when you've got the resources and plan put together to get this fixed.

Until then, shut the fuck up.

Ah, here we go. <a href="h... (Below threshold)

Ah, here we go. Off Catalina Island, 5000-6000 gallons a day for centuries.

http://www.rense.com/general63/refil.htm - though that one's more ancedotal.

And apparently one of the things they're looking for when search for oil at sea is the slicks from the seepage.

Huh. The things you can find on the intertubes...

ODA315 - I sear... (Below threshold)

ODA315 -

I searched and retained the very best talent available that knew the process/industry. Some where members of our corporation, some where from like industries, some where academics, and some were consultants.

And that makes you different than Obama. All he knows is how to 'organize', which is to say make sufficient noise and be a big enough nuisance that someone ELSE will do the heavy lifting and solve the problem for you.

But now they're in the hotseat if BP can't do the job - and they won't have a clue about what to do, or even how to find the people they need. (I'd be a bit concerned about working for them - seems to me like you stand an excellent chance of getting sued if your fixes don't work.)

"They never executed the em... (Below threshold)

"They never executed the emergency protocols"

Gee, would that be like turning the "diaper bomber" over to the 'high value interrogation team'? Oh, wait, never mind, IT EXISTS ONLY ON PAPER.

But hey, it LOOKS GOOD!

Story of Barry's life.

But the longer this goes on, someone in the MSM is going to start and whisper that dirty work "KATRINA!".

Style over substance, Garan... (Below threshold)

Style over substance, Garandfan. Who needs substance when the STYLE looks so damn good?

News Flash - THE SHIT HAS H... (Below threshold)

MSNBC - Chrissy 'leg tingle' Matthews and Ed "I love blowing Obama" Shultz:


"Mr. President, I'm a huge fan, but this is now your oil spill. It's on your watch. We need to come up with some kind of huge plan on what we're going to do, because we've spent thirty days waiting for BP, waiting for Transocean, who've done a great job of just washing their hands of all of this.

Let me just say this, Washington: It's time to get it on. It's time to get real serious about this."
- - -- - - - - - - -
Holy Oil Slick BatMan!!

This is YOUR oil spill?
It's on YOUR watch?

What the hell happened to "It's all George Bush's fault!"(TM)

Barry and his mistress in... (Below threshold)

Barry and his mistress in the gulf are inseparable! This is going to put the wookie on the warpath and Barry in the doghouse.

Oh wait!! He alreadys there... (Below threshold)

Oh wait!! He alreadys there isn't he?

Great post, ODA315.<p... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Great post, ODA315.

Add political grandstanding. During a disaster like this one, it's sinking to the lowest of new lows. The truth is, nobody in the Obama Administration, including Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, has the first fucking clue of how to stop the leak. Instead, they think the next best thing they can do is to stand on the sidelines criticizing and admonishing BP and making empty rhetorical threats so they can look good in the eyes of their anti-corporate, hate-Big-Oil base.

Well, gee, that's helpful.

There is only one appropriate and winning response that should be coming from the government and the Obama Administration: Shut up, step up and help out where one can. Otherwise, STFU.

Don't worry, Obama will wav... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Don't worry, Obama will wave his magic wand and then unicorns will plug the leak with cotton candy and then an army of umpa lumpas will clean up Louisana's shoreline.

When Jindal mentioned sand ... (Below threshold)

When Jindal mentioned sand and traps, Barry immediately thought about golf. So that's where he is right now. Claims he's busy working on "Jindal's suggestions".






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