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Joe McGinniss makes his move on Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin announced on her Facebook page that Joe McGinniss, author of the infamous book Fatal Vision that chronicled the story of Jeffrey MacDonald, has rented the house right next door to hers. It seems he's chosen her has the subject of his next book. Lucky her. While she keeps the tone of her post upbeat and positive, it's clear she is disturbed to know that someone so hostile and antagonistic toward her is watching her and her family's every move.

Since Palin published her post, the blogosphere has been all atwitter about this development. Many people find it creepy. Those in the tried and true anti-Palin camp say she's the one who's out of line and criticize her for being "unprofessional and paranoid."

Glenn Beck was equally disturbed at McGinniss' move and went on the offensive by firing a shot across McGinniss' publisher's bow:

McGinniss' publisher responded with a statement that read in part:

"Well regarded for his in-depth, up-close reporting, Mr. McGinniss will be highly respectful of his subject's privacy as he investigates her public activities."

Well regarded? Highly respectful? I'd like to know which Joe McGinniss they're talking about because it isn't the Joe McGinniss who moved next door to Sarah Palin.

Let's take a look at how McGinniss put together his book Fatal Vision, the story about Jeffrey MacDonald, and see how well regarded and highly respectful he is.

Joe McGinniss was hired by MacDonald's defense team to write a book that would exonerate him. McGinniss, to research his book, became MacDonald's shadow during the trial. He had full access to every aspect of his defense. He even moved in with him for a while.

He became MacDonald's most loyal supporter. He wrote letters to him in which he professed his belief that he was innocent. Joe McGinniss gained MacDonald's confidence to the point that MacDonald opened his soul to him. He told McGinniss everything: about his relationship with his wife, his father in law, his kids. Everything. Through it all, McGinniss continued to tell MacDonald that he was on his side and that he would make sure the world knew of MacDonald's innocence. MacDonald was eventually convicted, but McGinniss remained loyal and told him to be patient until the book came out because it would prove his innocence and the nation would rally to his side

When the book was finally published, MacDonald realized he had been brutally deceived. McGinniss portrayed MacDonald as a psychopathic, enraged, drug crazed murderer. It turned out the entire time McGinniss fawned over MacDonald and told him how much he believed in his innocence, McGinniss was writing the exact opposite.

MacDonald was so disgusted at McGinniss' deception that he filed a federal lawsuit against him. During the course of the trial McGinniss admitted under oath during questioning by MacDonald's lawyer that he didn't even believe the theory he promoted in the book:

Fourteen years ago, Joe McGinniss's best-selling book, Fatal Vision, depicted MacDonald as guilty. McGinniss theorized that MacDonald had abused diet pills, had suffered a violent amphetamine psychosis, and in a fit of rage, had murdered his family because one of the children wet the bed. The book and the pursuant movie convinced millions that this actually occurred. Yet, in a sworn deposition on October 30, 1986, McGinniss, incredibly, admitted he did not personally believe his own theory. He explained, under oath, that he had introduced the diet pill theory as a dramatic device in his "new journalism" where the story is more important than the facts. When asked why he said that he'd learned MacDonald had ingested an overdose of diet pills (which he had not learned at all), he said he hadn't wanted to give his readers the same old "rehash of the trial."

McGinniss finally revealed his true feelings about his central theory, the theory that had made him rich, and had convinced millions of people that MacDonald was guilty. Under oath, during hard questions by MacDonald's attorney, he admitted, "I'm not convinced that it actually happened."

The trial ended in a 5-1 hung jury in MacDonald's favor. According to MacDonald's account, "the hold out juror had refused to deliberate after fellow jurors rebuffed her attempts to spend time listening to her views on animal rights."

McGinniss paid MacDonald $325,000 to avoid a retrial he knew he would surely lose.

Janet Malcolm wrote about MacDonald's law suit and Joe McGinniss' shocking duplicity in her book The Journalist and the Murderer.

In the early 90's Jerry Allen Potter and Fred Bost took up MacDonald's story and reexamined the case against him. What they found really was shocking. The authors, through Freedom of Information Act requests, learned that numerous documents, pieces of physical evidence, and witness testimony that supported MacDonald's account of what happened the night his family was murdered had been suppressed by the judge and the prosecution. Potter and Bost published it in their book Fatal Justice that outlines how Jeffrey MacDonald is innocent. The author of this San Francisco Chronicle book review detailed some of the evidence that was suppressed, and the details from this account alone are so damning that I could not help but yell at my computer screen, "why the hell is this man still in prison?" Take a look:

Relying on documents released under the Freedom of Information Act -- more than 10,000 pages of investigative reports, witness statements, affidavits, handwritten lab notes, transcripts, official letters and other documents, Potter and Bost deftly chart a snowballing chain of events leading to a virtual legal whiteout by the time of MacDonald's 1979 trial.

