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Quote of the Day: "America's Truth Detector" edition

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar: "Look at what we were able to do during Apollo 13. We were able to put something together, working together with Apollo 13 and bring those astronauts back."

Rush Limbaugh: "The astronauts would be dead by now if it were up to the Obama administration to do Apollo 13."



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Yeah, I can see where they'... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I can see where they'd like to shut Limbaugh up. Neighbor down the street was laughing the other day. Told me that Rush had mentioned the ongoing Arizona bashing and had said 'If Obama doesn't like fences, why doesn't he take the one down around the White House?'. Reminds me of Henry II's lament "Will no one rid me of this bothersome priest?" I can see where Barry might be saying something similar.

The truth hurts, doesn't Le... (Below threshold)

The truth hurts, doesn't Lee.

Once again ... Rush is righ... (Below threshold)

Once again ... Rush is right.

[For a light hearted take on our present peril]

No, they'd be on the ground... (Below threshold)

No, they'd be on the ground and Apollo 13 would never have taken off, if it were up to the Obama Administration.

It must be nice for incompe... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

It must be nice for incompetent idiots like Salazar that all these high-level federal appointments were open to buffoons only, lest someone demonstrate some actual skill or competence and show up the boss.

But if Kenny Salazar is up for an engineering challenge, let him try this: Okay, Ken, you have 2 dozen plastic-coated paper clips (assorted colors), an enema bag and works, a box of Chinese bottle rockets, half a gallon of Valu-Rite™ Vodka ("The Choice for Discerning Hobos"), and a soup spoon.

The challenge: make yourself useful for once.

Jim Addison"But if... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Jim Addison

"But if Kenny Salazar is up for an engineering challenge, let him try this: Okay, Ken, you have 2 dozen plastic-coated paper clips (assorted colors), an enema bag and works, a box of Chinese bottle rockets, half a gallon of Valu-Rite™ Vodka ("The Choice for Discerning Hobos"), and a soup spoon.

The challenge: make yourself useful for once

You mean Obama is going to send Salazar to Israel to help protect their borders. (that is about all the American aid that Israel can expect from the Obama administration).

Dinosaur for the fossil fue... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Dinosaur for the fossil fuels and fossil thinking, Rush Limbaugh on Obama's Energy Plan, which he says, August 4, 2008, "Aims to End the Era of American Greatness":

Americans, cannot fulfill that potential, ladies and gentlemen, if they are weighed down in high taxes, smothering regulations, artificially created economic hardship. I say artificially created because everybody who is serious knows that if we'd open up areas of this country in offshore to exploration, if we'd make use of our massive coal resources (great for our health) to supply us with electricity, our energy prices would drop substantially. Everybody knows it. And look at the jobs that would be created. In the process, it would drive down the cost of virtually everything else in our society.

No wonder America is at least, twenty years behind Europe in developing clean energy with thinking like this. We have to phase out coal emissions, and can't drill for every last drop of oil down in the oceans.

Steve -Has the bel... (Below threshold)
And substitute it with <... (Below threshold)

And substitute it with WHAT, Steve?

We can't use nuclear power - that's a LONG lead time thanks to the regulatory processes that the environmentalsts have set into place. Plus there's the waste issues - we have a 'good enough' engineering solution in Yucca Mountain, (50,000 years buys us some time) but it's not a PERFECT solution so the billions of dollars spent on digging and testing that site have been essentially discarded thanks to that idiot Reid pandering to environmentals who go hysterical over the word 'radioactive'.

We can't use wind - that's blocked due to bird strikes, and wind isn't a constant so you've got to have backup power for when the wind's off-line.

We can't use solar - it's not 24/7, and environmentalists are blocking solar power plants also. (Heaven forbid we create shaded areas in the desert - might disturb desert tortise and lizard habitats, like the critters can't decided to find sun (or shade) on their own...)

Tidal? Not enough of it, and it chops fish.

Hydroelectric? We're pretty well tapped out, unless you want to start making new mountains and rivers.

Fusion? 50 years ago, they thought a working fusion power plant would be possible 50 years in the future. Today, they're down to about 45.

Don't just bitch about what we HAVE to use, you fucking luddite - come up with a workable, energy dense, easily distributed solution. We've got 330 million people in the US, give or take. We need electricity, we need a means of transportation (and no, mass transit is NOT a viable option outside heavily populated areas, and not chosen by people who HAVE a choice inside them) and it's not going to be able to provide even a 1920's lifestyle for that number without coal and oil.

LA has already had brownouts, and hellacious electricity prices. The price of gas is horrible in California - and not so hot in the rest of the country.

You want to crash the economy? Double the price for oil again. Did you notice how WELL the economy did when oil got up above $140 a barrel?

We DO have a lot of oil. We DO have oil shale. We DO have coal. We can get at it all, and we can use it.

We DO have a civilization that's dependent on them. You got a substitute that'll WORK?

JLawson. I coulnd't have sa... (Below threshold)

JLawson. I coulnd't have said it better myself. They want "clean" and "safe" energy, but then put road blocks in front of everything we try. I think it's time the enviromentalist just go home and leave us alone.

JLawson -I agree.<... (Below threshold)

JLawson -

I agree.

BTW, it appears that wind towers aridize the soil below them. Not too bad if on bare rocky slopes and peaks, but not good anywhere where ther's dirt under them.

Put windturbine farms of them at sea, and they may greatly increase evaporation with effects of its own. That is, might it disturb weather patterns?

