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Sure Barack... Sure...

"You know, when I woke up this morning and I'm shaving, and Malia knocks on my bathroom door and she peeks in her head and she says, 'did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?'"


How, uh, cute.


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Comments (24)

Why yes "I" did dear! I fo... (Below threshold)

Why yes "I" did dear! I found something environmentally friendly AND of suitable bulk to plug that NASTY hole. Some day former Vice-President Gore will thank me!

"And then over cornflakes, ... (Below threshold)

"And then over cornflakes, Sasha asked me "Daddy, why didn't Admiral Sestak take the Sec. of the Navy job you offered?""

"Yes I did sweetie, next up... (Below threshold)

"Yes I did sweetie, next up VP Biden's hole"

#2 - Thread Winner! :)</p... (Below threshold)

#2 - Thread Winner! :)

"No sweetie, your momma wou... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"No sweetie, your momma wouldnt open her mouth"

She may have been asking if... (Below threshold)

She may have been asking if he'd shut his pie hole yet?

"No, honey. Daddy's too bus... (Below threshold)

"No, honey. Daddy's too busy pandering to his hate-Big-Oil base, taking advantage of a crisis to push our foolishly Utopian green-power agenda and stonewalling the governors' requests for supplies and dredging permits to bother doing the only thing the government can and should be doing: helping with the on-shore clean up. You move along to school now and tell all your friends to blame BP. Love you!"

C'mon guys. This has been h... (Below threshold)

C'mon guys. This has been his first thought in the morning and last at night. Just like jobs,healthcare,deficit,afganistan according to Brett Bair on Fox. I bet it was ruining his golf weekends and all those basketball games. This guy is the biggest broken record of a lies.

And in other news...... (Below threshold)

And in other news...
When James Carville work up this morning
he had a boot on his neck.

that snarly whinny mouth Ja... (Below threshold)

that snarly whinny mouth James Carville.... even when he smiles he's snarling.

Sorry, Maddox, the only boo... (Below threshold)
Maggie Gara:

Sorry, Maddox, the only boot on Carvelle's neck that he gives a damn about is the one belonging to Mary!

"Oh Malia, of course daddy ... (Below threshold)

"Oh Malia, of course daddy didn't plug the hole. Responsibility is for losers."

Carvelle was on the news ju... (Below threshold)

Carvelle was on the news just a while ago in full attack mode. Now why would a good Democrat like Carvelle be undermining a sitting Democratic President?

His first loyalty is to the Clinton family.
More evidence that Sec. Clinton will be running for President.

Chicago politics versus the Arkansas mafia.

It's like a monster movie. Pass the popcorn.

"Yes Babygirl. Plugged it ... (Below threshold)

"Yes Babygirl. Plugged it like Lee Ward's gerbil"

re: 13This puts a ... (Below threshold)

re: 13

This puts a new spin on the ol' Hatfield/McCoy feud.

My child came into the bath... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

My child came into the bathroom this morning
and said, "Daddy, I have to make another
Obama".....so I left him, and handed him
the Charmin.

Hey, if 12 year-old Amy Car... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Hey, if 12 year-old Amy Carter could feed her Daddy the answer about nucleah wah, the Obama children can help their Daddy, too!

Or are you saying black children can't be smarter than their parents, too? RAAAAAACISSST!!!!!1!

"No, honey, daddy's too bus... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

"No, honey, daddy's too busy digging a much bigger one..."

And in other news...<br ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

And in other news...
When James Carville work up this morning
he had a boot on his neck.

Well, Mary always was a little on the kinky side.

Yes sweetie, Daddy's goin' ... (Below threshold)

Yes sweetie, Daddy's goin' to Chicago to plug some ho.

From DAY ONE, President Oba... (Below threshold)

From DAY ONE, President Obama sent all available unicorns to assist.

Just like so many who voted... (Below threshold)

Just like so many who voted for Obama, "because my child asked me to." Claire McCaskill takes the advice of her children, many democrats shared the kool-aid offered to them by their children and voted as their children asked (such good parents), why shouldn't Obama do the same?

No sweetie,I'm too... (Below threshold)

No sweetie,

I'm too busy packing for the bbq at Oprah's house this weekend. Stripes or plaid shorts?? Decisions, decisions....

I wake up every morning and... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

I wake up every morning and ask:

Is this a bad dream?

Do we really have a Marxist-Whack-Job as Leader of the Free World?






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