The authors say that key findings supporting MacDonald's version of events -- that a Manson-like group had committed the crimes -- were never presented to the jury. They found, for example, evidence of fresh candle wax drippings that did not match any candles in the home and were found precisely where MacDonald reported he saw flickering candlelight while struggling with his attackers; three bloodstained gloves; (the implication was that one person would not need three gloves, whereas four people likely would); blonde wig hairs found on a hairbrush (MacDonald said the candle was held by a blond woman in a floppy hat) and numerous unidentified fibers and hairs near the bodies of Kimberly, Kristen and Colette that did not match MacDonald's or anything in the home. In all, Bost and Potter describe in detail 21 items of physical evidence never presented in MacDonald's defense that clearly point to the presence of others. Among them: a bloody syringe and an unidentified piece of skin under Colette's fingernail that was extensively tested and subsequently disappeared when it did not match MacDonald's.

Potter and Bost document new witnesses, including neighbors in the building where the MacDonalds lived who remember sights and sounds on the night of the murder but were never interviewed by the Army. They also review the testimony of witnesses interviewed earlier -- most notably drug abuser Helena Stoeckley, who on at least six occasions revealed details of the murders that only someone involved could have known, such as the S shape poked into Kristen's chest with an ice pick. Stoeckley, who died in the early 1980s, said the S stood for ``Satan.'' Despite such confessions and a lack of alibi, Stoeckley and two of her companions, who fit descriptions provided by MacDonald, were never brought in for questioning.

``The army said the crime scene was well protected. It was not,'' say the authors. ``They said it was competently searched. It was not. They said they could prove the scene was staged by MacDonald. They did not. They said neighbors saw and heard nothing that night. Not true. The army and the government said nothing was found to support the presence of intruders at the scene. That was false. And, now that we know about the hair in Colette's hand, the bloody syringe, the multiple bloody gloves, the piece of skin, the wig hair, and the black wool fibers, this was the cruelest lie of all.''

After looking at the case, how it was handled, as well as the suppressed evidence, Alan Dershowitz, too, was convinced that the government suppressed critical amounts of evidence that would have proven MacDonald's innocence. He discussed the government's cover up in his book America on Trial. Judge Andrew Napolitano (yes, Judge Andrew Napolitano at Fox News) thinks the government framed MacDonald as well and wrote about the government's blatant misconduct in his book Lies the Government Told You.

MacDonald and his lawyers had the chance to appeal his conviction on March 23 of this year, and they may get a new trial because of this previously suppressed evidence. I hope he gets it, primarily because from where I sit, this is one of the most egregious examples of government abuse that I have ever seen (I would expect nothing less from China) and partly because I'd like to see McGinniss's book blow up in his face.

Now, if Joe McGinniss truly was the "well regarded" and "highly respectful" investigative journalist his publishing house said he is, why he didn't actually do the legwork MacDonald's defense team paid him to do and investigate and report MacDonald's story? The answer is obvious: a book about a handsome Army doctor who turned psychopathic and drug crazed and viciously murdered his beautiful - and pregnant - wife and two young daughters is far more compelling and sells far more books than a book about prosecutorial misconduct, as evidenced by the fact that many people have heard of Fatal Vision but few have heard of Fatal Justice.

All this makes it even more disturbing that McGinniss has now targeted Sarah Palin for the same kind of treatment he gave Jeffrey MacDonald. Even though Sarah Palin is in a position where she can defend herself against McGinniss's lies, whereas MacDonald could not, there are still a lot of people in this country who hate her and her family so much that they will believe anything negative about her, no matter how untrue.


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Comments (50)

Sounds like a real typical ... (Below threshold)

Sounds like a real typical pal of the Prez.

At last we find out Lee War... (Below threshold)

At last we find out Lee Ward's TRUE identity!

I was thinking she can now ... (Below threshold)

I was thinking she can now afford a couple of people to take turns hanging out on her back porch for the next...well, however long it goes on...and basically just read magazines and watch for this guy to be outside trying to see what's going on at her house, at which point they drop what they're doing and record whatever he does (written, photographically only if necessary and warranted), all the while with a nice big smile on their face and repeated cries of "Howdy, neighbor! Nice day for a smear job, isn't it?"

