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Gibbs chastises press for asking too many BP questions

Once again, imagine a Republican White House Press Secretary doing the same.


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Comments (5)

It's GOOD to own the media!... (Below threshold)

It's GOOD to own the media!

Baghdad Bob, surprised he d... (Below threshold)

Baghdad Bob, surprised he didn't just come out and say "What problem on the gulf coast, there's no problem, you trying to start rumors?"

Will somebody PLEASE just g... (Below threshold)

Will somebody PLEASE just get up and kick his ass!

Along the same lines... (Below threshold)

Along the same lines
Obama is going to finally have a meeting with the press in a long time. OK
What are the chances they pre-select who will ask the questions from the press like they have done before?

Let me guess. Keefums Olbe... (Below threshold)

Let me guess. Keefums Olberman and Chrissy Matthews. Keefums can hyperventilate just being in THE ONE's presence and later tell his two fans how TOTALLY AWESOME it was. And Chrissy can talk about the 'tingle' he got in his leg just hearing Barry clear his throat.






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