Harnessing ocean currents of the east Coast for gigawatts might well impact the Gulf Stream.

Digging for geothermal power risks messing with stuff like Yellowstone. Folks near geo thermal plants hate them because the forced water injection (to get steam out, one must pipe water in to be heated) and boiling below ground indice many micro-quakes. Their walls shake, their china rattles, floors crack, and it stinks of rotten eggs everywhere.

I'm only a generalist not a... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

I'm only a generalist not a specialist, butif we can keep the price down for a barrel of oil, with less demand, even 5%, more renewable energy, such as solar, more alternative fuels that are working at the edges, we should lesson our need to dig out ´dirty coal` (that plays havoc with carbon emissions) or drill down so deep and expensively for oil. Nuclear power actually is much cleaner than its reputation, but also much more expensive, and we will need a modern national electric grid.

Steve crickmore"I'... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Steve crickmore

"I'm only a generalist not a specialist,"

In other words you bitch and moan and complain about problems and dont come up with solutions.

If we could use bullshit for enery than you would supply all our power needs for a century.

Steve Crickmore"bu... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Steve Crickmore

"butif ... grid"

As my dad used to say "IF a dog had a square asshole it would shit bricks"

Well said, JLawson (post 9)... (Below threshold)

Well said, JLawson (post 9).

Steve -You DO know... (Below threshold)

Steve -

You DO know why we've got to go so far out for oil, and dig so deep for it, don't you? There's much more available closer in and on dry land, but...

Nuclear power actually is much cleaner than its reputation, but also much more expensive, and we will need a modern national electric grid.

You got it somewhat right, Steve. Half point for a good attempt.

Yes, the enviro crowd's trashed the reputation of nuclear power - but Chernobyl didn't help. (I could also point out that the engineers did damn near everything wrong they could on that, in a poorly thought out experiment.) Three Mile Island was a case of an overengineered structure saving the day when five separate systems failed. (Here's a good description of the chain of events on that.)

Here, in other words, was a major accident caused by five discrete events. There is no way the engineers in the control room could have known about any of them. No glaring errors or spectacularly bad decisions were made that exacerbated those events. And all the malfunctions-the blocked polisher, the shut valves, the obscured indicator, the faulty relief valve, and the broken gauge-were in themselves so trivial that individually they would have created no more than a nuisance. What caused the accident was the way minor events unexpectedly interacted to create a major problem.
It doesn't HAVE to be more expensive, but I saw stats somwhere that the regulatory costs (hoops (for jumping through, 50 gross), stacks of paper (equivalent to weight of proposed plant), preparation time, toner, legal fees (4kt/day of mackerel for the sharks) and the like) added something like half again to the cost of a nuclear power plant. And of course the politicians will add in a few more laws and requirements, just to be on the safe side...

Sigh. I think we've got way too many lawyers.

Re electrical system - modernize? Yep, it needs it. Totally new? Nope.

As far as oil goes... five years back, when oil prices spiked after Katrina, we were told by the 'powers that be' (Pelosi, Clinton, Reid and Co) that there wasn't any purpose to expanding drilling, since it would take the better part of 3 to 5 years to get the oil to market, and make a difference in the cost of crude.

It's been 5 years, we're buying more oil than ever from the ME, shipping our money over THERE instead of keeping it in the US paying OUR producers and OUR drillers, and those idiots who stalled us off drilling for our own oil are going to use this to jack the cost of gas up even more than it is now.

Of course, THEY don't feel the pinch at the pump. But they don't give a damn if WE do - after all, if all the peasants are driving then they might be late getting to tea at the club...

At times it helps to look on energy sources as part of a game. First there was wood, which powered steam engines which ran pumps, which made mining coal possible. Coal was the fuel for the Industrial Revolution, which brought us in time to electrification of the world. Oil was popular for early cars because coal didn't go through a carburator throat very well, and it was easily portable, storable, and flammable. (Unlike wood, and coal.)

Scientific advancements led to nuclear power - which (I think) was to have replaced coal and provided enough electricity to start making electric cars feasible. We took a side turn in the '80s - but I think we're slowly getting back on track.

Fission leads to fusion, which is the end-game goal. (Unless it's supposed to lead to something even more powerful and esoteric, like zero-point energy or something...)

We need to use what we have to get to the next level as soon as practical - but in the meantime, we've still got to do something... even if it isn't perfectly optimal to some ways of thinking.

"I'm only a generalist not ... (Below threshold)

"I'm only a generalist not a specialist"

Not to pile on Stevie, but every time "green energy" is touted, it's pushed as THE ONLY future source.

Even you state the obvious. We're not replacing fossil fuels any time soon. The wind doesn't blow 24/7. The sun isn't out 24/7. You can't economically 'store' electricity.

There are 'trade-offs' with every technology. But the greenies don't/won't accept that. It's all about rainbow colored, non-polluting, carbon-free, COST FREE energy.

One other thing with the en... (Below threshold)

One other thing with the energy game simile - the more you deplete your resources, the more it costs to get them. (One big reason why railroads switched from wood to coal in the 1800s was that the wood was harder to get. And you needed a LOT of wood (and water) to run a locomotive. Coal was dense for the energy it provided, and easy to transport and store...)

And beyond a certain point, you won't have sufficient resources (unless you starve your economy) to get to the next level.

What is this "we" business,... (Below threshold)

What is this "we" business, Salazar? Engineers saved Apollo 13, not bureaucrats or politicians.






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