So McGinniss is a jerk. BF... (Below threshold)

So McGinniss is a jerk. BFD, lots of people live next to jerks. Is Palin claiming that she's entitled to not have to do so?

What is Palin afraid of? McGinniss isn't going to sneak into her house and read her diary, he's not going to be able to do anything he couldn't do simply by sitting in a car parked outside her home. Paraphrasing comments made about others, how is she going to stand up to the Russians if she's so bothered by and afraid of a guy with a laptop and a camera? (Great horse you're hitching yourself to, Kim.. that is, if you like the skittish variety)

If Palin is worried about what McGinniss is going to write, there's a simple solution: don't give him any ammunition. Close the drapes. Don't host the meeting of the local chapter of 'I can see Russia from my house'. Make McGinniss regret spending the time and money on the rental I spent all summer next door to Sarah Palin and all I got was bupkus".

Alaska is a BIG state. Per... (Below threshold)

Alaska is a BIG state. Person could get LOST real easy. Especially a 'city boy' like McGinniss. One of the state's legislators was traveling in a plane some years back. His plane went down. Still haven't found it.

If Palin is worried about w... (Below threshold)

If Palin is worried about what McGinniss is going to write, there's a simple solution: don't give him any ammunition. Close the drapes. Don't host the meeting of the local chapter of 'I can see Russia from my house'."

So Stevie, she's to become a hermit in her own home? And given McGinniss' propensity to 'just make shit up', that mean she gets to spend all her time defending herself against made up charges.

And here I thought you were like your Obamassiah, and were always about "fairness".

Steve - OK, how about an in... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Steve - OK, how about an investigative reporter buy the house next door to yours to write an unwelcome biography about you?

Palin isn't worried. I think she'd be amused if she weren't tired of the personal/non-political attacks on her and her family.

Sheesh. I wouldn't even wish this on Cindy Sheehan.

Nothing good is going to co... (Below threshold)

Nothing good is going to come of this. The left of course will welcome anything that gives her a hard time. Were it somehow Obama on the receiving end, Lee Ward would be here screaming "RACIST!", "INVASION OF PRIVACY", "STALKING".

I think "well regarded" and... (Below threshold)

I think "well regarded" and 'highly respected" should be interpreted to mean- "We paid this guy a shit load of money to write a book, and until he completes it, we are not worried about his methods of research".
Still, this whole situation makes me marvel at how restrained Todd Palin is. There is no way that I could maintain that kind of restraint, knowing that this goober was living next door to me.

This guy is creepy. You do... (Below threshold)

This guy is creepy. You dont' get it, Steve. How would you feel if it were you being watched by someone who plainly wants you to know he's watching you? She's not allowed to feel uncomfortable about that?

I don't think she's afraid of what he'll see and write about. He's going to make shit up. She knows it, you know it, we all know it. But if he makes a show of moving in next door to her, whatever he writes will be regarded as gospel truth because he was right next door.

This guy is a class A creep.

If I were a local.... life ... (Below threshold)

If I were a local.... life wouldn't not be so comfortable for stalker next door. wink!!!

If she is so worried about ... (Below threshold)

If she is so worried about being watched by people who don't like her and who are waiting for her to do something that might make her look bad, then, as I said, she ain't ready for prime time.

As an aside, I don't know why she's worried: the rabid right isn't going to read or care about anything McGinniss writes, if they do read it, they'll just denounce it as lies and they're going to keep attending her rallies and buying her books.. all while the rest of the country has already decided she isn't cut out to be President.

Become a hermit? Why? She can live her life, she can do what she wants. If she does or says things that make her look stupid, she can blame herself.

And stop acting like a bunch of ninnies. The guy writes books. He's 68 years old. He's not a child molester. He's not crawling into her house and tapping her phone lines. By complaining so much, you've already made his day... just like he probably figured you would. How does it feel to be used?

whatever he writes... (Below threshold)
whatever he writes will be regarded as gospel truth because he was right next door.

Bingo, Oyster! This is what made people believe Fatal Vision. Because McGinniss was paid by the MacDonald legal team to write his book and he wrote it having shadowed MacDonald, it was sold as being the absolute truth. Look at the impact it had on him. He has spent decades in prison for a crime he may not have committed. If he gets a new trial and his defense is allowed to present all the evidence the prosecution suppressed, we'll see if it's enough to convince a jury he didn't do it.

