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President Obama - The Spew Thread

Seems some folks can't discuss our veterans without bringing up Obama. Keep the O-talk here, and leave the veterans their own post, OK?


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"President Obama - The Spew... (Below threshold)

"President Obama - The Spew Thread"

How apt.

The first paragraph of Drum... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

The first paragraph of Drummond's "It's not About Obama" post:

Today is Memorial Day, and once again President Obama has fumbled the duties of his office. In some ways this should not surprise anyone; a man who fails to understand that the President of the United States - as the elected leader of a democratic republic - must never bow to anyone because this would symbolically subordinate the people he represents to a foreign power, would not grasp the significance of honoring our fallen heroes. But in some ways it is truly baffling how President Obama misses such obvious truths. The man rose to power precisely because he understands the power of symbols and gestures, words and timing. But perhaps he fails to grasp the importance of Memorial Day. Perhaps President Obama thinks that the uniforms, parades, and imagery are superficial and it doesn't matter whether he, as President, is even there in person. Strange as that may sound, it could be that many people do not understand sacrifice, honor, and valor. After all, we do not often think of death, and few among us would be willing to lay our lives down for any reason if we had a choice.

And he then proceeds to delete any comments that challenge his assertion that Obama was wrong for not appearing in Arlington.

[ You see Lee, even you are allowed to defecate in print. You can spew rather freely here; I just won't let you do it in the thread dedicated to our fallen heroes - DJ ]

Bullshit - (n): specificall... (Below threshold)

Bullshit - (n): specifically male bovine excrement. Colloquially, a specious argument with little or no merit. The difficulty in dealing with bullshit is that it is wrapped in generalizations, unsupported suppositions, half-truths, and blatantly obvious but irrelevant truths (example: water is wet). Bullshit has no warning smell. The receiver is forced to wade through the chaff, liberally disbursed in order to conceal or obfuscate those generalizations and unsupported suppositions, thus making the encounter tedious and time-consuming. The ability to resist bullshit is predicated on one's ability to exhibit the patience of a saint and the ability and desire to think rationally; based on prior learning and experience; most often associated with what is euphemistically called "common sense".

One engaged in bullshit can be counted on to demonstrate several qualities:

1) repetition
2) ignoring the refutation of a previously offered piece of bullshit
3) claiming the receiver is 'ignorant'
4) claiming the receiver is 'biased'
5) claiming the receiver is 'obstinate'
6) claiming he is 'misunderstood', leading to
7) claiming victim-hood and persecution

GarandFan's Corollary: Bullshit has magical properties. It can be dressed up in many ways, but always remains the same. It can be packaged in many different forms. You can put 5 lbs. in a 10 lb. brown bag and it will fill it to the top. You can put that same 5 lbs. in a gold foil 2 lb. bag, and it will still fit. Magical stuff.

You know... I love conversi... (Below threshold)

You know... I love conversion stories. Example: I am especially fond of the Apostle Paul and St Augustine.

With this in mind, I would love to hear Lee's conversion story. Back in 2008, he repeatedly called the President a liar. A pathological liar. A danger to the nation.
What happened to convert you Lee? What made you see the light?

He got a memo, SCSIwuzzy - ... (Below threshold)

He got a memo, SCSIwuzzy - that Clinton was out, Obama was in. Support the right one or we break-a your knees.

Since then, he's been VERY loyal.

I believe the reason why Ob... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I believe the reason why Obama kept coming up in the memorial day thread is that he stands in stark contrast to those who gave their lives to defend the country.

He has not had to sacrifice for his country a single day of his life. He doesnt know the meaning of the word self sacrifice and service unless it is directed to him or is about him.

If he were asked what was meant by "All gave some, some gave all" he would probably think you were referring to people who donated to his campaign.

Having heard that THE ONE'S... (Below threshold)

Having heard that THE ONE'S speech was canceled due to THUNDER and LIGHTENING, perhaps, just maybe, IT WAS THE MAN UPSTAIRS pointing out to THE ONE just exactly WHO was TOP KICK, and who was just a bit player.

When you talk about the vet... (Below threshold)
natty dark:

When you talk about the veterans, you are talking about the military. Obama is the commander in chief, like it or not, which is the highest-ranking person of the military in that he ultimately commands it. So it is hard to have a military thread without someone reflecting on the CinC.

However, veterans are, by definition, experienced in the field, where our CinC has no such experience. But he is not the first.

Believe me, I am NOT sticking up for Obama. Just saying I can see how it is difficult to talk about the military while requesting that no one talk about the leader of it.

That being said, this submariner has the utmost respect for those who have served our country, especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Anyone who has not been running in lead hail, or in my case spent weeks running on less than (on average) four hours of sleep a day while *redacted* has no idea. Not to say they have no value in their opinions, but if they were to walk a mile in our shoes they might see things differently.

"...they might see things d... (Below threshold)

"...they might see things differently."

Unlike certain CIC's who openly hold the American military in contempt (but only when they are among 'friends'). Or as Mrs. Clinton once observed 'they're very good at holding car doors open'.

But Hey! Those military folks make a GREAT photo-op.

Lack of 'prior service' is not a prerequisite, the military had tremendous respect for Ronald Reagan - 4F in WWII.

been out in the mountains a... (Below threshold)

been out in the mountains all weekend, and finished this morning at a small graveyard up there as my brother-in-law blew Taps over the grave of veterans. So I have read ZERO comments.

That said...and since this is the Obama-spew thread...

Lord Obama, the Chosen One and Keeper of the Flame can KISS MY ASS.

He is not merely a mis-guided disaster like Carter. He is a DELIBERATE disaster, intent on destroying my country. FUCK HIM.

I will fight this moron and all his desires to "Fundamentally tranform" my country. And I spent 8 years in the Marines learning how!

The line must be drawn...HERE!

natty dark,As a vete... (Below threshold)
Mike Lorrey:

natty dark,
As a veteran, I can tell you I never swore to honor and respect, love and cherish the POTUS. He ain't my wife. Nor is he my god or savior. Nor has he earned my respect or obedience. His abrogation of his oath of office, to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, makes him instead a domestic enemy of that sacred trust, an enemy of we the people. All I can say is I am glad I was discharged before Slick Willie came along and yet, sad I am old enough, and disabled enough, that taking action now to fulfill my original oath of enlistment, to defend the Constitution against this domestic enemy, is greatly limited.

To leave the disgust we hav... (Below threshold)

To leave the disgust we have for Obama and his communist ilk out of discussion when appreciating the brave Americans who gave us our freedom would be appeasement. We have a duty to continue our complaints and outrage at what the traitorous liberals are doing to turn back what we have been given because of the great sacrifice of so many better Americans.

We honor them by opposing the destruction of The United States.

Barry and his oil spill are... (Below threshold)

Barry and his oil spill are now wreaking destruction offshore to match his onshore performance. Get the hell out of here you purple lipped paper mache puppet, were sick of the show and want our money refunded and Country back.

"Obama - The Spew" reminds ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

"Obama - The Spew" reminds me of an important life lesson: never buy a burrito from a street vendor.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you: I had one difficult evening from my bad burrito, America is stuck in spew mode for another 2.65 years . . . yeecch!

LMAOROTF! "Obama" ... (Below threshold)


"Obama" as a "bad burrito" - and the resultant aftermath of same - PRICELESS!






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