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Bubba Under The Bus?

Well, we now have the Obama regime's story on the Sestak attempted bribery scandal. And it looks like that they couldn't pin this one on President Bush, they're going to blame his predecessor, Bill Clinton.

Apparently the Obama administration was curious just how serious Sestak was about running for the Senate, so they reached out to Clinton to feel him out. Rahm Emanuel, who had served in Clinton's White House, spoke to the former president, who had been then-Admiral Sestak's Commander In Chief during his promotions and his service attached to the National Security Council.

Now it's up to Clinton to say whether he discussed any particular jobs for Sestak within the Obama administration, and how explicit any quid pro quo was spelled out in exchange for Sestak not challenging newly Democratic Arlen Specter -- whom the Obama administration wanted to keep in the Senate.

This could be a very big mistake for the Obama administration. They're counting on Clinton taking the fall here for them, to save their asses even if it means tarnishing himself -- but Bubba don't go under the bus easily. "Slick Willy" would never be so reckless as to give Sestak a direct offer of a job in exchange for his quitting the race.

Unless it was to protect his wife. That might be the Obama administration's plan -- that if Bill takes this hit, then they'll take care of her and keep the scandal from affecting her position as Secretary of State. After all, Bill's made plenty of other sacrifices for Hillary, likely in penance for his years of ill treatment.

But that's a loser's game for the Clintons. By most accounts, they made their deal years ago: she stayed with him through his serial philandering, he used his post-presidency to advance her career. And he's been exceptionally diligent in keeping up his end of the deal. Taking the fall in this whole Sestak mess would not help her. On the contrary -- it would give the Obama administration serious leverage over her and mean that she keeps her position only at their sufferance, and makes her "damaged goods" through association.

All that is remaining is for Joe Biden to make some kind of statement on this whole mess. It's just BEGGING for his "special touch..."


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In the comments there:... (Below threshold)

In the comments there:

"I did not have oral contact with that candidate, Mister Sestak.""


"Clinton was informally dis... (Below threshold)

"Clinton was informally discussing the range of options open to Sestak"

GET THE POPCORN! Sestak has officially been called a LIAR!

Question is, what's in this... (Below threshold)

Question is, what's in this for Bubba? Yeah, it gets that the 'offer' was not made by The White House. Their skirts are now clean. But what does Bubba gain by becoming involved? They can't be dragging Bubba in without his okay.

They gonna offer Bubba a Supreme Court seat? Hillary? Let's face it, the Clintons HATE Obama. So how does this help the Clinton wallet?

"All that is remaining i... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"All that is remaining is for Joe Biden to make some kind of statement on this whole mess. It's just BEGGING for his "special touch..."

I can imagine how that could go:

Obama: "Where ya off to in such a rush, Joe?"

Biden: "I'm headed to FOX News. Sean Hannity wanted to interview me live--something about that job offer we made to Sestak."

Obama (as he turns to his staff and points at the VP): "PLUG THAT DAMN HOLE!"

Jay TeaI disagree ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Jay Tea

I disagree with your analysis.

What if Billyboy comes out and says "Obama made it clear they wanted Sestak out of the race and would offer him a job if he didnt run and oh BTW Hillary didnt know anything about it"

Hillary is absolved. Bill will be slapped on the hands and Obama takes the fall.

I dont think Hillary will be tarnished by Bill doing a misdeed at all especially if she can claim plausible deniability. Her statements in the primaries will be "You are voting for me and not my husband"

This statement that the Oba... (Below threshold)

This statement that the Obama people released has effectively called Sestak a liar. Not a good position for the Obama people to be in and opens up the door to all kinds of possible litigation -- criminal and civil. Looks like impeachment is beginning to waft in the air in DC

I frankly doubt that Clinto... (Below threshold)

I frankly doubt that Clinton had anything to do with this. He may have...dunno. But this is the Obamanistas figuring they use Clinton's "star power" to deflect this.

Rahm will say: "I just lamented to Clinton about Sestak being in the race against Specter".

Clinton will say: "I talked to him and said I really thought he'd make a cracker-jack Secretary of the Navy...and that I would talk to them about it...though I never got around to it. I did this on my own...Rahm did not ask me to."

Sestak will say: "I didn't realize that Bill Clinton was acting unofficially...sorry about the confusion"

I think this puts Bubba in ... (Below threshold)

I think this puts Bubba in the driver's seat of the bus.

Let's seeDems disa... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Let's see

Dems disatisfied after 2010 election. Say Pelosi is stil speaker.

Pelosi impeaches both Obama and Biden. Other dems jump on board with repblicans. Pelosi becomes President. Line of sucession.

Pelosi has NOTHING to lose (she is 70) and everything to gain if only for 2 years. And to be remembered as the first Female president.

I think GarandFan has the q... (Below threshold)

I think GarandFan has the question: "what's in this for Bubba?"