Remember hes got to eat. i ... (Below threshold)

Remember hes got to eat. i suggest prices for his supplies and expenses be doubled or tripled. Post pictures of the stalker at all local establishments and local police. In response chronicle his daily activities.

"Well regarded for... (Below threshold)
"Well regarded for his in-depth, up-close reporting, Mr. McGinniss will be highly respectful of his subject's privacy as he investigates her public activities."

So he's at her private residence in order to investigate their public activities ? Well, that explains it. (/snark)

"Yet, in a sworn deposition... (Below threshold)

"Yet, in a sworn deposition on October 30, 1986, McGinniss, incredibly, admitted he did not personally believe his own theory. He explained, under oath, that he had introduced the diet pill theory as a dramatic device in his "new journalism" where the story is more important than the facts."

Mr Sturm, I understand why you are so dismissive of other folks' concerns about Mr McGinniss' motives. You would not appeciate the rather twisted nature of this line of thought from your political vantage point.

"The guy writes books."... (Below threshold)

"The guy writes books."

Wonder how Jeffrey MacDonald feels about a book McGinniss wrote.

Heh. Gotta say,my r... (Below threshold)

Heh. Gotta say,my respect and admiration for Todd Palin has grown exponentially throughout the whole sorry business to date.

Been me, some asswipe would've gotten deconstructed before now.

There is more class in either of their little fingers than the entire left possesses collectively.

steve sturm: "Close the dra... (Below threshold)

steve sturm: "Close the drapes. Don't host the meeting of the local chapter of 'I can see Russia from my house'."

Why is steve sturm quoting Tina Fey in a posting about Sarah Palin?

First I think someone shoul... (Below threshold)

First I think someone should school Steve on who Palin is and who Tina Fey is. He demonstrates the left's inability to realize fact from fiction.

Secondly, I would advise Palin to hire people to tail McGuinness during his stay. Everywhere he goes, shadow him. Goose meet gander.

Thirdly, Palin has nothing to worry about. This guy is a proven liar and loser. Which is why he fits in to the left so well. ww

I'm waiting for Lee to pop ... (Below threshold)

I'm waiting for Lee to pop in and inform us right-wing nutjobs that the guy has a right to live where ever he wants - as if any of his rights are being challenged.

Steve, I'll bet you Sarah c... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Steve, I'll bet you Sarah can see November from her house. Since she and Todd are both hunters and they must clean their weapons from time to time, let us say weekly. An accidental discharge of a high powered rifle might cause a person living next door to have reason to seek other shelter. I am not suggesting anything as illegal as would be shooting but certainly accidents have and do happen when handling firearms. Even by those very familiar with them.

McGinniss' publisher,... (Below threshold)

McGinniss' publisher,

Random House, Inc.
1745 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
(212) 782-9000

Silly people! Sarah has al... (Below threshold)

Silly people! Sarah has already done all she needs to do, writing the post on Facebook.

Though, heck, I bet she DOES build that fence. - I recommend 6 inch timbers about 20 feet long with a pointed end - in the spirit of a frontier fort. Then she and the family can make fun war party noises, shoot of firecrackers and beat drums after dark (that'll be REALLY late in Wasilla).

Just what is wrong with peo... (Below threshold)

Just what is wrong with people like Zelsdorf, GarandFan (unsurprisingly, identifying himself by his long gun of choice), WildWillie, irongrandpa, bostiks, etc....How is it that your minds work? Where you come from, Sarah Palin would be justified in using lethal force on sight to a writer who moves in next door, and you would encourage her to do so? Is that righteous to you? How do you rationalize that way of thinking? Do you believe that Joe McGinnis is a part of some 'left-wing conspiracy'?...Really? Not just one more self-serving individual without any scruples who is picking on Sarah Palin because, red or blue, she is somebody who people pay to read about? Nobody who seeks out public life as their calling is entitled to cry foul any time the media crosses into your personal comfort zone; that's one right that you must willingly trade off when you choose to enter the spotlight. Nobody gets to have it both ways, not John and Elizabeth Edwards, not Sarah and Todd Palin, not Barack Obama, who only has a any buffer now because he is President, but didn't enjoy one before. Like it or don't, it's the society that we've built, and it's the price of a free country.

If Palin is wor... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

If Palin is worried about what McGinniss is going to write, there's a simple solution: don't give him any ammunition.

Don't be deliberately obtuse. If he doesn't get ammunition, he can just make shit up, if necessary. (See Rather, Dan, and Haley, Alex.) (And he'll have credibility with you and your cognitively-challenged brethren simply because he lived next door to her.) Or do you think he'll just come back to Random House, return his advance, and say, "I got bupkis. Now I've gotta figure out how to pay my rent"? He's got to come up with something, or no book. No book - no bucks - no acclaim.

