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"Tell me I've led a good life... tell me I'm a good man"

A need that haunts... especially on a day we remember those who've died so that we can live... via Deacon's Bench:

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To me, the cemetery scenes ... (Below threshold)

To me, the cemetery scenes were the best part of the movie.

To visit the cemetery at Om... (Below threshold)
jim m:

To visit the cemetery at Omaha Beach is a truly remarkable experience. To fully grasp the tremendous sacrifice and the immensity of the accomplishment you need to see those cliffs and walk amongst the ranks and files of crosses.

When I visited years ago there happened to be a number of buses of French school children there on a field trip. At first I was taken aback by their running and laughing through the cemetery, but then I came to realize that such was exactly what those men had died for. That those children could run and play in freedom was a better tribute than I could have afforded them.

I know that Tom Hanks and S... (Below threshold)

I know that Tom Hanks and Steven Speilberg are unabashed big time liberals, this movie was one of the best war films that I have ever seen, They showed the true meaning of the comradeship that every soldier felt. The ending scene for me is still the best ending of a movie ever. The salute is the part that got to me.

Visited in 1968 while stati... (Below threshold)

Visited in 1968 while stationed in Europe. One thing I couldn't get over was the sense of loss on seeing so many markers. And not all the victims were there. My Uncle George wrote home after he was drafted. Told my grandmother that he had been sent to the engineers and not to worry about him. He was 'in the rear with the gear'. He lied. He was assigned to COMBAT engineers. Landed in the first wave on Omaha beach. They were to blow up the exposed Teller mines that were exposed due to the low tide (which made for a great field of fire for machine guns). The idea was to get the mines out of the way so that troops could continue to land safely as the tide rose. Those that survived where then to move forward and assist in blowing up any beach obstacles. Not many made it. My Mom would only say later "George was DIFFERENT when he came home." Today they call it PTSD. He never married. Never saw him with any 'friends'. He didn't act like he wanted anyone close to him. He died alone in 1997.

Taking Chance is another gr... (Below threshold)

Taking Chance is another great Memorial Day movie. It is on tonight on one of the HBOs- if you have a chance you should watch it.

Trailer here:






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