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Headlines Of The Day - Something Doesn't Add Up Here Edition

From WWL in New Orleans Friday afternoon:

Obama pledges to stay until mission finished

Friday evening this headline appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times:

Obama back in Chicago after visit to Gulf

This morning President Obama said, "I'm here to tell you that you are not alone, you will not be abandoned, you will not be left behind," after which he promptly abandoned them for his previously scheduled vacation. That's change you can believe in!


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There's a far bigger "headl... (Below threshold)

There's a far bigger "headline."

That "Anderson guy" on Crappy New Network had a Parish president on.

He said the area where obama had his photo-op averaged less than 20 people working to clean the place up.

During the photo-op there were between 3-400 all looking like busy bees scooping up goop.

As soon as obama lifted-off so did the workers, gone to the hinterlands apparently.

Additionally when asked for comment by various new agencies they refused to comment saying they weren't allowed to, although one did say to CBS that they were all contacted the day before and told to report to a "staging area" by BP.

Maybe he sent them one of h... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Maybe he sent them one of his faux pillars to comfort them until he returns for Judgment day?

Fast foward to Judgement Day: Bush did it!

How lame is it to direct BP... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

How lame is it to direct BP to have a bunch of people out there cleaning up the place while the press is following Obama around? And it's all done just to make it look, to us, that Obama is on the job and that he gets results. I'd send a letter to CEO of BP asking him what it feels to have Obama spending their money for them, but as a taxpayer I already know what that feels like.

It's possible somebody is going to come by here and try to make the argument that BP did that all on their own, trying to fool Obama. Of course that requires everyone to believe he's an empty headed fool. Empty headed I'll accept, but not a fool.

With regards to Obama there are just two things I believe in: November 2010, November 2012.

Anyone selling 01/20/13 bumper stickers yet?

I'm not sure how but I'm su... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure how but I'm sure Bush had something to do with the broken promise...

One thing Barry has always ... (Below threshold)

One thing Barry has always been good at is promises. After all, he's KEPT so many of them!

pssst! K A T R I N A ! !






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