As an aside, I don't know why she's worried: the rabid right isn't going to read or care about anything McGinniss writes,

But the rabid left will. And the MSM will be braying every smear in it from the rooftops. You know this is true.

How does it feel to be used?

I don't know. I didn't vote for Obama. I voted for the American.

Nobody who seek... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Nobody who seeks out public life as their calling is entitled to cry foul any time the media crosses into your personal comfort zone; that's one right that you must willingly trade off when you choose to enter the spotlight.

That's true, but it's still creepy. Put the shoe on the other foot. Suppose that a loyal American took up residence next to a liberal to write what figured to be a hatchet job. What would be your reaction? Especially if the liberal had a young family? (Somewhere there must be a liberal who's reproduced.)

Even without the young family aspect, suppose a patriot rented a house next to Barney Frank to record the comings (?) and goings of Frank and all his boyfriends/ fellow disease vectors.

OK by you? Not by me.

ESlade - is that an attempt... (Below threshold)

ESlade - is that an attempt at righteous indignation? As for my comments, none advocated violence.

Given past actions, McGinniss really has no claim to being ethical in anything he does. He strikes me as one who knows how close he can get to the line without crossing it. Putting someone in their own back yard under a microscope may be "legal". Doing it for months may be "legal". McGinniss fails to appreciate that while he may get his jollies by making life miserable for Palin and her family; Palin is very popular in Alaska and in her home town.

In south county, there was a 30 year old punk. He made life miserable for everyone in the neighborhood. But he never crossed the line where the law could take action. This had gone on for 12 years. Everything was always one on one encounters, like the punk suddenly swerving his car towards you. Well one day the punk pulled up in front of the home of a retired 72 year old navy captain. The old guy went out to see what he was doing. Any time the punk showed up somewhere, something was later found to be vandalized or 'missing'. Having had confrontations before, he armed himself. Don't recall what was said between them, but the old guy ended up putting a .45 hole in the punks head. (Confession: Would liked to have seen the punk's expression on seeing the gun.) The old guy testified at trail, he admitted he did it. Said after twelve years of society's failure to protect he and his neighbors, he'd had enough. All the threats of the past, all the intimidation. Well punk's Daddy testified his son was a saint. 40+ neighbors testified to all they'd endured over the last 12 years. Their claims were substantiated by VOLUMES of police reports. I'm sure you're properly indignant that someone 'took justice into their own hands'. Never fear. The old guy went to prison. The neighborhood's been quiet ever since.

Given the rural local in which the Palin's live, someone's idea of 'justice' may not exactly coincide with yours. I have no idea what McGinniss' plans are. Maybe he really doesn't know. Given that a past track record is a good indication of future performance - I'm not in McGinniss' corner.

As I said earlier, 'Nothing good will come of this'.

The old guy went to pris... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

The old guy went to prison.

GarandFan, what did they get him for? Littering?

IIRC, manslaughter - 7 year... (Below threshold)

IIRC, manslaughter - 7 years. DA was pushing for Murder 1 (premeditated). Jury didn't buy it. Confrontation involving 30 year old vs 72 year old, jury felt that; yeah, I'd take a gun along just in case as well. Legally he could. He was standing on his own property.

ok we need 3 volunteers. o... (Below threshold)
ken harlow:

ok we need 3 volunteers. one, move next to mcginness and document his every move. next one moves next to keith olberman(or ed schultz, or michael moore) the third one moves in next to paunch saulzberger of the new york times.

document their every move. give us frequent updates. tell us what's in their garbage. who comes, who goes. in less than 30 days each of them will have given out a number of quotes on their right to privacy

Maybe Sarah can get somethi... (Below threshold)

Maybe Sarah can get something legal on him and keep him busy fighting off lawyers (like she had to do by quiting in Alaska and writing books to defend herself and her family against the false lawsuits). Maybe keeping them busy with the same as they did/do to her family is the answer.

Not fair Ken. All those yo... (Below threshold)

Not fair Ken. All those you mentioned are liberals. Therefore the situation you propose would be "different". Or as the libs like to say, "nuanced".

I couldn't be bothered to r... (Below threshold)

I couldn't be bothered to read a book about Sarah Palin. Who cares? She's a sleazy moron. It figures a yellow hack like McGinniss would be enthralled with this silly bimbo. Just more pop trash writing about pop trash. It's gonna be like the Springer set over there.