Still, I don't see this going anywhere.
The MSM loves Bill as much as they love Obama.
And with Holder as AG......

Maybe I'm parsing words dow... (Below threshold)

Maybe I'm parsing words down to a fly's turd, but Sestak said "I was OFFERED a JOB."

To me, that's specific, A JOB. SecNav.

Now for Barry's "report" to fly, you have to buy:
1) Clinton talked to Sestak
2) Discussed OPTIONS

That's the rub. Sestak did NOT say "I was offered a POSITION." (non-specific)

And it brings us back to, Clinton. Yeah, I can buy that it gets the White House and everyone in it away from breaking the law. BUT it now drops any "problems" in Bubba's lap.

The Clintons are trailer trash. They don't do squat without there being something in it for them(they do have an affinity for MONEY).

So what's Bubba got to gain, besides being in the lime-light that he loves so dearly?

Is Barry going to finally pay off that $2 MILLION Hillary! campaign bill?

The Clinton's get out from under a debit. Bubba gets some face time with the cameras again. And he gets to baffle us with bullshit about what the meaning of "is" is.

But that still leaves Sestak being called a LIAR! Doesn't Barry need all the votes in the Senate he can get?

Hmmmm1)Run against... (Below threshold)


1)Run against a truly beatable Arlen Sphincter?


2) Take an unpaid "advisory" role in the WH?

Life's full of TOUGH decisions.....

It could majorly backfire o... (Below threshold)
jim m:

It could majorly backfire on Barry if he tries to through Bill under the bus. Clinton has nothing to lose by saying that Barry asked him to make Sestak an offer.

With Hillary standing on the side lines looking for an opening it wouldn't be wise to give Bill the opportunity to torpedo obama's presidency by giving him every reason to say, "Yeah. Obama told me to make him an offer to get him out of the race." Clinton could bury obama and destroy his presidency leaving Hillary the shunned outsider ready to take the nomination in 2012.

Obama is an amatuer. Clinton is far better at screwing people (pun intended) than he is.

Bubba Whitewater is gonna r... (Below threshold)

Bubba Whitewater is gonna run for office someday~!

Possible scenario:0 ... (Below threshold)

Possible scenario:
0 and his ego decide Clinton would be a good go between, thinking there's no way he would screw them over since his wife is in the Administration and "It'll just make him look bad too." if everything comes out. Given this group's incompetence and arrogance, they forget that putting Clinton in the driver's seat always ends up working out best for Clinton.

The only reason Clinton agrees to this is he knows when it blows up, a "poorly phrased" statement here, a little too much detail there and-Shazam-Hillary's the nominee for 2012. Otherwise, there's no reason for Clinton to help out-there was nothing in it for him unless everything came to light.

"...there was nothing in it... (Below threshold)

"...there was nothing in it for him>"

We'll KNOW if that Hillary! debt suddenly 'disappears' because of 'unnamed generous benefactors'. After all, George Soros is a very generous man. For a guy like Soros, $2 million is a tip.

Garandfan,Excellent ... (Below threshold)

Excellent point-that would be worth a phone call!

"Right, yeah a buffer. The ... (Below threshold)

"Right, yeah a buffer. The family had a lot of buffers."

--The Godfather, Part II

A bus loading for Bubba?</p... (Below threshold)

A bus loading for Bubba?

No I ain't buying none of it.

They had three months to cook up this charade and I have no doubt all parties were involved.

Been waiting for your post ... (Below threshold)

Been waiting for your post JT!

I'm still making my "Hildabeast in '12" call. This was a huge mistake by BHO. As pointed out above, he didn't throw Clinton under the bus, rather Bill is in the driver's seat! Or another way, BHO just made a deal with the Devil.

Bill is flirting with a federal crime here. Not uncharted territory for him to be sure, but you better believe he has present or future compensation lined up. Supreme Court? UN Secretary General? An IED planted for the future benefit of the Hildabeast?

If the "Hildabeast in '12" crowd, of which I'm a proud member, is right, BHO has just handed the Clinton political machine a loaded shotgun, butt first. Bill can pull the trigger anytime he wants. Clinton: "Well things didn't go down quite the way the Obama administration outlined. I just can't stay silent anymore. Here's what really happened..." Carville will have a glorious time with that. Bill will lock horns with the administration, tying them up with a special prosecutor at a time of his choice while Hillary stands by looking Presidential.

This whole thing is simply beyond awesome in comedy and entertainment value! Gotta get more popcorn lined up...

Sure. There is abs... (Below threshold)


There is absolutely no way the convicted, fined and disbarred perjurer, suborner of perjury, recidivist, treasonous, lying, looting, thieving, mass-murdering, impeached, co-serial-rapist gangster bas***d Billy-Bubbah Blythe "Cli'toon") would ever be so reckless as to give Sestak a direct offer of a job in exchange for his quitting the race.

No way.

Couldn't happen.






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