I couldn't be both... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:
I couldn't be bothered to read a book about Sarah Palin. Who cares? She's a sleazy moron.

Same here. It's why I never bothered to read "Dreams of My Father, the Playa."

Are there no private invest... (Below threshold)

Are there no private investigators out there who can do some research and give Joe McGinnis some unwelcome publicity? Just saying - everyone has a few skeletons.

Well, the fence has been er... (Below threshold)

Well, the fence has been erected to block the perverts direct line of sight. Here's hoping that Sarah can now get a restraining order.

Looks like the last laugh is on Random House that just got beat out of support checks to a liar.

Kinda funny that someone bu... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Kinda funny that someone building a 6,000 sq ft television studio in her house doesn't want people to look at her.

★ Palin 2012! ★ !2102 nilaP ★ Palin 2012! ★ !2102 nilaP ★ Palin 2012! ★

Let me fix that for you, Ad... (Below threshold)

Let me fix that for you, Adrian:

"Isn't it entirely predictable that someone who builds a 6,000-ft TV studio attached to their home so they can keep their public and private lives separate would object to someone spying on her and her family 24-7? And really, who wouldn't object to having an established adversary and known liar spying on them and their family at home 24-7?"

No charge this time, but I normally don't do freebies.


This is as real as t... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

This is as real as the "tension between Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie" during the last season of A Simple Life.

Attention whores.

If I'm Todd Palin a ten to ... (Below threshold)

If I'm Todd Palin a ten to twelve foot cedar plank privacy fence is going up tomorrow, video security cameras are installed and lights on 24/7.

Hey Todd. Build the damn fence.

Good thing Palin isn't stil... (Below threshold)

Good thing Palin isn't still governor. First up, this would generate at least 10 brand-new bullshit "ethics complaints." Next, Palin's home would be guarded by Alaskan State Troopers. Armed Alaskan State Troopers.


I have no doubt that those ... (Below threshold)

I have no doubt that those who are arguing here on behalf of McGinniss or those who simply showed up to disparage Palin yet again would be the first to complain if this had happened to them.

Side note: Adrian Browne accuses others of being "attention whores"????

And this is the lying puke ... (Below threshold)

And this is the lying puke that is going to write a "true account" of Sarah Palin? Yea, right. Next we'll have Obama admitting he layed in bed with the worst of ACORN, SEIU, and the Black Panthers. Tell me another good one.

I buy and read a lot of boo... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I buy and read a lot of books, but I don't think I'll be buying any that are published by Random House any more. When you associate with scum you become scum.

To all you lefties who are ... (Below threshold)

To all you lefties who are defending the scum writer: How would you like to have someone who hates you and your family living next door, with a pair of binoculars looking into your daughter's bedroom? Put that shoe on you left liberal bashing creeps. If Sarah goes outside to pull weeds from her garden, he will describe it as "And I saw her destroying the land she claims to love. She is a hypocrite". Anyone who would buy a book written by this liar needs to have their heads examined.

By the way who was that oft... (Below threshold)

By the way who was that oft-accused "stalker" at Fox News? Could it be journalist Bill O'Reilly??


I'm hardly surprised that Sarah Palin has had a conniption over someone threatening to commit journalism in her vicinity. She has kept it at bay for so long. But whining about her next door neighbor is a little convenient after all these years:

The home Joe McGinniss is renting used to be an Oxford House from 2005 until 2008. The tenants were men recently released from prison who were recovering addicts. What? No fence to protect sexy Sarah in her tank top? Dear God! Who was lurking in that house watching her children play?

The Palins themselves rented the home McGinnis is staying in for six months in 2009, but weren't interested in purchasing it. They didn't want to spend the money. Last October they were "done with the house".

"The Palins themselves rent... (Below threshold)

"The Palins themselves rented the home McGinnis is staying in for six months in 2009, but weren't interested in purchasing it."

So if I expect some privacy, I AM REQUIRED to purchase ALL the surrounding homes? Would you please point me to the law that says that?

Pat... you liking/quoting a... (Below threshold)

Pat... you liking/quoting any damn thing from known Palin-hater sullivan - known because he's still on the Trig's real mother bandwagon - tell rational people all we need to know about you and your mindset.

Someone needs to do a compl... (Below threshold)
Richard Sweetser:

Someone needs to do a complete expose' on Joe McGuinness including his backstabbing of Jeffery Mcdonald. Then stake him out 24/7 & let him see what it is like. He is nothing but a dishonest opportunist.






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